My Week in Instagram- Nope, My week in a video!

Happy Sunday everyone!
This post is in my week according to instagram. It’s mostly the books I got but I take random pictures sometimes too. Also, make sure you follow me on instagram, I follow back!

I got a new computer!  It’s a laptop and it has a webcam, so I can do videos again!  Unfortunately I can’t seem to get my photos from instagram to share on here. So I’ll have to work on figuring that out.  For now you can watch the video and/or check out my instagram photos.  Hopefully by next week I have figured out how to get the instagram photos on here.  For some reason when I try to save, it’s not saving it as an image. I have a lot to figure out with this computer and it’s weird settings.  

For some reason it cut off the very beginning where I introduce myself, even though I waited for the beep and then some.  But I did a few takes and every time it did that so I decided to go with this one.
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  1. Wow great haul! Loved the boxed set.
    Congrats on everything!!! I seriously need a new laptop and am excited that you got one, aren’t’ the new ones super nice (if not a little hard to get use to at first)?

  2. adorable video, you got some wonderful books this week :) I have bot read the latest in the Beautiful Creatures series yet, so I have to get on that. Have a wonderful week! happy Reading!

  3. Love the video! Can’t wait to hear what you think of Stolen Songbird, that one sounds awesome. Also Of Metal and Wishes looks good, I also love Sanctum and would read anything Sarah writes.

  4. You/re so brave to do videos! I am scared. Yours sounds nd looks awesome. Congrats on the new laptop. Its always nice to get a new techie thing. I got the Kindle Fire HDX and I am in Kindle Heaven! Although the Kindle Keyboard goes outside cuz its a sun friendly screen.
    If KFHDX made a sun friendly screen they’d be MONEY. lolz.
    Enjoy your new books & laptop & I am digging the new (new to me) look of your site, I like the header.

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