Children’s Book Review: Cozy Classics, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by Jack & Holman Wang

Cozy Classics: Pride and Prejudice by Jack & Holman Wang
Board Book, 28 pgs.
Published: Nov. 15th, 2012 by Simply Read Books
Source: Purchased
Classics never go out of style—that’s what makes them classic. Cozy Classics is a new board book series that presents well-loved stories to children aged 0+. Every classic in the series will be condensed to 12 baby-friendly words, and each word will appear alongside a photograph of needle felted objects. Pride and Prejudice is a timeless romance about how a bad first impression can turn into love, and one of the world’s most beloved classics. Now this classic can be shared with your youngest children.

This is a different sort of review for me, and the main reason I’m reviewing this book is because I think there are some Jane Austen fanatics out there that NEED this book.  This is a board book for young children, but is likely appreciated even more by adults that are fans of the classic.

The story is told in 12 words with 12 photographs and needle felted objects and people.  So the first page says ‘Friends’ and on the page across from it is a photo of needle felted made men (like the picture on the cover) with their arms around each other.  The next page the word is ‘sisters’ and shows two girls looking in a mirror.  The next is ‘dance’ and shows a girl and a guy dancing.   And so on and so forth.  You get the very bare minimum story but anyone familiar with the story will totally get it.

I will say that my daughter (8) said it’s a boring book.  But it’s a board book, it’s totally not for her.  And my son (4) is more into cars or animals and whatnot.  My kids are not the target audience for the book.  But I had to get it because it is just so adorable!

I actually met the author (or one of them I guess) when I picked up the book and I got postcards for some of the other books that they’ve made.  Moby Dick is one of them and the one my friend Sara grabbed.  It was just as adorable.  I also got posters that have the book covers of several different classics that were done and they will look GREAT in the frames hanging on my walls.  I’m absolutely in love with this series that is largely artistry since they make all these objects out of felt and then photograph them.  It’s so creative and different.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting all the books and I will have a pretty little shelf devoted to just them.


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  1. This sounds so cute! But the needle felted people … ugh, I can’t even. I don’t know why, but those kind of things are like nails on a chalkboard to me. I can’t even look at that cover. I’m such a weirdo, but it’s true. lol.

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