Review: Mercy, A Gargoyle Story by Misty Provencher

Mercy, a Gargoyle Story by Misty Provencher
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CATEGORY: NEW ADULT, may not be suitable for young adult readers

My will to survive is the first thing to drown.
I know, because I hold it under myself.

After facing severe tragedy in life, Madeline assumes her death will be easy.
But the angels do not come to take her to Heaven.
Instead, what retrieves her is something she never expected: a gargoyle.

Delivered to Truce, the King of the Gargoyles, Madeline now has choices she never wanted. She has the ability to take over the entire Gargoyle Kingdom, if she is willing to kill the king. However, looking to prevent takeover, Truce transforms Madeline, thereby granting her the ability to achieve the thing she wants most—death—if she can just find the human recipient for the Gargoyle Gift that she now has to give. It should be easy.

But lives, whether they are lived or not, are seldom simple, and Madeline’s past still stands in her way. Now, only a voyeur in the life of The Boy with the Golden Rod Voice, Madeline’s must reconcile her own life and death, if she ever hopes to have free reign of her soul.

I didn’t label this one because it’s New Adult, and has a warning on it, but I feel that many YA readers would enjoy it and it wouldn’t be too dark for them.  Actually, I have read MUCH worse in YA, but be warned that there’s a bit of gory grossness, but it’s just in the beginning.  Later the story is dark in that so much of Madeline’s past plays a role.  We learn about the things she went through that led her to her suicide.

I believe that this book is the best written of all of Misty’s books.  She’s brilliant, I LOVE all her books and I actually like the Cornerstone series better then this one, but her writing in this completely blew me away.  It was a totally different style and was absolutely stunning.  I honestly believe that she could have sold this book in a heartbeat to a big publishing house.    So please don’t let the fact that it’s an indie title hold you back from reading it. 

This is a slower paced story, it felt so much more about the emotion, the deep emotion, of it all and not so much about action and things happening.  Things unfold slowly but as the story goes on we start to know Madeline how she was before.  About how things went wrong.  And in Misty’s clever way of writing we also see where Madeline wasn’t a perfect person (well, obviously) through a her eavesdropping on someone from her past and hearing some things about herself.

This is definitely a deep story, and it’s not going to be one for everyone, but I don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that Misty can put together some gorgeous words.  She also created a story so different from anything else that you can’t even compare it to a different sort of paranormal or fantasy. 

While I didn’t always have the urge to pick the book up to read it, once I did I found myself entranced.  I was curious to see where things went but it really was Misty’s writing that I loved.  And all the emotion, I could feel so much connection to it all even though my own past was so different.  I just felt myself really understanding and connecting with it all. 

I don’t even know who to recommend this too.  I guess those who aren’t afraid of something different, who can truly appreciate gorgeous writing, who love some deep emotion and who aren’t afraid of shedding a tear or two.  There’s some bad language, some gory scenes and sexual insinuation, but nothing on the page.  I suggest mature YA readers and up only.

Disclosure: I received this book for review purposes from the author.  All opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid or influenced in any way.

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  1. I’m pretty curious about this one Candace, I haven’t read anything that features a gargoyle and this just sounds like a really unique story. Add in gorgeous writing and deep emotion and I’m pretty much sold!

  2. This sounds so interesting. I really like darker books and I am intrigued by this one. I haven’t read any books about gargoyles. I have read a few that have a bit about gargoyles in them, but none that really focus on it. Awesome review!!

  3. I read this one earlier Ilin the week. The Gargoyle aspect of the story is unique, but what I liked was the look at Madeline’s life & people she left behind. Il this is definitely a book that is waaaay out of the box. Misty’s writing is beyond gorgeous.

    Great review, Candace!

  4. Ooh, I LOVE gargoyles! (I actually sold a short story about gargoyles a few years back, so I guess I’m biased.) I’m always looking for good books by indie authors, so I am definitely going to look this one up. Thanks for sharing! Love the cover!

  5. I’ve sometimes thought that YA could go darker (in a few books, not all) but held back because it was YA. This one sounds like a really good read. The way she writes this one, the emotional bits, make me curious. I hate to cry, but I love to connect to characters. Oh I so need to read this one.

  6. I haven’t read any of Misty’s books, but I do have this one from her for review, so I’ll definitely have to check it out. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, although the lack of enthusiasm to pick it back up after setting it down is always a problem for me. I do think I’ll like this though, so I can’t wait to see how it’ll be! :) Wonderful review, Candace! 😀

  7. Great review. This is on my TBR list too. It sounds really great. I haven’t had a chance to read anything my Misty yet, but I do have the first book in the Cornerstone series.

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