Overcoming the Green Eyed Monster…

Have you read the book, The Berenstein Bears and the Green Eyed Monster?  In this book brother and sister bear learn all about jealousy.  They are jealous of each other and of their friends.  They want what the other has and don’t think it’s fair that they don’t get it as well.  They learn what jealousy is and how to overcome it. 

I think we all have some jealousy.  I mean who doesn’t get a bit jealous when they read someone’s mailbox post and see they got 15 books you’re dying to read?  Being jealous isn’t always bad, it’s how we handle it and how we overcome it.  I get jealous of other bloggers all the time.  I want the books they get, but I know a lot of people want the books I get.  And I’m not overcome with jealousy and anger about this.  I’m happy for them and that they got the books.  I’m happy to congratulate them and I know that one day I’ll get my hands on the book as well.

Lately I’ve gotten jealous of other bloggers who do book blog tours.  It seems like things come easier to them.  That the tours run more smoothly, they get the tours filled up more easily, etc.  I spend many hours on my tours (or any promotions) while others may post a sign up and it fills up without any other effort.  But I started my business to be different.  To promote books I believe in and support authors I truly love.  I want my business to be more personal.  I want bloggers to know they can trust me and they won’t get loads of emails about books they have no interest in or that are poorly wrote and edited.  I want to personally invite people and not send out mass emails.  And all this requires more work.  But sometimes I get depressed cause I feel ‘is it worth it?’.  But then, then I get an email from an author saying thank you for the way I do things.  I get an email from an author saying they want me, no one else, to do their tour.  They believe in me.  And then I get a reply from a blogger saying thank you, that the personalized email makes all the difference.  And I know, I know I’m doing the right thing.  {Thank you everyone who has sent these kind words, they keep me motivated and enthused about what I do!}
*I also want to note that I don’t think the other ways of doing tours are wrong, I’m just working to bring something different.*

Overcoming the green eyed monster might be hard at times.  It’s true, the grass is always greener on the other side.  Except it isn’t, because we forget those pastures are filled with weeds and mole hills as well.  We don’t know the whole story of the other side, we only know our own.  And we need to remember to be grateful and thankful for what we have.  And I’m thankful for all of you who visit and comment and bring me love and support when I need it each and every day.  Big huge hugs to you!

I’m off to ALA midwinter tonight!  So I won’t be around over the weekend, but I’ll be back Monday!  Have a good one everyone!

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  1. I use to love these books when I was younger, I think I read every single one our library had.

    Jealousy and envy are always hard emotions to overcome but I like the way you stated it, that we all go through it and it really comes down to how we handle it.
    Are we going to let it overcome us? Are we going to deal with it?

    As a blogger that has participated in one or more of your tours, I can honestly say that you do a fabulous job. I can only imagine the amount of work it takes to run and organize one.
    You are doing a great job!!

  2. I do remember that book. This is a really great post. I get what you mean about being jealous, but not in a malicious way. That coveted ARC that you are dying to read seems to be in everyone’s book hauls except for yours. OMG every time I saw Scarlet, Prodigy, or Unravel Me I was so excited for the people who got them, but sad that I couldn’t be reading them now. But, I will still get to read them when I get my pretty finished copies of them so it’s not a big deal. I am sure I have books that others really want to read and have to wait for too.
    Anyways, now that I have written a book in your comments I am done. I hope you have an awesome time at ALA midwinter and get to meet lots of bloggers, authors, and publishers!!

  3. Oh yes Candace, the green eyed monster gets me every now and then too. In the beginning I thought it was because I was just starting out, so I’d see bigger blogs and want to be on the tours they’re on, or have the guts to write an author and ask for an interview like they did, and I thought when I’d been blogging for a while that would all pass. Nope. Just like you said, that jealousy sneaks up on me now and again when I see a mailbox full of books I’m dying to read (I certainly don’t begrudge the bloggers who got them, I just really want to read them!), or see a really clever meme or feature I wish I had thought of, but I’m happy with my blog and I just have to remind myself of that. Having fabulous blogging friends leave comments or write an email certainly helps, and as someone who’s been a part of your tours, I just want to say I think you do a brilliant job. Keep it up Candace!

  4. What a great post! I feel the same way sometimes. I want that extra special book others are getting. But then I get a book others want, and I feel guilty. I don’t really get jealous, though. I’m usually very happy for fellow bloggers. And you do run your tours very well. It’s no wonder authors want you!
    Have fun this weekend!

  5. Aw, Candace! I think just about every one of us can relate to having a green-eyed monster on our shoulders sometimes. I’m with you, I don’t begrudge other bloggers at all, but envy sometimes does strike when you see a title you’re salivating over.

    I should tell you that I literally JUST recommended your tour services to a debut author yesterday. I haven’t been on one of your tours yet, but I’ve read a lot of descriptions of the services that various bloggers provide. I’m really impressed that you take the time to try to match the book to the blogger for your tours, because I think having a targeted approach is pretty important. Don’t worry, word always spreads about good work. :)

    And yay, have an amazing time at ALA! So wish I could be there. And hey, this time you’ll be the one carting away suitcases full of books.


    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  6. I’ve been on two of your blog tours and think you do a wonderful job! It’s so obvious how much work you put into them and you make things very easy on the blogs participating. :)

    Have fun at ALA! (I’m jealous of that. lol)

  7. I honestly believe that the businesses that make it (both corporate and independent) are those that 1) set themselves apart by offering something no one else does, and 2) have something valuable customers want. It sounds like you are doing both of those things, as well as staying true to your heart. I know as an author who has done blog tours that the things you describe would be very valuable to me. Good luck with your business!

  8. kindlemom, thank you so much!

    Jenny, I’ll do a recap post for you guys! I love to read and live vicariously through others, so sure, I can share my experience with you guys!

    Andrea, Thank you! That means a lot!

    Wendy, I already replied to you, but I just have to say Thank you so much! Word of mouth is what has kept my business flourishing!

    Sara, Thanks! I’m so glad you like to be on my tours and think they run well. I sure try!
    And I know, this post came about in my head cause I was thinking that usually I’m the one watching everyone else get huge book hauls from ALA and BEA and whatnot and I get jealous of them. I guess this time I get to get the books! But I’m most excited to meet up with the book people!

    Melissa, I think the Berenstein Bears are good for ALL ages! lol.

    Camille, Thanks so much! I know that it’s hard to find things to be different about, features that I can offer that others don’t. And it requiring more work it’s always a question of whether it’s worth it. I know it is, but you know that doubt creeps in. Your encouragement really means a lot though!

  9. Great post! The Berenstain Bears were after my time, but I did read a few to my nephews. I remember that we all enjoyed the books!

    Think all of us have been bitten by the green-eyed monster every now and again, but we’re only human. I’m usually happy when someone gets a coveted book, just wish that I could have gotten a copy too. No worries, as I know if I’m patient, I can get a pretty finished copy down the road. :)

    From what I’ve seen, I think your blog tours will be a big success! So long as you keep being original, you’ll do great! Have fun with it too!

  10. I think it is better to be smaller and more personal than to be huge and have people grow bored of the tour because the same posts are over and over clogging up their news feeds.

    I loved The Berenstein Bears when I was a kid. That took me back!

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