The Warlock’s Curse Tour Schedule

The Warlock’s Curse tour starts tomorrow, 11/14 and runs through 12/28.  The tour is filled with reviews, guest posts, interviews and awesome prizes!  Make sure you stop by each stop each day to get your bonus entries!

Tour Schedule:
11/14- Books and Things – Guest Post
11/15- Book Briefs – Review
For Those About to Read – Interview

11/19- Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf – Review
Moosubi Reviews – Review
11/21- Tabitha’s Book Blog – Review
11/24- Tara Loves Reading – Review
LovLivLife Reviews – Guest Post

11/26- Words Escape Me – Review
11/27- Reading and Rising With the Sun – Review
11/29- Read My Breath Away – Review
11/30- Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers – Guest Post

12/6- Jean Book Nerd – Guest Post
12/7- In the Hammock – Review

12/10- Lizzy’s Dark Fiction – Review
12/11- ReaWrite –  Interview
12/13- Book Labyrinth – Review
12/16- Above Average Below Special
12/17- My Guilty Obsession – Guest Post
12/18- Insane About Books– Review
12/19- Books in the Spotlight – Guest Post
12/20- Confessions of Novel Junkies – Review
12/21- Coffee, Books and Me – Guest Post
12/22- The Reclusive Reader – Review
12/27- Paranormal Indulgence – Review

About The Warlock’s Curse:

THE YEAR IS 1910. Eighteen-year-old Will Edwards has landed a prestigious apprenticeship at Detroit’s Tesla Industries, the most advanced scientific research center in the United States. It’s a plum prize for a young man who dreams of a career in the new science of Otherwhere Engineering.

But his father doesn’t want him to go. And he won’t tell him why.

Determined to get there by any means necessary, Will finds unexpected support along the way. His old friend Jenny Hansen—daughter of a San Francisco timber baron—is eager to help him for reasons of her own. And so is his estranged brother Ben, who he hasn’t seen in over ten years.

But running away turns out to be the easy part. On the first full moon after his eighteenth birthday, Will is stricken by a powerful magic—a devastating curse laid upon his ancestors by the malevolent sangrimancer Aebedel Cowdray. Will must find a way to control the magic that possesses him—or the vengeful warlock’s spirit will destroy everything and everyone he loves.

About the Author:

M.K. Hobson’s debut novel, The Native Star—the first book in her Veneficas Americana series—was nominated for a Nebula award in 2010. She lives in the first city in the United States incorporated west of the Rockies. Her favorite writers are Theodore Dreiser, Sinclair Lewis, Booth Tarkington, Gore Vidal, and William S. Burroughs. The Warlock’s Curse is her third novel. You can find out more at her website,

Twitter: mkhobson
Book trailer:

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