Rise of a Rector Tour with Heather McCorkle

The final novel in Heather McCorkle’s channeler series, Rise of a Rector, has released! To celebrate, and in the spirit of October, Aiden from the channeler series is here to tell us about a scary moment in his life. Take it away Aiden!

Aiden: The only girl I’ve ever truly loved was suspended a foot above the ground, my adopted brother’s hand around her neck. The glow of a bonfire outlined them both. It was dangerously close, the flames biting at her back. I screamed for him to put her down, begging the powers that be not to let him throw her in the fire. She fought him, got away, and I attacked him. With both power and fists we fought until we were pulled apart. I’m not sure I would have stopped if someone hadn’t made us.

Check out Heather’s blog for a new tour stop each day until November 2nd. To thank her fans, and future fans, Heather’s historical fantasy novel (a standalone novel that ties into the channeler series) will be free Friday November 2nd and Saturday November 3rd on Amazon. And if Heather gets over 1000 downloads of To Ride A Puca in those two days she’ll give away a $10 Amazon or B&N gift card! So spread the word, get ready to download To Ride A Puca, tell all your friends to download it, and drop by Heather’s blog now to enter to win the gift certificate.

You can find all three novels in the channeler series (The Secret of Spruce Knoll, Channeler’s Choice, and Rise of a Rector) on Amazon and B&N, as well as other retail sites. The channeler novella~and prequel to The Secret of Spruce Knoll~Born of Fire is currently free on Amazon and B&N and you can find a short story about Fane from the series in the FREE anthology, In His eyes. You can add Rise of a Rector to your Goodreads lists at this link.

You can find my review of The Secrets of Spruce Knoll (#1) HERE, and my review of Channeler’s Choice (#2) HERE.

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  1. Wow. Yes, that would definitely be a terrifying moment to experience! And thanks for the heads up on the free downloads, I’m always out of the loop on things like that:)

  2. Kindlemom, thank you! I hope you enjoy it. :)

    Maji, thank you! I’m glad it pulled you in.

    Jenny, I hope you’re able to catch this one!

    Melissa, thank you. :)

    Heidi, thanks!

  3. Congratulations and best of luck. I shared this on twitter and Facebook.

    My own epic fantasy is now in the kindle library for three months. The Treasures of Carmelidrium.
    N. R. Williams

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