Review: Glimmers by Barbara Brooke

Glimmers by Barbara Brooke
ebook and paperback, 228 pages
Published: March 28th, 2012 by Barbara Brooke
Source: Author
A simple touch and suddenly, Paige is in the past – living someone else’s life, seeing the world through their eyes, and feeling their deepest emotions.

Paige used to think memories only existed in one’s mind. But now, she knows better. She can’t explain how or why, but she has glimmers: special moments that have remained behind – clinging to a letter, a ring, even a worn-out pair of boots.

When Paige returns from each glimmer, a small part of her has changed. Who is this gourmet cook, fashion designer, feisty lover? And how is she supposed to explain this to her family without them thinking she has completely lost her mind?

Paige thought her new talent was a gift, until…she was suddenly transported into her sister’s memory, and caught a glimmer of her secret life.

Take this humorous and romantic journey, as Paige learns about true love through the lives of three extraordinary women.

Runner-Up in the 2012 New York Book Festival (Romance)!

First of all, I label this as adult as that’s what it technically is.  But this is a book that would fit into the YA genre fairly well too.  The main character is an adult and she is married and has children.  But when she has Glimmers and looks into the past, basically just soaks into another persons life in the past, she ends up in a teenagers head.  This happens twice.  So when she ends up there it’s like the other character is narrating. The voice becomes that other character because that’s who Paige has become.  Man, that sounds so confusing!  I promise, it’s not confusing at all though!   But because of this nearly the first 20% (after the initial chapter) is narrated by a teenager in West Virginia in the 80’s.  This is the summer she works at a resort and falls in love for the first time.  We get several months of her life before Paige ends up back in her body in her time and suddenly she has mad cooking skills acquired from her time with the other girl.  Then she ends up in her sisters body (a memory because it’s the week before) and see’s a major secret.  This opens up a big plot for this portion of the book in her own time.  And then there’s a Glimmer where she goes into an ancestors memory and when she fell in love the first time.  So it felt like three stories in one and worked brilliant!

Paige herself might be a grown woman, but there’s no cursing, no sex (fades out before anything happens) and she has a young voice.  I definitely think that plenty of mature teens would enjoy this book and there’s not really any inappropriate scenes.  Some have complained that it’s too fluffy.  I don’t get it, what’s wrong with fluff?  Unless you’re looking for something incredibly deep you should be satisfied because there are issues presented in the book.  It’s not complete fluff by any means.  Another complaint is that it reads like a YA.  Well, I love YA so I would never complain about that.  But I think it’s a good idea to go in knowing that it reads that way.  Paige may feel young, but it felt more like young at heart, not some teenager in a 30 year old’s body or anything.  I also felt like we get enough from the Glimmers to feel satisfied.  I mean, yeah, we don’t know everything that happens, but the one that I really was dying to know what happened later we found out about toward the end of the book.  And the author has said that she’s thought about exploring more with Paige’s ancestor in a future book.  So her story isn’t really over by any means.

I most definitely recommend this book.  It’s an easy read that you can fly through in no time at all.  There’s no long boring parts and you’ll find yourself wondering how things could go for each of the characters.  But don’t worry, there’s no cliffhanger!  And this is the first of a series.  The next one comes out soon!

Disclosure: I received this book for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid or influenced in any way.

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  1. I love time travel! But they can be a hit or miss! This one sounds like a great I love the overall idea! Love the sound of the “Glimmers”, great idea!

  2. This sounds unique! I admit I got a bit confused there in your description but I think I got it. Paige Glimmers into past memories and sees another persons life. Would be weird to end up in your sister’s head and feel these other people fall in love. Curious what secrets she uncovers! I’m all for young at heart characters. I’m getting close to 30 but sometimes I honestly still feel and act very YA! hehe

  3. I like time travel and flashing back to the eighties is always fun for me as I grew up during that decade. Looking forward to reading this one!

  4. I can always appreciate some good fluff:) Those books are necessary for me in between all the dark and broody books, so I’m adding this one to the list! Also, YAY for no cliffhanger. WOO HOO!

  5. Wow, I haven’t heard of this one before but it sounds amazing! I love sweet fluff every now-and-then and the concept of this story simply sounds so fascinating. Wonderful review, Candace, and thanks for introducing me to a new book, dear! I’m adding this to my shelves at once! 😀

  6. This sounds like psychometry. The concept of ‘glimmers’ is quite unique. I like that Paige is young at heart and that there is no cursing in the book. Thanks for sharing, Candace!

  7. This sounds like an interesting read, and I love the idea of it!

    I’m not particularly picky on swear words in an adult book (unless it tries to push itself to be an adult book by adding all sorts of forced obscenities), so I’m glad to hear it’s..proper? XD

    Anyway, great review!


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