Confident Reads (11): Indie Recommended Reading, I Need Your Help!

Hello everyone! Confident Reads is a feature I have here each week and is a way to open communication between readers and Indie authors.  This  is to help readers feel confident in the books they spend their money on, and for authors to feel confident in the book they publish. 

Here it is Tuesday evening and I still don’t have my Confident Reads post prepped.  I’ve been SO busy with tour stuff and dentist appointments that it completely got pushed to the side.  So today I decided was a great opportunity to get some feedback from you guys. 

First of all I have realized a page listing recommended Indie books would be a good thing. Especially for those non-bloggers that might not know which Indie books are worth buying. This one crossed my mind today when I was at the dentist and the receptionist said she has a kindle and reads like crazy. I wanted to start recommending books but of course I totally draw a blank. So I gave her my bookmark with all my information. Now if she could jump onto the blog and click the link to the Indie recommendations list then she would be set. The thing is, I can only read so much! So I want you guys to leave a comment listing your most favorite Indie reads. And say the genre as well please. Like YA Contemporary or YA Paranormal or Adult fantasy, etc. If you want you can link to your reviews and I will include that on the page I make (one of these days…). Authors, you may recommend books but please do not recommend your own.

Another thing I’m planning to do is interviews for this feature.  I will interview readers about what they like and want in an Indie book, what may have disappointed them in the past, etc.  And I will interview authors about what they have gone through to Indie publish, what they recommend, etc. 
Can you guys help me out with some questions?  These all have to be related to Indie reading and publishing and everything needs to be kept nice. 

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  1. Tammy Blackwell’s Timber Wolves series is amazing. The first book, Destiny Binds, got five stars from me and four stars from my (male) co-reviewer. The books are YA urban (rural) fantasy were shifters can be coyotes or wolves and work with seers (people with one specific power). The writing is freaking fantabulous, and you finish each book in a couple days because the writing is so compelling :D. I honestly wouldn’t have realized she was indie at first if I hadn’t met her at a con ;-).


  2. I second the Timer Wolves series! I’ve followed Tammy’s work closely and I love it.

    It’s also no secret I adore Liz Reinhardt’s contemporary books. They are mature YA (and New Adult) and are fab! Of course, Tammara Webber as well…

  3. I have so many recommendations but like you, I tend to draw a blank when asked…kind of like now LOL!

    For romance told in a male POV and humor as well, I recommend What a Boy Wants by Nyrae Dawn it is YA Contemporary Romance/Fiction.

    Her YA Contemporary Measuring Up is awesome too!

    M. Leighton’s New Adult Contemporary Romance Down To You is fabulous as well as Jessica Sorenson’s New Adult Con. The Secret of Ella and Micha.

    For YA Paranormal the Celestra series by Addison Moore is great.

    J.A. Redmerski’s YA Paranormal Trilogy Darkwoods is fantastic too.

    If you want something a little more creepy in the YA Paranormal genre J.A. Templeton’s The MacKinnon Curse Trilogy rocks.

    A really fun and different read also in the YA Paranormal genre is E.J. Stevens’ series Spirit Guide.

    Barbra Annino writes a wonderful Urban Fantasy series Stacey Justice.

    Maria E. Schneider has a great Urban Fantasy series too Moon Shadow.

    I know I have a million more because I read way too much and indies are my thing!

    Oh! Jolene Perry, she writes mostly YA Contemporary Romance but all of her books are amazing and worth the money and the read.

  4. Oooo the dentist. No fun at all Candace! I avoid them like the plague. I should go, but I hate it so much that I keep inventing reasons not to:)

    A list of awesome indie reads would be great! I loved New Adult contemporary novel Easy, by Tammara Webber, I also love the Paranormals series by JL Bryan (very dark paranormal – I would put it in the New Adult genre even though the characters are high school kids because there’s some more graphic sex/violence). I’ve heard great things about Samantha Youngs YA series, but haven’t read them, though I did read her adult contemporary romance On Dublin Street and LOVED it. Highly recommend:)

  5. The Indie’s I read recently and loved have now all been signed by big publishers! But here thy are just in case you are still interested: Easy by Tammara Webber, Slammed (and the sequel Point of Retreat) by Colleen Hoover, and On the Island by Tracey Garvis Graves. Also Flat Out Love by Jessica Park (not sure if that one has been signed.) All are YA/ New Adult Contemp.

    And I’m in agreement with Jenny above. I haven’t read the Jenny Pox books yet but hear great things about them:)

  6. I’ve heard good things from the JL Bryan Jenny Pox series, Rhiannon Frater vamp and zombie books, Jaime Saare books off the top of my head. Of course these are so popular, you probably already know them. :)

    I just read Fathom by Merrie Destefano and although she is a published author, she is doing this one indie.

  7. So many great recommendations! Thanks for all your help, I’ve read some of these, but not all. And I’ve heard of several but not all of them were on my radar yet. I’m starting on that list right now so one of these days I can post it!

  8. Ooh great idea. I hate when people ask about good books to read when I don’t expect it…i usually do draw a blank. LOL It’s awful.

    My recommendation- The Glass Minstrel by Hayden Thorne (YA, LGBT Historical Fiction)


  9. My favorite Indie author is Elle Casey. She has several series, my favorites are both YA paranormal. The War of the Fae series and the Apocalysis series.

  10. I’m working my way through the Jenny Pox series right now. I think it’s a must read as far as indie series goes. I typically read much darker stuff than most of your readers, but if you’re interested…Drought by Patricia Fulton and Nocturna by Mark Diehl were so awesome that I remembered the authors’ names without checking my blog.

    I am currently reading Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright and it is awesome…but also pretty dark.

    I’d love the idea of having a master list of recommended books by indie authors. Maybe even have a tally where book reviewers can +1 the books if they recommend.

  11. Hi this is such a great feature! There are many great indie authors out there!
    I want to recomend two but at the moment but I might stop by again with more because I have had the pleasure to read so many great books this past year.
    The two authors I think need some great attention is Dana Michelle Burnett, spiritus series (ya paranormal romance, ghosts) and Jessie Lane, star series (ya paranormal romance, fairies) oh and Susannah Noel as well and her novel word and breath (urban fantasy romance) reviews on all of these can be found on the following adress

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