Cornerstone Read- Along Week Three

Hello everyone!  September is soon upon us and with it comes the Cornerstone read-along!  Every Wednesday in September we’ll have discussions about Cornerstoneby Misty Provencher.  This is a book I really can’t recommend highly enough.  It’s such a creative story with a fabulous romance and and I hope you’ll all join in!  In addition we’ll have a fabulous giveaway provided by Misty herself!
This Read-Along is hosted by Candace at Candace’s Book Blog,  Heather at Buried in Books, Heidi at Rainy Day Ramblings and Heather at The Flyleaf Review.

Each week you will find the following week’s questions on each of our blogs.  This enables you to prepare your post ahead of time and jump around to each participating blog to discuss those questions.  There will be a linky provided each week on the host blogs for you to link up your blog so we can visit you!
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Misty is providing one lucky participant with a signed copy of Cornerstone and an ebook of Keystone.  Each week you enter into the linky you are entered for this prize.  The Keystonetour is also running the month of September and this tour is filled with EPIC goodness, including some massive giveaway’s!  So be sure to check that out as well.
This week’s Questions are hosted by Heidi at  Rainy Day Ramblings.
 Cornerstone Questions Chapters 11-16

1. Were you surprised about the revelations of the unique society that Nali now finds
herself a part of? Which of the four signs do you identify the most with: Alo,
Contego, Addo or Veritas?

I can’t really answer the first part because it’s hard to remember from the first time I read the book.  But I think I was pretty surprised.  It’s not really something you can guess since it’s so unique.  
I would say I would probably identify the most with Alo.  I don’t know that it’s what I would want exactly, but I think it would probably go with my personality best.  I’m not a warrior and I’m not a leader and I’m not an escape artist…

2. The Reese boys have a unique way of answering their phone. Tell me the funniest
or most interesting way you have answered your phone or someone else’s.

The only story I can think of is when we get a new phone number we always get a lot of wrong number calls.  A lot of those are bill collectors calling for the previous owners of the our number and they are quite persistent.  I got tired of arguing with them so every time they’d call I would just hand the phone to one of my kids.  They can jabber nonsense to them.

3. Do you think Nalena is going to be able to stick with her initial choice of living a
Simple Life or do you feel Garrett or the Addo will persuade her to change her mind?

Well, I already know what happens here.  But this was the only part of the book that bugged me a little.  She was so back and forth about the whole thing trying to please everyone else and not really thinking of what she wanted.  And while it frustrated me I do think it’s accurate for a teenager.  Making a decision like that is hard.

4. The Addo does not fit the wise man mold with his sweats and cookie crumbs. What
was you first impression of him? Would you go to him for advice?

I think he has a unique way of dealing with things and approaching things.  And personally I think it’s probably much more affective than the traditional kind of wise man.  People may think he’s coo coo, but he makes them think differently than anyone else can.

5. What do you think of Nalena’s mom’s reaction to the revelation that other Addo are
dying? Do you think she is in denial?

Yes.  I think she wants to believe everything will be fine.  But I do think she knows things are going to change and it’s not going to be a picnic.

6. What do you think of Nalena’s new guardian angel, Grace? Do you believe in
guardian angels? Have you ever had an experience where you felt like someone
was looking out for you?

I love Grace!  And she’s perfect for Nali!  I don’t know if I believe in the traditional sense of guardian angels, but I do believe there are beings out there watching out for you. 

Next week is the final week of the read-along!  And the questions have been provided by Heather at The Flyleaf Review .
Cornerstone Readalong Questions- Week #4
Ch.17-21, pp. 195-219

1.  At the party Jen’s true colors seem to re-emerge. Did you buy Jen’s earlier apology and feel that she was genuinely sorry for the way she treated Nali or did you suspect all along that she was being flase? Do you think Jen had an ulterior motive for inviting Nali (and Garrett) to her party? Was it a good idea for Nali to attend the part in the end?

2.  When Nali discovers her father holding her mother at gunpoint he tells her that he only wants to be a family again. He also tells Nali that her mind has been poisoned against him by her mother.  Did you believe there was any truth to his words or that his feelings towards Nali were sincere at all? Do you think there is any truth to Roger’s claims of the Ianua being controlling?

3.  When Nali drops the Cornerstone in exchange for the release of her mother, it distracts Roger and Nali’s mom attempts to escape. After a struggle Evangeline is shot and killed by Roger. Do you think Evangeline intentionally sacrificed herself? Were you surprised when Roger took his own life afterwards instead of returning to the Fury with Nali? What does Roger’s suicide say about his character?

4.  After Nali’s mom is killed, she returns as Nali’s new connection replacing Grace. Did this surprise you? Do you think it “was meant to be” as Nali’s mother says?

5.  When Nali regains consciousness she learns from the Addo that in addition to losing her own parents, all the other Addo’s have been killed as well as Garrett’s father. Were you surprised that all these characters were killed off by the end of the book?

6.  Nali must decide whether to pick the Cornerstone back up and start the imprinting process again (which will be extremely painful and possibly life threatening) or she can choose to walk away and have a Simple life. Nali decides to pick the stone back up and become Contego. Why do you think she made this decision? Was it for vengenace? Was it for Garrett? Or do you think there is another reason? Would you have made the same decision if you had been in Nali’s place?

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  1. I just typed ina commentnafter abstruggle and thenit kicked me out and erased it! You need to email blogger! Ugh! Well some great answers here. I am too lazy to retype everything…..loved the solution to the bill collectors for someone else…I hate getting new numbers!

  2. Heidi,
    I’m sorry about the lost comment! I’ve went through and had a bunch of people check and they haven’t had any problems. I have had 3 people say they have, but one didn’t have a problem last night. So I’m not sure what the deal is. I just switched to the pop up window so I’m going to see if that helps.

  3. Yeah, I’d rather have a wise man that’s a little on the eccentric side. Much more entertaining.

    lol – when telemarketers would call, I used to give the phone to my son when he was like 2. He would jibber-jabber like you wouldn’t believe.

  4. EPIC idea on giving the phone to your kids!!! I’m going to use that one! That poor soul on the other end won’t ever want to hear about Skylanders again!!!

    I totally agree with you on Addo – I think he didn’t care about his appearance, locking the door, things that really didn’t make a difference in his world and that is so cerebral and above it all. Why waste your time on trivial things and things you can’t control. Very wise, indeed!!

    Waffling = teenager, brilliant! Great answers!! And sorry I got here so late this week – I got completely distracted and almost forgot :( Don’t sweat me, though! It’s crazy busy right now, huh?

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