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Hello everyone!  September is soon upon us and with it comes the Cornerstone read-along!  Every Wednesday in September we’ll have discussions about Cornerstoneby Misty Provencher.  This is a book I really can’t recommend highly enough.  It’s such a creative story with a fabulous romance and and I hope you’ll all join in!  In addition we’ll have a fabulous giveaway provided by Misty herself!
This Read-Along is hosted by Candace at Candace’s Book Blog,  Heather at Buried in Books, Heidi at Rainy Day Ramblings and Heather at The Flyleaf Review.

The Giveaway:
Misty is providing one lucky participant with a signed copy of Cornerstone and an ebook of Keystone.  Each week you enter into the linky you are entered for this prize.  The Keystonetour is also running the month of September and this tour is filled with EPIC goodness, including some massive giveaway’s!  So be sure to check that out as well.
 This week’s Questions are hosted by Heather at The Flyleaf Review
 Cornerstone Readalong Questions- Week #4
Ch.17-21, pp. 195-219

1.  At the party Jen’s true colors seem to re-emerge. Did you buy Jen’s earlier apology and feel that she was genuinely sorry for the way she treated Nali or did you suspect all along that she was being flase? Do you think Jen had an ulterior motive for inviting Nali (and Garrett) to her party? Was it a good idea for Nali to attend the part in the end?

I definitely never believed Jen’s apology.  I think she was just trying to find more cards to play as she wasn’t going to give up.  She knew that being mean to Nali was making Garrett like her less so she thought if she was nice than maybe Garrett would see her differently.  I don’t think it was a good idea for them to attend the party, if they hadn’t left when they did things might have gotten ugly (er).

2.  When Nali discovers her father holding her mother at gunpoint he tells her that he only wants to be a family again. He also tells Nali that her mind has been poisoned against him by her mother.  Did you believe there was any truth to his words or that his feelings towards Nali were sincere at all? Do you think there is any truth to Roger’s claims of the Ianua being controlling?

Well, I think Roger believes in the words he spoke, but I don’t believe what he believes is true.  I think that he built things up in his head to make himself believe he was right.  And I don’t think the Ianua are controlling, but yet you can’t just go out and do your own thing when you’re in the Ianua either.

3.  When Nali drops the Cornerstone in exchange for the release of her mother, it distracts Roger and Nali’s mom attempts to escape. After a struggle Evangeline is shot and killed by Roger. Do you think Evangeline intentionally sacrificed herself? Were you surprised when Roger took his own life afterwards instead of returning to the Fury with Nali? What does Roger’s suicide say about his character?

I don’t think that she was sacrificing herself, but I kind of think she may have known that her time was drawing to a close.  She seemed more prepared to die, I guess.  Roger’s suicide shows that he was weak and was struggling with what he felt.  He loved Nali and her mother but he was trying to rationalize everything and then it went completely different then what he wanted/expected and he couldn’t deal with it.  It shows he had some issues, but we already knew that.

4.  After Nali’s mom is killed, she returns as Nali’s new connection replacing Grace. Did this surprise you? Do you think it “was meant to be” as Nali’s mother says?

Yes, I remember being surprised by it.  But then it made sense.  And it seems like she almost knew it was going to happen.

5.  When Nali regains consciousness she learns from the Addo that in addition to losing her own parents, all the other Addo’s have been killed as well as Garrett’s father. Were you surprised that all these characters were killed off by the end of the book?

I was really surprised.  But I like when an author isn’t afraid of pushing the limits.  I hate seeing anyone die, especially such important characters, but it makes it more real and puts that extra bit of emotion into it.

6.  Nali must decide whether to pick the Cornerstone back up and start the imprinting process again (which will be extremely painful and possibly life threatening) or she can choose to walk away and have a Simple life. Nali decides to pick the stone back up and become Contego. Why do you think she made this decision? Was it for vengenace? Was it for Garrett? Or do you think there is another reason? Would you have made the same decision if you had been in Nali’s place?

Nali doesn’t have another choice.  At least that’s how it is for her.  She has to fight with the other Contego’s to save the Ianua and what is left of them.  If she were to choose a Simple life it would be like her just giving up on life altogether.

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  1. I didn’t read all your answers because I don’t want to spoil anything for me but I wanted to comment anyways because I am so glad you enjoyed this read-a-long. I plan on starting this series as soon as I can!
    I have heard too many great things about it not too and I already purchased them so now, I just need to find the time!!

  2. I was definitely surprised by that ending as well, it left me reeling for sure! Poor Nali and Garrett:( I’m excited to see how Nali deals with all the changes and where things go from here, so I’m looking forward to getting some time to read Keystone!

    This was such a fun read-along to follow Candace!

  3. I think I have close to the same answers as you for everyone one :) Although you were much more lenient with Roger than I was. I pretty much counted him as evil all around. Not “crazy” evil and therefore not thinking straight.

    Oh, and great answer on number one!! Yep, you do catch more bees with honey (or whatever that saying is…)

    Thank you for hosting this read-along! I’m so glad I got a chance to meet you and talk up a great book (oh, yeah, I finished Keystone already…. grrr, I need the third NOW!!!). Have great rest of the week!!!

  4. yep, I’m in agreement with you on most of the questions Candace, though I do think Evangeline threw herself in front of the bus for Nali at the end:)

    And yes, I totally agree with Misty pushing the limits by killing off so many characters in the end. Ballsy move on her part!

    This was so much fun, thank you Candace for inviting me to join in:) The Cornerstone readalong made me want to read Keystone all over again1

  5. I was opposite on a lot of the questions from you. Seem to be the only one. Though I do agree that Jen’s apology was insincere. Who couldn’t see that. Did she even say I’m sorry?

    And I like that the Misty wasn’t afraid to kill off major characters.

    I disagree though that the Iauna are controlling. Look at Evangeline and Nali, she was 17 before she even knew about them. Her mother walked away from them. Nali could have led a simple life and walked away had she chose that. She always had a choice. It’s just that she was born Contego that that was her path. If she was supposed to lead a simple life like Sean, I think the Addo would have accepted her choice.

    Thanks so much for doing this! I had a great time and look forward to more read-alongs if you’re up for it! I love doing these. Count me in as a host!


  6. I am sorry I messed up and didn’t get the linky up…I just have had a week doctors appointments dentist etc, all of it is this week since my husband is off to help. Thanks for organizing this and the tour and introducing me to such a great author and series!

  7. Heather (Buried in Books), Hmmm… I think maybe you miss understood something. I don’t think the Ianua are controlling, she could have chose a simple life if she wanted and walked away. But if she’s going to be Contego and chooses to be then she’s not going to want to walk away as she’ll need to be part of the community. It was different for Alo and her mother chose to be apart from everyone because of her father. I’m not sure if that really explains things any better or if maybe I’m just misunderstanding you…

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