Awesome-Sauce Bookmarks & a Cleaner Blog Design

A few weeks ago I won this amazing giveaway from Heather McCorkle at CP Design.  I got them in the mail the other day and wanted to show you guys!  Don’t they look fantastic?!  I actually ended up having my blog design changed just  after I got these made, but it’s still very similar so people shouldn’t get confused.  I decided to go with a cleaner look on my blog and it just worked out that Lori was able to do it then, so it happened! 

And do you like the cleaner look of my blog?  Big thanks goes to Lori at Imagination Designs!  I plan to have a few more changes, like my button updated and maybe new rating images and stuff.  It’ll gradually get done as I don’t think it’s anything big, just a few more small things to do.

So a big thanks to Heather for the fantastic bookmarks and to Lori for the amazing blog design!

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  1. <3 So pretty, I love them!!!
    Heather and Lori sure do beautiful work. Maybe you could leave a small stack of the bookmarks at the desk of your city library? That would be a fun way to gain new book lovin’ followers 😉

    • Yep, I put them at all the different library branches and at the bookstores. And in books at the library and regular stores that don’t hand out bookmarks but sell a few books. I hand them out to regular people on the streets and at booksignings and give them away with books I mail out for giveaways or on paperbackswap. I give them to EVERYONE!
      I’m glad you like them!

  2. Very nice! I love the new blog design and the bookmarks match nicely. All these new designs out there are making me want to do a redesign myself!

  3. Love it! I like how your header is larger and has a nice, clean look to it without losing any of that Candace magic. And your bookmarks sure are purdy!

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