Review: God Save the Queen by Kate Locke

God Save the Queen (The Immortal Empire #1) by Kate Locke
Hardcover, 368 pages
Published: July 3rd, 2012 by Orbit
Source: Publisher
Queen Victoria rules with an immortal fist.

The undead matriarch of a Britain where the Aristocracy is made up of werewolves and vampires, where goblins live underground and mothers know better than to let their children out after dark. A world where being nobility means being infected with the Plague (side-effects include undeath), Hysteria is the popular affliction of the day, and leeches are considered a delicacy. And a world where technology lives side by side with magic. The year is 2012 and Pax Britannia still reigns.

Xandra Vardan is a member of the elite Royal Guard, and it is her duty to protect the Aristocracy. But when her sister goes missing, Xandra will set out on a path that undermines everything she believed in and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to topple the empire. And she is the key-the prize in a very dangerous struggle.

First of all this book is a total win if you’re looking for something different.  It’s modern age but heavy on the Victorian as Queen Victoria is still alive.  So it’s like an alternate present.  Imagine how it would be if Queen Victoria were a vampire and lived on though still heavily living in the past.  It’s definitely different.  And while it feels a bit Steampunk, it doesn’t really have the gadgets and what not because they really have modern technology, it’s just referred to differently much of the time.

I really liked Xandra and her strong personality.  She’s kick a$$ but real.  She has weaknesses.  She’s been taught certain things all her life and suddenly she’s being shown other things and she doesn’t know what to believe.  Things have completely turned topsy turvy and she doesn’t know up from down.  Who to trust, who to believe, where to turn.  But when a certain man shows up and stands by her side through it all it seems to ground her and help her along as she figures out the truth.

For those wanting some romance, this book delivers.  It’s hard to explain this romance, but it caught me a bit unawares.  I liked that though and I liked how it played out.  I loved how things were pretty easy for them as a couple, uncomplicated.

I would say this is a book for adult readers, but more mature YA readers may enjoy it.  It’s a bit more on the complicated side as far as the plot goes and there’s plenty of cursing and violence.  But yet it didn’t really seem heavy duty adult to me.  So if you’ve already ventured into adult urban fantasy then this may be one you’d enjoy.  However, I wouldn’t suggest this if it’s your first adult urban fantasy/paranormal.

If you’re looking for a fun and different kind of read with a good mix of historical and modern and a fabulous romance, then I suggest you give this one a shot.  

Disclosure:  I received this book for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid or influenced in any way.

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  1. Great review! I might not read it since it’s more mature YA and adult, but when I first saw the title I thought ” the British national anthem” I’m also really glad you enjoyed the romance! :)

  2. I actually wanted a bit more Steampunk in here, rather than just the feel and a couple items (and her outfit…in a way). But adored this story & can’t wait for the next, which I think is out in January or February of next year!

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