Interview with Keary Taylor and Giveaway of What I Didn’t Say

Today I have the pleasure of having Keary Taylor on the blog with an interview and a giveaway of What I Didn’t Say.  I loved this book so was very excited when she agreed to be on.  This is a two-for deal.  The interview starts here, and there’s a giveaway here, but to finish up the interview you need to head over to Novels, News and Notes From Your Northwest Neighbors, a NW collaborative blog, and there will be a second giveaway there!  You can have TWO chances to win!

Thanks so much for being on today!

You have several books under your belt now and you’ve published them all yourself. What made you decide to do this? Did you go through trying to traditionally publish, or did you know right away that this was what you wanted?

I did try going the traditional route first. I sent out hundreds of query letters trying to get an agent and in the end got over 140 rejection letters. So I decided “why not?” with self-publishing and it has been so amazing! The publish world has changed so in the past 5 years and it has been a wonderful ride.

What I Didn’t Say is contemporary and your other books are more paranormal & dystopian, what made you decide to write a contemporary story?

I really just go wherever the muse takes me. I had some experiences in my own life that I wanted to base a story on and there was the idea of having a mute character in my head. It was a challenge.

Do you think you’ll write more contemporary?

I’ve learned to never say never with my writing, lol! Never thought I’d write a science fiction/dystopian and then Eden happened! I don’t have another contemporary planned, but we shall see!

You recently had a cover change for the Fall of Angels Trilogy. Why did you decide to do this? Do you think it has made an impact on sales? (BTW, they are gorgeous!)

It certainly has made an impact. I decided to change them because the old ones felt so plain to me. But I still loved the images of the models so I decided to integrate them into the new covers.

In What I Didn’t Say Jake loses his ability to speak. Have you ever experienced anything like that? Is there a reason you wrote about that instead of some other tragedy like losing his sight or hearing.

Like I said, it was a challenge to me to write about a mute character. It was something that I’d never seen done before. It seemed so hard to me! I was scared to death so start this book, but in the end it was a very rewarding experience, one that made me grow as a writer.

Make sure you head over to Novels, News and Notes From Your Northwest Neighbors for the second half of the interview!  Find it HERE.

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  1. Wow! For the record, those new covers are incredible! I am absolutely in love. I’d pick all of those up and read the back…I might even buy them without reading the the synopsis just because of the covers.

  2. Awesome interview! :) I love when authors change up their genres because it’s so nice to see how an author can broaden their horizons and try new things :) What Didn’t I Say sounds really interesting as well :)

  3. 140 rejection letters!! Well I for one am glad that you didnt give up 😀 I’m really excited to read What I Didn’t Say. I have never read a mute character before and I’m excited to see how you put it together!

  4. Great interview! It’s always interesting to get inside an author’s head especially when they take a new route in their writing such as in Keary’s case where she went form paranormal/dystopian to contemporary.

    Thanks for the giveaway,

  5. I absolutely love the updated covers. So much more depth to them, all while keeping the original models! Very interested in Jake’s muteness, great chance to emote with just a look!

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