Series Review (1-3): Raine Benares by Lisa Shearin

Today I’m doing a half series review!  I posted my review of the first book last year but I’ll repost it here and then mini reviews for each book after it.  I was going to do the full series but after book three I decided I would enjoy them a bit more bit I spread them out.

Magic Lost, Trouble Found (Raine Benares #1)

Raine Benares is a Sorceress Seeker of average ability until she comes into possession of an amulet that amplifies her powers-and her enemies.

Magic Lost, Trouble Found is the beginning of what I think will be a delightful series! This is a fantasy series with elves, goblins and the such and takes place in a make believe city. Magic is the norm, though how you wield it can define you. This book had a different feel to me because although it’s a definitely fantasy, it was kind of told in a way that reminded me of urban fantasy books. So if you’re an urban fantasy fan, and not such a high fantasy fan, you may still enjoy this one.
First books in series can be a bit heavy and there’s so much information to soak up. Sometimes it makes them a bit hard to get through because your wrapping your mind around so much. For me it seems the first books in series are the ones I end up liking the least because things just get better and better with each book when you already know the world and most of the characters. I did feel like this was the first in the series but I didn’t really feel like I was getting information overload. We were seeing the city and the people throughout the book and it didn’t get too full of descriptions.
I really liked Raine and I connected pretty well with her personality. I also liked the side characters but sometimes I think it was hard to keep everyone straight because there were a LOT of them. By halfway through they were all clear to me though and it was easier to sit back and enjoy it. And all the characters, from good, to evil, to not -sure- if -they- are- good- or- evil, played their roles very well. And one or two definitely make a great romantic interest. I can’t WAIT for some romance to come because I was feeling some heat in this one!
And there is definitely some ass kicking, some magic wielding ass kickingness and other action’y stuff. It kept me on my toes! And it was well wrote because I didn’t really find my eyes glazing over like they sometimes do at those times. The descriptions sucked me in!
I definitely enjoyed the book and am anxious to continue the series!

Armed & Magical (Raine Benares #2) 

Since it’s been awhile since I read the first book I kind of forgot the feel of everything and was reminded once again that this is not the average fantasy.  Regardless of the fantasy world it most definitely had a strong urban fantasy feel.  Just the way they talk and act and the plot and how it plays out.  Just my opinion.  And it took a little getting use to in the first book but this one I adjusted to that part of it quite quickly and even though it’s been awhile I actually remembered the first one quite well so I wasn’t struggling to piece things together.  

This book had constant action with very little downtime.  I thought it worked out good even though I was wishing for Raine’s sake that she could catch a break rather then things escalating to what was bad to even worse.  

Not much romance yet.  Lots of feelings and sexual tension but there really hasn’t been a chance for much to happen.  I gotta say I’m feeling a bit torn about who I want her to go for though.  There are two guys that are kind of perfect.   Hmmm… I’ll hold out on that decision for now.  I’m kind of loving her cousin Phaelin (pirate!) and her friend Piaras and they are pretty freaking awesome characters!  

                                                     The Trouble With Demons (Raine Benares #3) 
Another action packed book!  Seriously, this poor girl has no down time whatsoever!  It was just one thing after another!

The romance feels like it took a step further in this one, but nothing too much yet except smoldering looks and lots of sexual tension.  You have have to think that it’s only been a few weeks through the span of these first three books so time wise it’s not been long at all.

I love how I get all worked up and angry at the stupid guy.  As there’s one head honcho in this book that has a thing against Raine and he will do ANYTHING to stand in her way and it’s become just plain stupid.  It’s infuriating but yet I love that my emotions get involved like that.  

I think I’m definitely ready for things to slow down as the action is getting to be a bit much for me.  I’ve decided that this is a series I can enjoy more with some break in between them.  But yet I am a little afraid of forgetting some of the characters as there are A LOT.  I’ll give it a shorter break, like a month or so and I think I’ll be able to enjoy the next one more than I would if I started it straight away.  

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  1. Wow you are liking this series. Books with constant action are good and bad, I hear you about it being too much at times and certainly not the best books to read right before bed, right?

  2. I love how quirky the covers are! I’ve had this in my TBR list for the longest time, but I need to catch up/close a couple of series and trilogies before starting a new one. >_<

    Anyway, great reviews on all!

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