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Today I am lucky enough to have Lisa Shearin on the blog as part of her tour for All Spell Breaks Loose which recently released.  This is the sixth book in the Raine Benares series.  Make sure you read all the way to the end as there’s a giveaway!  If you’re interested you can find my interview with her from last year HERE.

Thanks for being on again Lisa! Last year I did an interview with you and found many of your answers fascinating. First of all last year we talked about the fact that your goblins are gorgeous, rather than hideous. So my first question is who is your favorite goblin? I suppose this could be the one you love the most, or the funnest to write, whatever you want! 

I have quite a few favorite goblins, but for different reasons. The most fun to write is Sarad Nukpana. Not only is he evil, bad, and wicked—he enjoys every minute of it. His scenes with Raine virtually wrote themselves. Of course, I adore Tam. However, he’s rather difficult to write because I can’t figure him out and most of the time I don’t know what he’s thinking. Hmm, I guess that goes along with the attraction Raine feels for him. Let’s face it, he’s mysterious. And I always look forward to any scene with Talon in it. Unlike his dad, I know exactly what Talon’s thinking—and so does every other breathing female. ; )

Oh yes, you gotta love Talon and his bluntness!  And I think I get what you’re saying about Tam as well!

And who is your favorite of the elves?
Naturally, Raine is my favorite, seconded by Phaelan. I love Mychael, but he’s kind of like Tam in that it’s difficult to get into his head sometimes.

Another thing I had asked you is your biggest challenge when writing and you’d said keeping the details straight. It’s funny, before I reread your interview I was going to ask this question anyway- How in the world do you keep everything straight?! First of all there are a lot of characters. Do you keep track of them in a notebook (or file) with all the details concerning them? Or do you rely on your memory?
I rely on my poor, overworked memory. I’m sure I’ve made mistakes in the books, and you guys are great about pointing them out to me. ; )

I can’t believe you rely on your memory!  That’s actually quite impressive!  I have a horrible memory so I don’t think I could do that.

And as far as the story goes, it has one big plot arc but each book seems to have its own plot arc(s) inside of the big one. When you started the series did you know the beginning, middle and end of the entire series? Or how has that all come together for you? 

Nope, I didn’t have an overall plan for the series. I knew that the Saghred would eventually be destroyed, but I didn’t have any clue about how I’d get there. With each book, I planned less and less, until with CON & CONJURE and ALL SPELL BREAKS LOOSE, I was writing completely by the seat of my pants. It’s called “pantster” by writers. And after writing six books, I now know enough about how my mind works to trust that the story will come. With the new urban fantasy series that I’m starting, the only thing I have for a plot is teaser-type copy that you’d find on the dust jackets or back covers. It’s really fun to have complete freedom with the plot. I know how they begin and end, but the rest is up in the air. When I first started writing, that’d make me panic; now, I think it’s fun.   

That’s quite brave of you!  But it’s great that you’re confident enough that you’re able to do that.  It shows you have some amazing talent!

Raine has a pretty straightforward personality. She’s not real hard to read. She’s brave, she’s outspoken and she’s kick ass. So did you base Raine off of any real person (in any way) or how did you come up with her? Did she invade your mind one day and just demand you tell her story? Raine isn’t based off of anyone. She evolved from a character I had in a series of novels that I started in college. These were my author-in-training books that will never see the light of day. Yes, they were that bad.

Oh everyone has those author-in-training books!  But yay that you were able to use something from those books! 

Okay, so I have to admit a failure here, I have not yet finished the series. I had every intention of getting through them all, but hey- the reading schedule of a reviewer is a very busy one! And so I have only read the first three books so far. I really want to talk about Phaelan because he’s begging to be talked about! So far from what I’ve read he is one bad ass pirate and definitely has lots of what girls want in a guy. Especially a bad ass pirate one. So I don’t know what has happened with him in the last three books but can you tell us something about him because I honestly don’t even know what to ask! Ummm… can he get his own story?! 😉

 I love Phaelan, and I plan on eventually giving him (and other supporting characters) their own books or even series.

YAY!  Now THAT calls for a happy dance!  

The series is fantasy as it’s a made up world and full of fantasy creatures. But it definitely has a feeling of an urban fantasy with the more modern feel and Raine feels like an urban fantasy main character rather than a fantasy character. This is unusual (as far as I’ve noticed) but for me makes your books stand out. And for fantasy they are quite light reading (shorter anyway!). Can you tell us a bit how that came to be? Why you made it have the modern feeling, I guess?
It just came naturally to me—eventually. When I first started writing books, way back in college, I was writing in third person and trying to be quasi serious. Needless to say, these books bored even me. I was trying to write like some of my favorite authors at the time: David Eddings, Raymond Feist, and Terry Brooks. There was humor in what I was trying to write, but writing in third person somehow felt like I was distancing myself from my characters. The day I decided to try first person was like the lights came on in my head. I immediately found Raine’s voice, so writing this series in first person from her point of view just felt right. I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.

I seem to write better in first person as well, and I think it works perfect because Raine IS the story, SO much of it anyway, so really getting all her thoughts is highly entertaining. 

And the last question, that I have to ask every time, what comes next? Are there going to be more of Raine and the gang? And have you considered writing a spin off series? Maybe a young adult with some of the younger characters?
There’s a possibility of a book (or maybe even a series) with quite a few of the supporting characters. I’d actually like to do all of them eventually. Of course, there’s Tam now that he’s back in the seething politics at the goblin court. And it’d be fun to follow Phaelan on a couple of his adventures. And then there’s the new young cadets coming into the Guardians, now that girls can train to become Guardians, and there will also be goblins coming from Regor. The possibilities are endless with any of those spinoffs.

I agree, the possibilities ARE endless!  My top two choices are Talon and Phaelan though, for sure!  But I’ll take any and all!

Thanks so much for being on today Lisa!
Thank you so much for inviting me, Candace!

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  1. I haven’t heard of this series before but the covers are sooo cute! Plus, I love good Fantasy and Goblins??? What a great idea and I want to meet them!!

  2. I love the covers to your books, they are fierce! Sad for me that I haven’t read ANY of your books, YET. But, I will very soon.
    Thanks for the giveaway, looking forward to reading about Goblins and Raine.

  3. I love magical stories and this whole series sounds very cute. Amazing that you remember all that stuff about your novels–my memory is Swiss cheese!

  4. This seems like a really great series. I loved the interview! Getting to know the authors is so interesting. Sometimes you forget that they’re just regular people with amazing imaginations. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  5. I enjoyed the interview. I hadn’t heard of this book, but it sounds good. I would love to read it. Thanks for having the giveaway.

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