Spring Blog Carnival Winners!

I don’t usually do a winners post but I thought I would do one this time so I can keep track since there are 5 winners and it’s likely that not everyone will get back to me.

First winner is:
#9 Eliza
Second winner is:
#1 Judith
Third winner is:
#16 Sai Phero
Fourth winner is:
#28 Kayla Beck
Fifth winner:
#18 Heidi@RainyDayRamblings

Winners were selected using random.org and everyone has been emailed.
Thanks everyone for your participation!  I can’t wait until next year Carnival now!

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  1. Thank you so much!
    This was such a fun challenge and I am so excited to read these books! :)

    One thing though I don’t seem to have received an email I looked everywhere. haha hmm I’ll look again :) Anyways thanks a lot!

  2. Ah sorry! Disregard, 2 seconds later I found it in my spam! I don’t know why Gmail makes it so difficult to get to your spam haha 😀

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