Spring Blog Carnival Map!

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it at the Spring Blog Carnival!
The Spring Blog Carnival has ended.  We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Before we get started – Please be aware that this is available should it be needed.

First-Aid Booth for books with healers.

For those seeking a thrill hit up the…
Haunted House for Ghost books.
Haunted Hayride for Horror books.
Dystopian booth for dystopian books.
Horse Racing Booth for horse books.
Magic Booth for witch books.
Booth X for Spy books.
Graviton  for Space Books.
After all of that you’ll probably be hungry so be sure to hit up the…

Cake Walk for books that feature food/cakes on the cover.

Popcorn Booth for Book-to-Movie adaptations.
Food Court for books with food.
Candy Shoppe for books with eye candy covers.
Red Candy Apples Booth for Books with Red-Heads on the cover.
Cotton Candy Booth and will be giving away Women’s Fiction Books.
Then take the kids around and stop at the…

Funhouse for funny books.
The Cloud of Make Believe Booth for books with winged-creatures.
Arts and Crafts Booth for Art Themed Books.
Petting Zoo for related ARC and swag.
Fishing Pond for Children’s Books.
Bouncy Castle for Fairytale books.
Grab Bag Booth for Spring 2012 Releases.
Middle Grade Arcade for Middle Grade books.
Clown Car for Road Trip books.
Jugglers Booth for books with a Love Triangle.
Dress Up Booth for books with dresses on them.
Goldfish Bowl for Beach Themed books.
Better yet, let your babysitter take the kids there and you and your special someone hit up the…

Kissing Booth for Romance books.
Masquerade Ball for books with masks.
Old Time Photo Booth for Historical YA.
Match Maker Booth for Book Boyfriend books.
Alpha Arcade for Werewolf Books.
Ferris Wheel for Adult Romance packs.
Just looking for some fun? Then hit up the…

Karaoke booth for music themed books.
House of Mirrors for a surprise.
Fortune Teller’s Booth for books about seers.
The Guessing Booth for a Book of choice from TBD.
Dunking Booth for Mermaid books.
Contortionist Booth for books with twisted endings.
Basketball Toss for Sports themed books.
The Vagabond Booth for books set in a Foreign Country.
Henna Tattoos Booth for books with Tattoos on the cover.
Face Painting booth for books with face paint/art on the cover.
Tilt-a-Whirl for Mystery/Thriller books.
Wheel of Fortune for fun surprise giveaways.

Then round out your night time with some fun night-time activities and a grand-finale parade by stopping at the…

Parasol Parade for Steampunk books
The Starry Night Booth for Issues Books.
Rising Stars Booth for 2012 debut author books.
Reboot Lounge for retellings.
White Elephant Sale for related books.
Rummage Sale for older YA books.

Big Thanks to Lori and Angela for all your hard work in putting this event together! 

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