Mini Reviews: Black Heart by Holly Black & Timepiece by Myra McEntire

Black Heart (Curse Workers #3) by Holly Black

I am so, so, so sad that this series is over!  It’s so unique and so very different from anything else out there.  It’s full of characters that aren’t good or bad, but rather shades of gray.  It’s got a male main character that has a truly good heart but has done some very horrible things in his life (though mostly not by choice).  It is also full of surprises jumping out at you at every turn.  You honestly never know if people are going to be good or bad and what decisions they may make.

I had no idea how this series would end, but I knew I wanted a HEA for Cassel.  He’s been through so much, he deserves it!  And then I started worrying because I didn’t see how it could all wrap up by the end but it did!  And it never felt rushed and I never had a clue what would happen with the grand finale, it was a total surprise!

I very highly recommend this series, just make sure you start with book one, White Cat.  And be prepared to read straight through cause you’ll be dying to know what happens next!

Timepiece (Hourglass #2) by Myra McEntire

Timepiece is the sophomore novel to Myra McEntire’s Hourglass.  And while some second books have middle book syndrome, this one definitely didn’t!  Right away we are thrust back into this crazy wild world of stuff that I’m not going to mention just in case you haven’t read Hourglass, and you’re spinning with all the stuff thrown at you.

In this one the narrator is Kaleb and I have to admit that it threw me a bit at first.  But I really love Kaleb and I think it was just getting use to him narrating rather than Emerson.  Once I settled in though, it was great!  I also have to say, this is one series that is definitely best when read closer together.  I had a very hard time remembering everything and everyone and there was no recap at all.  It’s a fairly complicated plot and I think it all would have settled more smoothly, and made more sense to me if I had done a reread of Hourglass.  I will definitely have to do a reread of the first two books before I read the third.

This is a series that is completely different from anything else I’ve read.  In my opinion it’s one that really stands out in the YA genre.  It’s not genre specific, meaning there’s not one label I feel I can put on it.  There’s no vampires, zombies or witches.  I guess maybe I would call it science fiction, but there aren’t any aliens or anything either.

All I can say is, if you haven’t read Hourglass yet, you should get on that, right freaking now!

Disclosure:  All opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid or influenced in any way.

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  1. I really enjoyed the ending of the Curse Workers series, too. Such great writing. Haven’t read Timepiece yet but I really liked the first one in this series, too, so I’m looking forward to it. :)

  2. These series are both ones that I’m so behind on. I read White Cat last year and haven’t gotten to the 2nd book and i’ve been meaning to read Hourglass for everz!!

  3. I loved the Curseworker series! I’m sorry to leave Cassel, talk about a fun character, but I’m glad to leave him where he is. As for Hourglass, I’ve been meaning to pick it up. Once I’m on summer break, I will!

  4. Both of these are in series I need to read! I’m so far behind Candace! I have the first books on my shelf, but haven’t read them yet. Blogger fail. Glad to see you loved these so much!

  5. I’m with Jenny!!! I need to read BOTH of these series! I have the first two Holly Black books (with the OLD covers so I shall gave to REpurchase all of them bc I’m so OCD!) and I’m FAIRLY certain I’ve got Hourglass around here too… SOMEWHERE!

  6. Jenny and Ashley,
    I do know what you mean, but guys- we cant ALL read EVERYTHING! So read them when you can but don’t stress it!
    And Ashley, I have the old covers too and my third one SO doesn’t match! I just have to deal though cause I cant buy new ones :(

    Thanks everyone for stopping by! I really hope you get caught up on reading (ha ha) cause these series are must reads!

  7. Glad you enjoyed where both of these series were going. I own the first book in both series but have yet to read either. I wanted to read Hourglass in June but I just have too many books to read as it is.

    Thanks for the awesome mini reviews so glad you enjoyed both books!

  8. I absolutely ADORE The Curse Workers series. I think it is clever, original, dark and I love every character in it from Cassel to Baron:) I haven’t read Black Heart just yet, probably because I don’t want the series to end:( I could go on reading about Cassel and crew forever.

    And great mini review of Timepiece! I totally fell for Kaleb in Hourglass and was super stoked to read Timepiece thru NG recently. i’m actually reviewing it later this week:)

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