Kiss Me, I’m Irish Read-Along for Hounded Week One

If you know me at all you know I’m a HUGE fan of the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne.  I read the first three books last year as they were released and am hugely excited for book four, Tricked, out in April.  Now I would most certainly reread this book right now but I loaned it out so I can’t.  However, I plan to do my best in answering the questions!  Hopefully the three books haven’t blurred together too much in my head!

Amanda of On a Book Bender, Ash of Smash Attack Reads!, Jen of In the Closet With a Bibliophile, Missie of The Unread Reader, and Felicia at The Geeky Blogger are hosting this awesome read-along.  It starts today and lasts through the end of the month. Head HERE to sign up and see what awesome prizes are being given away as well.

Discussion Schedule:
March 02nd: Chapters 1-5 hosted by Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog
March 09th: Chapters 6-10 hosted by On a Book Bender
March 16th: Chapters 11-15 hosted by Smash Attack Reads!
March 23rd: Chapters 16-20 hosted by In the Closet With a Bibliophile
March 30th: Chapters 21-25 + epilogue hosted by The Unread Reader

April 06th: Special interview with Kevin Hearne & announcement of winners!

Questions Week 1 (March 5th): Chapters 1 to 5
1) Kevin Hearne had the most perfect beginning for this book:  “There are many perks to living for twenty-one centuries, and formost among them is bearing witness to the rare birth of genius.”  If you were to live for centuries what do you think you would be excited to see? 

Hmmm… I guess watching as technology changes and as humans change as well.  Things actually become quite different very quickly!  Think about a mere 100 years ago and how different it is now.  Imagine if you’ve lived hundreds of years, 100 years really isn’t that long!

2)In the 2nd chapter we learn about the amulet and its protection powers!  Do you think having met the Morrigan and heard about Aenghus Og that it will be enough to protect Atticus?  I mean the Morrigan has a point about hot chicks coming after him and his defenses might be down! He is very male!

I’m afraid to say much about this because I don’t want to leave any spoilers.  I think that he knows better then to let his guard down around hot chicks, but everyone makes mistakes…

3) The literary world’s coolest dog is introduced in this chapter!  Did you love Oberon immediately?  Show me a picture or describe the type of animal you would love to have as a talking companion! (Cat, Dog, Mouse, Sloth, Horse—what is your pick–pictures please)?

Oh Oberon is definitely the worlds greatest dog!  I can’t grab any pics right now but I think a Great Pyrenees would be an awesome talking companion.  I’ve always wanted one…

4) In this chapter Flidais asked Atticus what his name is and then precedes to ask if anyone actually believes he is Greek?  He says nobody pays attention to names here.  Do you know what your name means and where it comes from?  Or do you have a name you wish had?  Let’s talk names!

My mom named me Candace because she wanted to call me Candy.  By 1st grade I was saying it was a no-go, my name is CANDACE.  I was sick of all the teasing.  My grandma’s are the only ones that call me Candy now, thank GOODNESS!  But I’m not sure where Candace originates.
I did name my daughter Phaedra and did lots of research on it.  It’s a Greek name and a Greek goddess was named Phaedra.  Do me a favor and don’t look it up though, it’s not a happy story.  I loved the name and decided the story doesn’t matter that much.

5) We learn about Atticus’ lawyers in this chapter, a rather unique combo!  Without jumping ahead, would you hire a lawyer combination of two supernaturals who on the surface would appear to be natural enemies or at the very least two very Alpha attitudes? What would be the positives and negatives of that decision.

Yeah because you have two different perspectives on things!  

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  1. Ahh you just cemented it for me, a woman will be his undoing. No surprise there. Phaedra that is pretty, now I am curious and off to google the story, I can only imagine the torment of being called Candy!

  2. Atticus is king of mistakes around the hotties. It makes me laugh so hard. Can’t wait to see what happens with him and his lady druid trainee in the next book. *waggles eyebrows*

    I think I remember the story of Phaedra. It is a beautiful name. I think the person makes the name anyway. 😀

    I’m not sure what a Great Pyrenees looks like *runs to google* Oh, they are so white and fluffy. They’d make an excellent talking pet!

  3. Atticus is such the man who makes mistakes and still comes out smelling like a rose LOL (I can’t wait to see what trouble he gets into in book 4)

    You know I love Pyr’s! They are fantastic dogs. My parents had 2 full-bloodied ones and well Tonks acts more like her Pyr side than her Lab side.

  4. Phaedra’s a beautiful name (and such a sad story, if I’m remembering it correctly)!
    My roommate had a Great Pyrenees and Chase was a super-sweet lug of a dog. Huge and drool-y but a total sweetheart.

  5. So, everyone loves Candy but you? LOL

    I know a lot of girls named Dulce, which is candy in Spanish, and most of them hate it too. I don’t get why. I think it’s kind of, well, sweet.

    You’ve once again have me super curious! I don’t think I know Phaedra’s story. I want to look it up now.

    Thanks for joining us for this read-along, Candace. I’m a superfan of this series, too, and I can’t wait for Tricked! And I’m looking forward to the read-along you’re hosting too. :)

  6. I’m going against the flow here but I actually like the name Candy. And you can’t fault having a dog companion – dogs are a man/woman’s best friend after all. I love oberon and Phaedra is so intriguing – now I need to go research.
    Lynn 😀

  7. I think Candy is sweet—you know what I mean but I understand. My name is Kristi and it grinds my butt when people call me Kris and I don’t know why? I get a lot of Krissy’s but that doesn’t bother me.

    I think Phaedra is lovely and I don’t know the story but now you’ve got me itchin’ to look it up, lol!

    I think Pyr’s are gorgeous and sort of majestic looking-someday you should get one if possible!

    Interesting answer on Q-2: I wonder if a woman is going to trip him up? So far I am digging this series and can’t believe I’ve never heard of it!

    I loved your answers Candace!

  8. Aw, I want to call you Candy!

    I’m with you on the 100 years ago thing. It wasn’t that long ago, but SO MUCH has happened. It would be great to experience that time.

  9. I think your daughters name is beautiful and you are right the story doesnt matter because we all get our own story – and your daughter will have a great one!

    Lol, that you nixed Candy. I named my son Nathan, thinking we would call him Nate and now no one does because the first few times people would call him that I would say, “no, it’s Nathan.” LOL. so much for that. And I named my daughter Kaydence and we call her Kayde but like you she has decided it is just KAYDENCE. lol. (she’s in 3rd grade so i guess its time for her own mind….)

    anyway, great post!!! So glad you are doing the read along!

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