Tempting Tuesdays- Some Girls Bite Read-Along Chapters 13-15

Tina at Tina’s Book Reviews, Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight, Missie at The Unread Reader, and Jenny at Supernatural Snark are hosting the Tempting Tuesday’s Some Girls Bite Read- Along.  This is for the book Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill which is the first one in the Chicagoland Vampires series. This started January 3rd and is running every Tuesday through January 31st.

Here’s the schedule:
January 3rd – Chapters 1-4 (Jenny at Supernatural Snark)
January 10th – Chapters 5-8 (Tina at Tina’s Book Reviews)
January 17th – Chapters 9-12 (Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight)
January 24th – Chapters 13-15 + epilogue (Missie at The Unread Reader)
January 31st – Special guest post by Chloe Neill and our grand prize giveaway!

Questions for Chapters 13-15 + epilogue

1. Chapter 13 opens with Merit describing her new job routine as House Sentinel. Considering that every job Cadogan House is important in helping to make the house run efficiently, which job do you think you’d like to have (guard, cook, social director, gardener, etc.) and why?
At that house? The gardener!  I don’t know if I would really, but I think being able to design and keep a garden like that would be loads of fun!

2. In the supernatural world of Chicagoland Vampires, politics seem to play an important role in the way the Houses are run. Now that you’ve been introduced to the Rogues, do you think it’s better for vampires to be a part of a House or to live outside of one.
I don’t know yet.  I don’t think I have an opinion on that until I get to know them better.  I do have to say that the one head guy (was his name Noah?) really sounds like a hottie.  Maybe it was the eyeliner 😉

3. After Morgan openly asks to court Merit, she feels betrayed when Ethan commands her to accept for the show of alliance it could bring to Cadogan House. Do you think her reaction was warranted?
Well, not really.  I mean, I get how and why she feels that way but she turned him down so she shouldn’t be so surprised. 

4. When Ethan meets with the perpetrator of the murders, were you surprised to discover who it was? If you suspected someone, were your suspensions correct? What did you think of the perpetrator’s motive?
I think I was just starting to suspect her but I’m not so sure about the motive.  It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. 

5. What was your favorite/least favorite parts of Some Girls Bite?
Hmmm… Favorite part- maybe all the hot guys making appearances.  I also enjoy the snark quite a lot.  My least favorite is that it took Merit awhile to accept things and it was frustrating seeing her fight everything tooth and nail.  I also hated the scene where she walked in on Amber and Ethan.  That scene is still playing through my brain and I’m not liking it!

6. What do you think is coming up next for Merit, Sentinel of Cadogan House? Will you continue reading this series, and if so, what do you hope to see happen in the next book?
I don’t know that I have any thoughts on what will happen but I will definitely read the next book.  I’m kind of hoping that Merit and that guy Noah (that’s his name, right?  The rogue dude?) hook up.  Or work together at least.  His short little scene has me wanting much more of him!  (Of course I may regret this answer if he turns out evil…)

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  1. I think being gardener would be nice but I did NOT inherit the green thumb in my family, lol. Glad we have you for that 😉

    Oh and I still hate that scene when she walked in Ethan & Amber. I still wanna smack Merit on the forehead for that one! *smh*

    Funny, I did not give rogue dude a second thought you clearly you still have him on the brain, lol. I wonder if he’ll make another appearance?

    ♥Isalys / Book Soulmates

  2. Hahaha yes you and Tina are both seriously scarred by the Ethan and Amber scene. I can honestly say I would love for it to be removed from my memory as well:) I’m glad you enjoyed this first book for the most part and are planning to continue Candace! There’s a Jonah that enters the picture in the later books, and he’s pretty delicious as well, so there’s just hot guys galore!

  3. Ha! Yes, some guys can wear eyeliner way better than women. I didn’t even consider the possibility, but maybe Merit would be much better suited for Noah.

    And yeah, I still can’t believe that Merit never caught on to what Ethan was inside. It was so freaking obvious!!!

  4. Yeah, that Amber and Ethan scene with Merit was disturbing on many, many levels. I would have run, how about you? She had to know she was being set up.

    What do you think of her with Morgan?
    I don’t trust him. But who knows.


  5. I love the snarky humor in this series, too–I’m glad you enjoyed this first book enough to continue! The scene where Merit walks in on Ethan and whats-her-name really bugged me as well, so maybe it will help to know that there aren’t any more repeats of that sort of behavior. There’s still plenty of push and pull between them over the next few books, but nothing quite as skeevy as that. :)

    Hello from a new follower, btw!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

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