Review: Not-For-Parents The Travel Book

Hardcover, 208 pgs.
Published Oct.1st, 2011 by Lonely Planet
Source: Amazon Vine

Introducing Lonely Planet’s brand new Not for Parents series!

This is not a guidebook. And it is definitely ‘not-for-parents’. Cool stuff to know about every country in the world. Everyone knows the world’s highest mountain, but do you know which country banned chewing gum? Or what’s the world’s stinkiest fruit? Or who invented roller skates? Or which building leans more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Or where can you eat fried spiders as a snack?

The world is a very big place, and in The Not-for-Parents Travel Book we’ve concentrated on the really interesting bits to create a snapshot of what each country is like. (Warning to parents: these might not be the same “really interesting bits” that you like…where to buy coffee, how many stars the hotel has, what’s the phone number for the airport, blah, blah, blah.)

In this book are the epic events, amazing animals, hideous histories, funky foods, and crazy facts that make the world’s 200 countries so fascinating.

Each country has a dedicated page that’s jam-packed with up-to-the-minute stats, record-breaking facts, hideous histories, epic events and wild and wacky critters.  Each country features gotta-know facts such as population lingo, capital city, currency and national pastime.  Over 1,800 photos and quirky graphics.

Not for parents?!  They are so very wrong because I loved, loved, loved this book!  I’ve spent my entire life dreaming of faraway places and imaging the day I would get to visit them all.  But I still haven’t got to visit any of them (outside the US) and this book totally sucked me in.  Everyday I would say that I’m just going to read a few pages and the next thing I know hours have passed.  I had fun sharing the facts with everyone in my family and I got so excited about every little thing.  This book is truly amazing and exactly up my alley.  

Each page features a different country.  It says the size, language and population and shows where it’s located as well as a paragraph or two talking about some of the main and most important facts about that country.  The page is filled with photographs of things in the country with little boxes of info that go with each one.  Some are wacky and wild and others are just regular interesting facts.  Though all were interesting to me…  The whole layout is great and I found myself really learning about the countries.  There are SO many it’s hard to remember exactly where every country is located.  I’ve learned more from this book then I probably ever did in 12 years of school.  Yeah, not everything is really that important, but it really gave me a good idea of the country and it’s customs, etc.  And these are things that kids would be more interested in learning and not the boring things we may learn in school.  Any kid interested in traveling, other countries, and cultures would love it.  

If there’s one complaint I had it would be I want MORE!  I wish each country had another page with more fun facts and photographs.  Of course that might be a bit overwhelming for kids so maybe it wouldn’t be great for them.  

I’ll definitely be watching for more similar books to this one.  I absolutely devoured it and am ready to start reading it again.  And that’s the thing, it’s one that can easily be read over and over again because you can’t possibly remember everything you’ve read.  This will be the book I’ll pull out when company comes over, when grandpa comes to visit, when bored teens are sitting around… It’ll be the go-to book.

I very very highly recommend this one to everyone!

5/5 stars!

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid or influenced in any way.

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  1. I just picked the London one of this series from Amazon Vine–I LOVE travel books–and this one sounds great, too. I like that it’s not for parents…

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