Stages on Pages Event Recap

Last Sunday I went to the Stages on Pages Event in Portland Oregon {find more about the tour to see if it stops near you and to find many more pictures go HERE}.  The authors at the event were Stasia Kehoe (Audition), Jessica Martinez (Virtuosity), Tara Kelly (Amplified) and Conrad Wesselhoeft (Adios, Nirvana).  I’ve read their books and gave them all high ratings and recommend you read them if you haven’t already.  
Sara from NovelNovice was also there and was on the stage with them to share her new comic book/graphic novel that’s about Suzanne Collins.  It comes out in February so watch for that!  I got to see some of the pages that she printed out and it looks pretty awesome!   
We had lunch together {minus Tara Kelly} and here’s a picture of all of us.
After lunch we headed over to this cute and very small little bookstore for the event.  It wasn’t a huge turn out, but it was still very nice and those small signings are the most intimate and give you a chance to really chat. 
 Jessica played violin and Conrad played the guitar.  Jessica’s playing almost made me cry, it was so beautiful!  At the end they played a bit together and it was pretty awesome!
Once it got started the authors each talked about their books and then Stasia asked the audience a few questions.  They talked about writing a bit cause most of us were at least kind of writers.  I consider myself a writer even though I rarely find time for it, it is something I love and once my kids are older I’m sure I’ll do it much more.  Afterward we all chatted and they signed books.

They are all super nice and it was so much fun to get to know them all a little bit.  Tara is the only one that’s local {of the authors} but I met Stasia in Seattle in July so I knew her.  I also know Sara from NovelNovice cause we attend loads of the same events.  But I read Adios Nirvana last year before it came out and was completely blown away, I absolutely loved it!  I feel it just doesn’t get the attention it deserves and try my hardest to convince the world they must read it!  So I was so excited to meet Conrad!  My sister in law was also a big fan of the book and so she was excited to meet him as well.  She’s a much pickier reader then me and she was just as blown away as I was with the story, so that really tells you something.
I loved Virtuosity, Amplified and Audition as well but they are all new releases and have been getting quite a bit of attention {and my reviews have all recently gone up} so I just wanted to make sure I let you all know how much I loved Adios, Nirvana.  I’ll repost my review and a giveaway with it real soon! 
It was a fabulous event and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go.  And without kids {huge bonus}!  
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  1. Your event recaps always remind me that I need to take more pictures whenever I go to signings. I always feel like that awkward person with the camera and tend to leave it hidden in my bag, but I think I’ll pull it out more often.

    Stasia will be coming to my area, but, unfortunately, I’ll be working and won’t be able to go :(

  2. LOL Nikki! The best part is, if you take lots of pictures, the only way they’ll remember is if they somehow see your blog. :) We don’t get to see authors that often, so I don’t think a lot of them mind. :)

  3. You always look like you have so much fun at the events. I wish there were around my area. There’s plenty down in Austin, but not to many up here in the DFW area (Tx).

    One of you comments on my page said something about raw blue and SS. Let me know if your interested in reading them. I loved both and would be glad to let you borrow them. I know how hard it is to get Raw blue. Just a thought. :)

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