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Blog Guest post – Interview with a vampire
Morning guys! Thanks for having me. This is my first book blog tour so you’ll have to excuse me if I make any mistakes. But I’m sure all of you people are quite lovely. Anyway, enough with my ramblings.
I suppose I should tell you a little about me. My name’s Jennifer T. Alli, feel free to call me Jen J. I write paranormal romance novels and am getting quite prolific. Not anywhere near as many as Kresley Cole or Gena Showalter who I adore, but still…I have 5 books under my belt and a sixth on the way. I realized the other day that I’ve written over half a million words and I think anyone would agree that’s a lot.
I think that’s probably quite enough from me we’re here to have an interview with a vampire not listen to my ramblings. If you’ve not read anything in my Elemental Passions series then I suppose I should introduce you to SaraThis little spitfire always amazes me. She’s a little over 5ft 4 and yet somehow manages to keep the world’s most powerful vampire in check. I don’t know how she does it but there’s a glow in her bright blue eyes that let’s me know she’s not to be underestimated. Still, she was easier to pin down for this interview than Lucian ever was so let’s get started.
JTA: “Evening Sara, how are you tonight?”
Sara: “I’m good. But it is night time so I think Lucian is going to start looking for me soon. Why couldn’t we have done this during the day?
JTA: “I was really busy. It couldn’t be helped. Is this going to be a problem?”
Sara: “Well it’s not a problem for me but I know that you have issues with Lucian. It can’t be helped. He doesn’t really do much to make people like him. He has a reputation as a bad arse for a reason.”
JTA: “You don’t need to remind me. I interviewed him before. I’m not going to be making that mistake any time soon. He’s rude.”
Sara: “I can’t really argue with you there. When I first met him he left me unconscious in the street even though he knew I was his bride.”
JTA: “And yet you managed to forgive him?”
Sara: “His war is important to him and he thought he couldn’t multi task. Have a bride and win his war. In his defence he had been fighting his war for hundreds of years and had only seen me for a few seconds…and I wasn’t exactly at my best. I thought I was going to burn a city down and was just reaching out blindly for someone to help me. It was just fate that it was Lucian that found me. If he hadn’t I’d be dead by now.”
JTA: “Dead? Why?”
Sara: “I was cursed. I had, well I technically still have, a spirit inside me that wanted to burn the world to ashes. She’s not so bad now. She still has her moments where she just wants to burn things for no particular reason but I’ve got her under control now. When I first met Lucian control was only something I could dream about. Touching Lucian was the only thing that brought her into line.”
JTA: “Why exactly would you want to touch him? He seems more inclined to bite your hand off than let someone hug him.”
Sara: “You seem to be forgetting the fact that Lucian is also HOT! He might be difficult but he makes my blood sing. Plus, it’s fun to tease him. When I craft swords I have to wear as little as I can and whenever I walked around outside of my forge wearing those clothes he looked like he was going to have a heart attack…and kill everyone that laid eyes on me. I didn’t even know I was his bride but I was determined that he was going to be mine. I knew he wanted us to be together but like I said he’s stubborn…so he needed some help. I was more than happy to give it.”
JTA: “I’ve never had a vampire bite me. Can you tell us what it feels like?”
Sara: “It’s amazing! He always tells me that a bite between a vampire and his bride is different and it had better be because the things I feel when he bites me…Let’s just say it’s not something I’d want him to do in public. After that first bite I couldn’t believe he’d kept it from me for so long.”
JTA: “He didn’t bite you as soon as you met him?”
Sara: *shakes her head* “When a vampire bites their bride it links their strength to their bride. He was so intent on winning his war that he thought if he bit me that he’d be giving himself a weakness. One that he couldn’t afford to have.”
JTA: “So you’re his weakness?”
Sara: “I’d love for someone to try and test that theory. People look at me and they think I can’t look out for myself. They think I need protecting but I’m very good at looking after myself. I don’t like killing people but I’ve done it before and even if I don’t kill people, I’m more than capable of taking care of myself. Between my skill with swords and Seraphina, I’m not someone you want to make an enemy.”
JTA: “Seraphina?”
Sara: “The spirit of fire. She makes me the strongest fire elemental alive. She acts like a spoilt child most of the time but when it comes to protecting what we care about, she’s a star.”
JTA: “If you had to describe Lucian in a word, what would it be?”
Sara: “Determined. When he’s decided that he wants to do something nothing is going to change his mind and he’s got a will of iron. If he wants something you can believe he’s going to get it.”
Lucian: “That is true and right now I want my bride.”
JTA: “What are you doing here?”
Lucian: “I woke and found that Sara was missing, I came looking for her and am glad that I did. Whenever I leave you by yourself you always attract some sort of trouble. I’m just glad it’s only one person I have to get rid of. You’re getting much better. I don’t have to start any wars to get you back today. That’s a definite improvement. There are more important things she could be doing than talking to you.”
JTA: “Like what?”
Lucian: “She could be in our bed and out of those ridiculous sword crafting clothes. Come Sara, let’s go.”
JTA: “Wait a minute! I haven’t finished.”
Lucian: “You have now.”
JTA: “Just one more question and then you can go.”
Lucian: “Ask your question?”
JTA: “Are you always so arrogant? It’s not going to get you anywhere you know.”
Lucian: “That’s where you’re wrong. It gets me whatever I want. Now let’s go.”
JTA: “That wasn’t my question!”
Lucian: “You said one more question, you asked it. We’ve fulfilled our agreement, we’re leaving.”
Sara: “Lucian, calm down. Let her ask her question.”
Lucian: “Sara.”
Sara: “Yes?”
Lucian: *groans* “Fine ask your question.”
JTA: “What would you say the best thing about being a bride to a vampire is?”
Sara: “That’s an easy one! I get to spend eternity with Lucian.”
Lucian: “Are we done?”
JTA: “Yes, we’re done. You can go.” *Waits until they’re both gone* “I think I’d rather be dead than tied to that man for all eternity…to each her own I suppose.”
So that’s enough from me for the moment. I’ve loved being here and hope you’ve enjoyed having me. I do love hearing from readers so if you ever want to get in touch then just drop me a line.
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  1. Congrats on your first blog tour, Jennifer, and best of luck!

    And thanks for giving us vertically-challenged gals out here a heroine we can, er, look “up” too. 😉


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