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Very often I’m asked why I would a story about vampires. Granted, the people asking also like to ask why I write horror at all. I write horror because I must. Vampires . . . well, let’s just say they have a broader scope than other genre creatures like werewolves and zombies. As much as they seem done to death, countless new stories are possible. To me, only ghosts have a broader scope.
     Now for a confession: The Vampire Way was nothing special at its conception. I was very young when I began writing it and I first tried to tell a run of the mill vampire tale. As I matured, the story blossomed into something much greater. Immortality has long been a word used in vampire fiction. I wanted the novel to endeavor to truly explore and understand it. To do that, I ramped up the role of the vampire depicted in the novel, and even gave some ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, so to speak. I doubt I ruined anything by doing so. Really, I gave vampires a different dimension, a reason to side with the vampire who doesn’t sparkle. 
     Rick Thompson, my protagonist, is a human in the midst of a vampire attack, and has long yearned to understand immortality. Thanks to the vampire attacks, and the ensuing emotional fallout, he is able determine what immortality is.
     No spoilers here. Rick endures an entire process to learn what immortality is. To do that, Rick faces some very dark circumstances. I’m often questioned about dark topics too. My response is that everyone encounters dark circumstances in their lives and fictional characters are no exception. By fighting vampires, Rick embarks upon a journey of self-discovery, maturity and strength. You could say that he couldn’t have become a better person had a vampire not walked into his life.
     The good news is that the novel has a little something for everyone. For readers who demand a scary vampire I have given them . . . well, a scary vampire. The novel offers heady doses of emotion for the Twilight crowd. For those who love series books, this is the first of a three book series, so stay tuned.
     The concept’s freshness is what you as a reader will have to decide. I love to hear from readers and I always respond to e-mails. Let me know if The Vampire Way uncovered new ground for you.
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  1. Awesome! I love a good scary vampire, it’s hard to even remember a time when they used to be only the stuff of horror novels and films and not romantic leads:) I love both types of vampires, but it’s been a while since I’ve read a scary one so I’m looking forward to this!

    And thank you for such an amazing giveaway!


  2. i’m not in horror book but i would like to try this, it seems really good

    thanks you for the opportunity: is the giveaway open to international too?


  3. I definitely agree that Vampire stories have such a wide range available for storytelling…just look at Meyers vs Rice!

    melissaseclecticbookshelf at gmail dot com

  4. A vampire made him a better person?! wow, should check that story out, sounds interesting.

    And I loooved the cover!

    oh and thanks for the giveaway!

  5. WTG on your unique and interesting
    writing skills. Like your take on
    ‘Sympathy for the Devil’wishing you
    good luck on your series of books.
    thanks for the chance to snag a prize.
    cheers. dayleb at telus dot net

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