Wordstock 2011 Recap!

Yesterday I spent the day at Wordstock!  Wordstock is a book festival in Portland Oregon and authors from all over came to discuss and sign books!  It was an AMAZING day but it kind of reminded me that I hate being shy!  I try to push past it but sometimes doing so just makes me look like an idiot.  Like I’m so determined to say SOMETHING that something stupid comes out of my mouth.  Fortunately I didn’t make a fool of myself in front of any authors, or at least not too bad 😉  It was a close call though.  Because I met two of my most favorite authors in the entire world.  Two authors I’ve read since the beginning of their careers.  Maggie Stiefvater and Lauren Oliver (yes, huge SQUEE!).  I was terrified.  What kind of stupid thing would I say?  But I managed to not be too shy, I introduced myself and my blog and that started off a short bit of conversing.  It’s hard when you know you only have a minute with them.  You want to say as much as you can without sounding stupid.  Anyway, I’ll get to all that in a bit cause I want to tell you about my day in order!  And sorry about the pics!  I didn’t bring my camera (IDIOT!) so I had to use my phone.

First panel of the day was Vampires are SO Last Year.  That was with Isaac Marion (Warm Bodies), Suzanne Young (A Need So Beautiful) and Maggie Stiefvater (Scorpio Races, Shiver and others).  It was moderated by Sara from Novel Novice.  This was about the trends in publishing.  How it takes two years to be published so it’s impossible to know if YOUR book will be the trend or not.  And that you can’t write TO the trend.  Also, you know how some say they think books are just knock offs of others?  Well, that’s usually impossible because the books they are ‘knock offs’ of weren’t even out when the were writing the book.  So… keep that in mind.  It was a fun panel with awesome authors!  Didn’t get to officially meet Maggie yet though, cause next up was…

Suzanne Young and Kimberly Dertings (The Body Finder books, The Pledge) reading.  This was just talking about their books.  I’ve been to signings of theirs before and I wasn’t sure it would be anything new, but I’m happy to support them and they both always manage to be very funny.  And actually they both did share things that I hadn’t heard before so it was interesting.   And I sat with Vy from Vy’s Blog, I actually sat with her in the previous panel as well, and with Vania from VLC Photo, she does some of the book trailers for authors and publishers if you don’t already know of her.  Kim actually gave away several ARC’s of The Pledge to those who asked questions.  Luckily I already read it cause LOTS of people had questions so my chances of getting one would have been slim anyway.  After learning more about the road to publication from both of those lovely ladies I headed over to…

Banned.  This was a panel with Ellen Hopkins, Jonathan David Hill (the illustrator for Americus) and a local High School Librarian.  I sat by myself in this one as Vy was getting books signed.  It was, of course, about book banning.  It was cool because the comic book thing that Jonathan illustrated is about a book being banned.  So although he wasn’t an expert he knew a bit about the process, etc.  And then having a librarian there was definitely cool.  I wish I’d had a librarian like her!  Ellen was really cool, it was an audience full of teachers and librarians with a few other random people (like me) thrown in.  I snuck out just before it ended to beat the rush so I could go to…

Lauren Oliver (Liesl & Po) & Jonathan Auxier (Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes) reading.  Which wasn’t really a reading, I guess.  Jonathan went first.  He was absolutely fantastic!  This was on the childrens stage and so there were lots of kids in the audience and I’m pretty sure he captivated them.  He had a yo-yo and so as he told us about his book (which sounds AMAZING) he had his yo- yo kind of ‘showing’ us.  Hard to explain, but awesome to watch!  And his presentation was pretty awesome.  Then Lauren Oliver (SQUEE!) got up to talk about Liesl & Po (which is absolutely amazing, so go read it!) and she was just as awesome.  She’s someone that is really easy to talk to and I could totally imagine being friends with her in real life.  She showed us the book trailer and I got tears in my eyes.  Seriously, the music for it is just so beautiful.  I felt kind of stupid but luckily no running makeup.  She also showed us her illustrations that she did that she thought were awful (they weren’t) and then the final ones that were done by someone else that were gorgeous.  Very good presentation!  Then I went to stand in the long line to get my books signed.  While in line a couple people started chatting with me and one reads my blog!  So cool!  Later on a couple others stopped me and said they read my blog too.  Anyway, if you are that lady please leave a comment cause I may have something for you 😉  And another girl (maybe with that lady?) asked about my A Need So Beautiful pin, if you are her please email me or comment cause I think I have one for you!  And I’ll send other goodies too 😉  Anyway, when I met Lauren I was terrified I’d freeze up, but I didn’t.  Oh, I was nervous, but she mostly put me at ease cause she was so nice and easy to talk to.  I got a picture with her and then I was done!  Oh, she mentioned she loves Portland (it’s an inspiring place for artists and writers of all sorts) and may move here!  I’m not sure how serious she was, but I hope she does!  Next up was…

the tail end of Lindey Leavitt and Lisa Schroeder.  Because I chose to get books signed by Lauren I missed most of it but I went and met Lindsey at the signing booth and got my daughters book signed (I forgot Sean Griswolds Head!) and got a tiara and wand for my daughter.  Lindsey said she recognized my blog (Lauren actually did too, SQUEE!) and I told her I was friends with Lisa so it’s possible she ‘knew’ me through her.  I had a gift for someone to get signed by Lisa so I said a quick hello to her (told her who the gift was for and the blog, etc) and then I was off to the final event of the day!

Scott Westerfeld and Maggie Stiefvater!  Scott was up first and he was my favorite of the day, hands down.  I haven’t read his books yet but my family has and my brother loved Leviathan and Behemoth (I still need to get him Goliath) so I was sure to send him a text to tell him where I was.  Scott was HILARIOUS!  He talked about why he went with an illustrated book and a bit about why he wrote what he wrote, etc.  It was great and he had us laughing the whole time.  If you have an opportunity to see him speak I highly recommend you do so!  Then Maggie was up and she was also very funny, though a bit of a different kind of funny from Scott.  But she was lots of fun!  We learned about why she hates the questions “What inspired you?” and “Why werewolves?”.  Her answers had stories behind them.  She kind of did her presentation like a stand up comedian and it awesome.  Then it was off to stand in line to get the books signed!  I booked it over to the signing area shortly before it ended so I could be close to the beginning, but a few others had the same idea so there was a little line before me.  But once the authors got over there I was able to see Maggie almost right away.  I told her who I was (without fainting or passing out!) and that I reviewed Lament way back when it was her only book and she said she remembered!  Ummm… WOW!  She was nice, I got a picture but didn’t even try to get one with me in it cause there was a line for her.  Then I hopped back in line and got my copy of Behemoth signed (Lori got me Leviathan signed last year and I couldn’t get Goliath cause they sold out).  He had a HUGE line so didn’t chat really, but he was very efficient in getting through all those signatures!  Some people brought ALL his books with (and he wrote a lot!) so I felt bad for his poor hand.  He’s been touring so I knew that like everyday he was doing a signing.  I had no idea he had such a HUGE following, but most were there to see him.

That was the end of a VERY amazing day!  Sorry I’m so long winded!

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  1. It sounds like you had an awesome time. I wish they did something like this in AZ. We get comicon but I’m not that big into comics so its just not the same!
    Thank you again for getting a book signed for me!

  2. Sounds like you had a blast! If only TX had more events of awesome like the Wordstock. (Sighs) I get a little goofy sometimes around my fav authors too. So you’re definitely not alone. :)

  3. Wow! It sounds so awesome!

    Did you get someone to watch the kids, then? I can’t imagine they would have sat through that. lol

    So, it sounds like it’s mostly talks and signings, right? Were there things being given away, or could you buy books there? Just wondering!

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