Event Recap- Laini Taylor Reading/Signing

Yesterday (October 18th, 2011) I went to Laini Taylors signing for Daughter of Smoke & Bone.   I’ve met Laini before but I hadn’t met her husband, Jim Di Bartolo who is a BRILLIANT artist.  He did some art work in her other books, including Lips Touch Three Times which is so gorgeous.  {Check out some of the artwork and to find out more about the book HERE or you can head over to his website and see loads of his fabulous work.}  Anyway, it was awesome to meet him {he’s like one of those people who the kindness pours out of, you know what I mean?  You can tell he really listens to you and cares, I think that’s hard to find in a person.  I’ll shut up now so I don’t sound like a crazy stalker lady, really I’m just a big fan and he’s a nice guy. I think Laini’s writing and his art together is absolutely perfect!} 
I dyed my hair blue for the occasion {if you’ve read Daughter you know why, if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?} but the blue was more green because the bleach didn’t take and the dye didn’t take and so it’s just a green with areas that look blueish.  Still cool though!  
There were lots of familiar faces like authors Lisa Schroeder (The Day Before), Suzanne Young (A Need So Beautiful), April Henry (Girl Stolen) and a few bloggers, one of which was Vy from Vy’s Blog  {we’ve met up at a few events now and it’s always nice to have someone to chat with}.  I also met a new author.  Well, he’s new to me, though he has several books out.  His name is Matt de la Pena and he wrote I Will Save You; Ball Don’t Lie; We Were Here and Mexican WhiteBoy.  I hadn’t heard of him before but I heard him and Lisa talking so asked who he was and he said he writes boy books which caught my attention cause I <3 me some boy books!  Here’s his GoodReads page if you want to look up his books.   I hope to have him on for a ‘boy books feature’ in the future as well.
When Laini got up to speak she asked how many of us were bloggers and said thank you, which is awesome!  It’s so nice to be appreciated and acknowledged.  She talked about the birth of Daughter of Smoke & Bone and lots of other stuff but I had my kids with and so I had lots of distractions and retaining all the stuff she said was not so easy for me… However, I do remember her saying that writing a book doesn’t come easy to her, that it took her awhile to learn and it takes her a very long time to write them {like 1 1/2 years, for example}.  Now for me that’s very encouraging cause I have to say, I always think I know what the story is until I start writing.  So far I just give up which means I have many partial books but none finished.  One day…  She also said she doesn’t yet have a title for the second book, but has an idea that she’s going to run past the publisher.  Hopefully it’s not too long now…
She then read the chapter where Kaz shows up in Karou’s art class to be a nude model and she uses up some wishes for some itches.  She’s an excellent reader!  Definitely was enjoyable listening to her and that was the perfect piece for her to read since there weren’t any spoilers.
She also did some giveaways when quizzing the audience and then answered questions.  Afterwards she signed books.
{Look! Cupcakes!}
I waited until the very end since I had a big huge stroller and didn’t want to try to get to the line.  I stood and chatted with the other authors a bit and fed my kids sugar to keep them happy.  Then I got my copy of Lips Touch signed {& my ARC of Daughter of Smoke & Bone since I couldn’t buy a finished copy just yet} and got to chat with her a bit before I drove my kids home to get them in bed before I completely lost my mind. 
I had a fabulous time though!
{Look!  Laini and Jim both signed it!}
If you ever get a chance to meet her you should!  She’s super nice and very easy to talk to, and she writes amazing books!
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  1. I’m glad you had such a great time! I still need to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone but I think I might get the audio because Andye at Reading Teen said it was an amazing audio version.

  2. Laini is awesome, but when I went to her Chicago book signing THERE WERE NO CUPCAKES.

    Factoid: Matt de la Pena was a judge for the National Book Award nominations this past week, which is quite an honor.

  3. Ooh, jealous! I love author events, especially where the author is quirky and fun and doesn’t take themselves too seriously (which the pink hair is kind of a tip off for).

    Thanks for sharing!!!


  4. Alexa, I think listening to it on audio would be fun but I tend to miss too many things when I listen on audio. But if you are able to listen without distractions, then definitely!

    Yeah, actually Matt and Lisa Schroeder were talking about that and that’s what led me to believe he was an author and why I asked him who he was. It was kind of interesting to hear how it works sort of. I mean, that he had to read like 30 books in like 30 days? (I probably don’t have that exactly right, but something like that.) I didn’t hear a lot, but just a little 😉 It would be an honor, but very stressful! I’m not sure if I could do it.

  5. You died your hair blue???HOW freaking cute and awesome are you!!

    I absolutely freaking adored “Daughters..” and I wish so bad I would have gone to her signing in NYC ….;( But, I’m happy for you girl -it seems like you had tons of fun!

  6. Argh! I still haven’t bought or read either of her books but I really, really want to. Especially since I see that Lips Touch is illustrated. It’s awesome that you got to go and had a great time, and I love the blue hair!

  7. I’m so jealous!!! i wish Laini would do a signing down here so I can get my book signed. I swear she has the coolest hair EVER!!! lol

    And the author of Girl Stolen was there too??? EEp! Thats one of my FAVE books!!! It was super good! Glad you had a blast and shared all your pictures with us! Blue looks good on you! hehe

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