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With the start of school it seems everyone has found themselves busier then they were during the summer.  Unless they are a stay at home mom like me and with the start of school comes more free time, rather then less.    Recently I’ve seen a decline in comments and visitors in general and it got me thinking that it was time to do another one of these posts to find out how you decide which blogs to visit and comment.

Some blogs get around 20 comments per review.  How, and why is that?  I tend to get 5-10 on average per review.  Does that mean I’m a crappy reviewer?  Are my reviews too long, too short?  Not easily understood?  Are my tastes and posts too eclectic without enough of a common theme for people to come back over and over again?  I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter really because I’m doing what I can, want, and am able to do.  I read eclect’ly, that’s just my taste.  I review as I’m able to at that time and depending on how the book inspired me, or didn’t inspire me.  Sometimes I wish I could say less, sometimes I wish I could say more.  But honestly, I don’t think it’s that my taste is eclectic, or that my reviews aren’t good.

I have decided I am a crappy commenter myself and who’s gonna visit my blog when I don’t visit them?  (I do have many regulars, and I LOVE you guys!)  For awhile now I’ve been working my hardest to visit anyone and everyone who comments on my blog (other then the giveaways) and it seems like it takes up all of my time I have for commenting just to visit them which means MANY other blogs get neglected.  I have several blogs I try to visit everyday no matter what (you can find them on my right sidebar) but I follow so many blogs how do I decide which ones to visit?  To be honest, it’s hard to find any more time for commenting, I’m dedicating at least an hour everyday just for comments, but my goal is to try to fit in at least a half hour more each day.  Which means less reading time, but a half hour really isn’t that much so I hope I can manage.  I also want to be able to go through the list of links on the Saturday Situation post.  So I plan to go through the list through out the entire week reading the posts that interest me (and hopefully at least a few giveaways).

So, tell me, what is your comment routine?  Do you visit everyone who visits you?  Do you have certain blogs you visit everyday?  Or how do you decided which ones you want to visit?  Tell me your thoughts on this subject please.  Thanks for stopping by!

EDIT: Sophia The Writer wrote up an awesome post about commenting.  It’s different from mine because it’s more about the ease of commenting, etc.  I HIGHLY recommend you check it out because I happen to agree with her about pretty much everything she said. It is:  The Top 3 Things Well- Meaning Bloggers Do That Drive Readers Nuts.

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  1. School has definitely add an affect on the amount of commenting I do. Now I just visit certain blogs regularly but never get the chance to comment.

    I try really hard to comment back to those who’ve commented on my blog but blogger makes it really hard to do that and I end up not getting the chance to.

    I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to solve my commenting issue. :)

  2. I understand & feel the same way! I look at many blogs! MANY but sometimes I don’t have time to comment. My views are up. But my comments are down. Maybe others just are to busy! BUT i am going to start taking the time to comment! Because it does make you feel better seeing what others think about your posts/reviews!!


  3. Vy, that’s a good point, that you do read a lot but don’t comment. I bet that lots of people are reading all our posts in google reader or in their email but don’t have the time to go and comment. And those don’t even get counted as views on your blog either, so that’s why my views are down. I know that school makes it tough, and I totally understand that!

    You’re lucky your views are up cause mine dropped A LOT for September. October is doing a bit better though.

    You’ll get there! I’m sure your reviews don’t suck (I’m checking out your blog right now). It just takes time for people to know your blog. Visiting other blogs definitely helps though. Especially if you become a regular commenter on someones blog, we do notice! It took me over a year to get comments on my blog. Or more then 3, I guess.

  4. I am not a blogger but I enjoy reading blogs, especially reviews. I visit my favorites a few times a week and love when bloggers have a blogger hop. I’m pretty new to reading blogs so it is fun to discover new ones. I rarely comment. I will try to comment more as I see it helps motivate the blogger with immediate feedback:) Your blog is one of my favorites! I found your blog from Reading Angel!

  5. There are a few blogs I visit every day.( And your one of them! ) That I choose by the content mostly. If I have similar tastes in books as the blogger. There are so many bks and little time. So its nice to read reviews by someone who has similar tastes. It many times will save me from reading a crappy book! I can remove it from my TBR list and go on to something else!

    I also like the blogs I follow feature in blogger that updates you on the latest posts from bloggers you follow. Thats great for blogs I don’t read daily. I skim through it and if I see something that peaks my attention, I pop on over and read it and leave a short comment.

    I do try to make sure I comment on everyone’s blog that I visit. But especially those who are kind enough to take the time to comment on mine! It seems we all have a common thread, not enough time!!! I usually only get a couple of comments, if any. So when someone does take time out of their day to comment, I appreciate it and want to show it!

    I am getting frustrated with Blogger because for the past wk on almost EVERY blog I try to comment on it won’t let me. I found out this is a blogger glitch that they’ve been working on getting fixed since May. GUess it still hasn’t been fixed! Fingers crossed that they get it fixed soon!

    I love your blog! Keep up the good work and have a phenominal wk end! :)

  6. Kim,
    YAY! That makes my day! It is sometimes hard to remember that people are reading and not commenting all the time. I know that sometimes there’s just not really anything to say. Luckily in blogger we can see how many views each post gets so that is motivating. And it’s REALLY awesome to know that even NON bloggers read blogs! I recently had a random person tell me that when I was at a book event and that is just something that gets me really excited!

    I guess I haven’t run into an issue with commenting, but now I’ve heard that a couple times so that SUCKS!
    So glad you read my blog regularly! I try to pop in to yours every few days :)

  7. well with school and blog commenting. I agree but totally understand. Hugs and I planned something for this month but I would be begging for comments too.

  8. I don’t work or go to school, but I’ve been declining my own commenting because of life in general! Life keeps knocking me down.

    I do visit everyone who comments on my blog. I also have a few blogs I visit daily – both friends and regular commenters.

    I try to always comment when I visit a blog, but I’m another who has issues with commenting on Blogger blogs. I’ve had this issue since before I switched to WP, so it’s been a long time now. It’s very frustrating.

  9. Generally I check my blogger feed each day to see what is new on there and comment on things that interest me. Then I have a few non-book blogs that I check out. And I am making more of an effort to comment and check out blogs of people who comment on my posts too.

    :) I like your blog and pop over whenever I see something interesting. And I love your Saturday Situation Meme!

  10. Julie,
    Looks like discussion posts get more comments! lol

    UGH, sorry about the commenting issue! Glad you were able to this time anyway 😉

    Glad you like Saturday Situation! I think it’s a great way for people to find reviews of books that they’ve been thinking of getting or reading. Plus a list of giveaways in one place is always helpful.

  11. Mary D

    I think your blog is beautiful and your posts always intelligent and interesting! Sometimes we get so rushed/time on the pc limited that we can’t comment as much as we’d like.

    Personally, I ADORE comments but rarely get 10 or higher. However, I do try to frequently comment on my closest friend’s blogs, and try to *pop in* and say hi to others that I follow.

    Don’t feel bad that you aren’t getting more or haven’t the time to visit as many blogs & comment as often as you’d like to. Just do the best you can & enjoy each day 😀

  12. I’ve been getting very few (or sometimes zero!) comments on my reviews lately. I hope that doesn’t mean we’re bad reviewers! LOL Hopefully, if people are anything like me, this time of year just gets a little busier, with school, work, holidays coming…it gets crazy!

    I am trying to comment more, as much as I can, time-wise. I visit a lot of blogs daily. Any blog that I find that I want to revisit usually goes into my scrolling blogroll, and that shows me who has posted something new so I can visit.

  13. Ha! Be happy you get 5-10 comments…I usually don’t get many on my blog at all either …unless there is a contest. It’s really about time- I visit some blogs daily but with so much going on at work and then at home too…it’s really hard to take the time out to comment. Don’t get discouraged!

  14. Becky,
    I really should try to fit a blog roll (other then my button roll) on my sidebar. It helps me remember to comment when I see what they’ve recently posted and helps others find their blogs. There’s just not enough room on my sidebar!
    Sometimes I don’t get any comments either. Or just one. Not often though. It is a busy time of year and is only going to get busier as it gets closer to Christmas.

  15. Maria,
    I know- there’s never enough time! I’m feeling a lot better after hearing all your thoughts about this. Kinda feel better knowing I’m not the only one. Misery loves company, eh? lol.

  16. I tend to visit whoever leaves me a comment. But to put that into perspective: I switched over from my wordpress site where i had 1 follower who NEVER commented and visitors who sporadically if ever commented. Now I have only 7 followers so when they comment it’s not hard. I’ve been juggling classes and a full time job that makes me feel-and act- like a grown up for the first time, so I’ve kind of fallen behind on posting my reviews… It’s a work in continuous progress.

  17. I generally try and make my rounds to my fav blogs… then some that I don’t regularly comment on… then I go to all the ones that commented on mine…

    For me, comments breed comments. :)

  18. Time is definitely a factor for all of us. I work full time and that plus responsibilities at home eat up so much of my time that I barely find time to read or even review let alone comment. I just try to set goals for myself…at least one book & review a week and a few memes…

    I make a point to visit everyone who’s commented on my blog and read at least one of their posts and comment. Probably easier for a newbie like myself who doesn’t get too many comments. Then I scroll through all of the 200+ blogs that I follow in Google Reader and read, visit and comment on anything that catches my interest (like this post). I also organize my blogs in Reader into folders (Favorites, Adult, YA, Authors etc…)so that I know which ones I want to look at first if I am short on time.

    Also I know that some people consider it spamming…but I always leave a link to my blog on my comments so that if someone wants to check out my blog it’s easier than going through my blogger profile and trying to find it. (I started doing that after following the trail from a bloggers comment to her profile to her Goodreads page and then finally to her blog–too much time wasted! lol)

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf

  19. Hey there! I’m a relatively new follower I guess (joined you in mid-July). I basically work two full time jobs–my regular 9-5 gig, and then I also spend 40-50 hours a week on my writing. I specifically set Sundays aside for checking out the blogs I follow. I’ll scroll through, see what posts look interesting (like books I have/haven’t read or breaking news from the writing world), and (hopefully!) leave insightful comments.


  20. i started blogging a week or so before uni started up again but now that it has i barely have time to do anything! i love reading reviews and commenting on people’s reviews but i still don’t comment on every review that is new from all the blogs i follow, i just dont have the time! but i do hope later on i will get more comments on my reviews, i love to hear what people have to say about the books i reviewed or if they agreed or disagreed with my opinions.

    – juhina

  21. I find I get a good amount of comments per post for the # of followers I have.

    How I explain it is with commenting myself on others’ blogs and Twitter. I link my post to twitter at least 2-3 times during the day. I also browse Google Reader at least once every day and try to comment on 5-10 posts that interest me. Seems to be working for me. Most of the blogs that I comment on come and visit me back. If I get a comment I try to visit them back as well. I also leave my blog link in my comment signature so it’s easy for blogs to visit if they wish.

    Xpresso Reads

  22. I’m a bad, bad commenter. I read posts and such everyday, but I only get around to commenting about once a week. I just can’t the time to do it regularly. I have a very limited window of when I can read and if I spent a lot of time commenting I would never get any reading done. When it comes down reading is more of a priority. I do try my best to comment though…

    I think it’s just a bad time of year for people to visit blogs. I try not to get discouraged but it’s hard when I spend so much time and effort on a review and it only gets 2 comments. Oh well.

  23. School and sports really do limit my commenting but I do try to comment.

    For reviews I comment on the book I’ve read and give my input. Sometimes I leave a link of my review. I really don’t get many comments on my reviews only 1-4 on an average. The comments are usaually like “great review” or if the person has read that book they agree or disagree with me.

    I do visit everyone who visits me. For bloggers who comment on one of my memes and leave a link to their I usually comment on theirs too. I get way more comments on Memes than anything else. If I really want comments, when I link up to a meme linky I check out the first ten in the list and leave a comment. Its usually really fast,when the comment form isn’t being weird.

    I don’t have certain blogs I visit everyday. I follow my GFC just to do it. I don’t visit my dashboard alot so I follow by RSS Atom too so its easier. I only check out the blog if it shows it has new posts.

    I like commenting on blogs that don’t have alot of comments or new bloggers with few followers.

  24. I’m right there in the same boat with you, Candace! I’ve always wondered — how many people actually do read my reviews? I don’t get a ton of comments either and then I look at other blogs who get, like, 30 comments and wonder what I’m doing wrong! But, with work and life, I don’t have that much time to comment. Great discussion post!

  25. Total hard one for sure. I visit the blogs of whoever visits me and answer in my own comments. I have blogs I visit everyday and those in my feed that pop up with a post that interests me. I wish I had more commentors but some posts get me a ton of comments and interest and I can’t always figure out why. People are hard to work out sometimes lol. It’s not easy keeping up with it all that’s for sure.

  26. Starr, I hope you find a routine soon! If not, remember it’s YOUR blog and it’s not worth stressing about. It’s not like a real job 😉

    Ashley, YES! EXACTLY!

    Melissa, I don’t consider it spamming when you link to your blog. It’s like it’s just part of your signature. As long as you don’t say “Go read this certain post” or something. It does make it easier to click over and visit and I think those that do that may get a few more comments back. And I wish I was as organized as you!

    Lori Strongin, You are a fairly familiar face around my blog so I’d say you’re a decent commenter 😉 But I’m shocked you fit in ANY commenting being THAT busy!

    Definitely not enough time to comment on EVERY review! I have those I visit only once or twice a week and I tend to scroll through and just pick out those that interest me the most to comment on.

    Yep, I’m getting the comments now! I’ll check out your post here in just a moment.

    You’re definitely a familiar face around here and I try to make sure I stop by your blog as often as possible. You are an amazing commenter!
    I also link on twitter whenever I get on the computer but I’m always afraid to tweet TOO much. I don’t want to get spammy. But I do think it helps. Sometimes it’s quite obvious when the comments suddenly start flowing in right after that.

    Well, you probably comment on my blog more because we’re friends, but I agree that reading is more important. I think it’s all about finding a balance and since I don’t work it’s probably easier for me.
    I read blogs on my phone sometimes and it’s a pain to comment (like you know) so I tend to say I’ll go back, but then forget :(

    THANK YOU! It is SO hard to remember that people DO read my blog who don’t ALWAYS comment. And hearing my reviews ARE enjoyed boosts my self esteem a bunch! THANK YOU!

    Your comment got me thinking and those that only say “Great review” are the ones I”ll put off visiting until after I’ve read the better comments. I like hearing “great review” but I don’t know if I really believe it unless they say why they think it’s a great review, etc. Sometimes there’s just not much to say though so I guess I’m just happy to get a comment even if it doesn’t say much at all. Just knowing someone stopped by and took the time to comment is nice.

    You’re a teacher! It shocks me that you manage to fit in reading and blogging and commenting at all! And you are a regular around here since school started so I assume you’ve found a routine of some sort. But yes, it’s discouraging not getting many comments on reviews we take such a long time perfecting. I’ve actually found lately my reviews have often been shorter. Some are longer, but not all. It wasn’t on purpose, but I thought it would be a way to see if I get more comments from shorter reviews. The jury’s still out cause I think it’s hard to judge since it mostly depends on the book. Those new releases that came out recently tend to get more comments. I have noticed that!

    I try to answer in my comments but because I try to only get on the computer a few times a day for a short period of time I find myself really having a hard time doing that. I do like to answer through email if people have it so that they allow that. I figure most don’t come back to read an answer anyway so I’d rather use my time visiting their blog. If they ask a specific question I do come and answer them in the comments though.

  27. I try and comment back on all the people that visit my site and leave real comments, and then I have my regular blogs where I read daily and comment on. Now I have also been trying to visit a few new blogs a week and leave some comments. I have actually found some pretty cool blogs that way. But you are right, it is so hard to comment on all the blogs that you follow and read. It would just take up too much time.

  28. First of all, yes, I do have certain blogs I will visit everyday. I only comment on them though, if I have something useful to say. I sort get the just that most bloggers prefer meaningful comments. So something generic like “great review”, isn’t very gratifying.

    Next, I generally visit and comment on blogs were the blogger takes the time to comment back, in the same post on their site. When I feel like the blogger is trying to reach out and have a conversation, with me, this makes me want to return and comment on the next post.

    Finally, I will visit blogs and read reviews which interest me. If I haven’t read the book yet, I may not defer my comments until a later date.

  29. Michelle,
    Yeah, I’ve been working on reading more ‘other’ blogs more often. Tends to be hard to fit in. Like you said.

    Most people don’t go back and check to see if there’s an answer in the comments, or a comment back, whatever. I know I can’t seem to get on the computer to answer back and figure it’s better use of my time to just visit the other blog when I DO get on. I do reply by email though if I have something to say back if they have it set so that I can. And if it’s a discussion post like this I do reply in my comments. But otherwise I’ve discovered it’s a waste of my time because that person doesn’t see it.

  30. I think I just comment first on the blogs that I always look at every week. These blogs are the ones where I feel the blogger reads things similar to me and I can actually chat with them. Sometimes if I find myself commenting a lot on a certain blog and I never hear anything from them I generally stop commenting on their blog as much.

    Idk between four upper division health classes, 30 hours of work, running my own blog, reading, and spending time with my family and boyfriend I don’t have a ton of time to comment, I wish I had more.

  31. School takes up a lot of my time and now it’s even worse because I have the SATs and college and stuff to worry about so now I actually don’t get to comment as much as I want to. I have a separate folder on my Good reader feeds with blogs that I check every single day (your blog being one of them) and while I read the posts, I just don’t have the time to comment on as many blogs as possible. I know what it’s like to get discouraged when you write a review and then no one comments on them. This is why I read reviews of books and if a certain blogger’s review catches my attention and I get the book, I mention that reviewer in my review. The fall is usually a bad time because school comes in at a vengeance and all our teachers load us with work and we’re not used to getting up so early.

    AND if I do have time to comment, I like commenting on blogs that don’t have word verification. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY (some blogs are exception since I love them so much). I actually approve all the comments on blog so that I don’t miss a single comment. I also find it easier to reply back to the person!

  32. For me, commenting is so, so difficult. I’m lucky if I can get my own posts up, which means I barely ever visit other blogs. Right now, I mostly visit my favorite blogs that have a reviewing style that I like and review books that I’d read. I have a handful of blogs that I visit like once or twice a week and read all the posts I’ve missed. And I usually return comments from bloggers who regularly visit my blog. I haven’t had a chance to check out my dashboard or reader lately, so all the other blogs I may comment on usually come from links on Twitter.

  33. Alexa,
    I think I tend to stop commenting on blogs that don’t EVER comment back as well. It’s not really a conscience thing, I don’t really do that on purpose, but I notice when I feel like they don’t really care if I comment or not. It’s that way with some of the HUGE blogs. Obviously they can’t comment back to everyone but some certain bloggers don’t even try.

    I HATE Word Verification and I actually tend to stop commenting on those blogs. Until recently (this last week) I had the slowest internet EVER and taking the time to wait for the page to reload just wasn’t in my schedule. Now my internet is faster but I still don’t have patience for it. I want to visit as many as I can and that Word Verification really slows it down.

    Well, you comment on pretty much all my posts here and are probably my top commenter. I mean, you even read my children book reviews and those hardly get any comments! (Thought they do get views, I just people just don’t have anything to say, which is fine.) But once you’re at your job awhile I’m sure you’ll find a routine. We all have busy times of the year and right now is a busy time for lots of people and that’s why comments are down. We just have to deal with it and carry on and in a few months I’m sure it’ll pick up again.

  34. I’m not a blogger, but I do visit a lot of blogs. Yours being one of my favorites! With school going on and with work I do find myself super busy so my time for comments is super tiny. I admit that I “visit” blogs through email only right now. It recently dawned on me by word of another blogger how important quality comments were on posts. I’m trying to be better because I want my faves to know how much I appreciate them (you being the top!). And what does motivate me to comment is when the blogger responds to my comment, I know its selfish but there it is.

  35. Tina,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment today because it’s nice to get an idea of how it is, especially for non bloggers just because we tend to forget that people read our blogs who don’t blog. And so it obviously doesn’t work to go comment back on YOUR blog when you don’t have one. So it’s good to know that it DOES matter to you to get a comment back on the post you comment on. See, it just seems like so much of the time no one ever returns to see the comment so I figured it was a waste, but now two of you (at least) have said it does matter, so maybe I’ll try harder to do that. It may take longer to reply since I often don’t get on the computer most of the day, but in the evening I should be able to manage.
    Thanks for your input!
    Oh, and I read a few blogs in my email too. I know it’s bad, but they are blogs who NEVER visit me even if I comment on every single post. For some reason I do like their posts so I’ve just fell into the habit of reading them in my email.
    Thanks for the compliment too! I’m so glad I’m one of your favorites!

  36. With the start of school, my commenting has definitely sucked. There are definitely blogs that I always tend to visit (those are the ones on my blogroll) and leave comments for, but now what I usually end up doing is commenting every 2 or 3 days for a bunch of posts together. Then I also like to leave comments for those who’ve tried to leave comments on my blog and finally, if I have time, I leave comments on posts that I find interesting.

  37. Yikes, when you figure this all out I would love to hear it from ya. I spend at least an hour trying to comment and several hours reading the blogs I follow.

    I have noticed that the blogs I follow that have the most comments are the ones that do a comment contest every month. I am not into it so its not an option for me.

    Maybe I will figure it out – but until then I will keep commenting as much as I can and hope that people repay the favor.

    PS do you reply to every comment? Do you find you get more interaction that way? I noticed that the people I respond to comment more.

  38. Jennifer,
    I don’t reply to every comment, but I do like to reply by email. Unfortunately most have it set so you can’t.
    It’s just proven difficult to get online all the time to reply and I can reply by email without getting on the computer. I do plan to work harder at replying to comments though since some seem to like that.

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