Seven Realms Week- a piece of the puzzle for the amazing Giveaway!

A few weeks ago I read The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima and was blown away!  I LOVED it!  I’m a big fan of fantasy but it seems like I rarely ever fit it in.  This book reminded me how much I love high fantasy and since then I’ve been trying to read more.  I’m now reading the second book, The Exiled Queen, and it pulled me in immediately.  I was planning to review it today but I haven’t been able to fit in the reading time I need to finish!  And I’m so close! It’s extremely good though, I can tell you that.  
When Emily from Emily’s Reading Room said she was hosting a Seven Realms week I said I was in.  I’ll do my part to tell the world they MUST read this series!    

As part of Seven Realms week Emily is having puzzle pieces posted & different blogs will be posting their reviews of The Gray Wolf Throne, and their love of The Seven Realms. Each blog will have a different puzzle piece. Put the pieces together, and you’ll get the secret word. Once you’ve discovered the secret word, email it to with the subject SEVEN REALMS WEEK. If you guess correctly, you’ll be entered to win. *info taken from Emily’s blog*

 There are other giveaways as well. Go to Emily’s post HERE to find out more and to grab the images to use as icons on twitter, facebook or wherever.  And remember to tweet #sevenrealms cause that gets you extra entries into the contests.  I can tell you this, there will be TWO sets of the three books given away. SIGNED.   Pretty awesome!  So make sure you check out her post for all the details.  Oh, and WAIT!  You need to see the puzzle piece!  Okay, so here it is!  Good luck to everyone! (And huge Thank You to Emily for arranging it!)

Here is the schedule of puzzle piece posts:

Tuesday, September 13Donna at Bites
Wednesday, September 14Reading TeenEmily’s Reading Room (watch for my review of The Gray Wolf Throne!)
Thursday, September 15One Librarian’s Book Reviews
Friday, September 16: ME!

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