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In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren and is where we share the books we got through the week.  
I’ve been on a book buying ban (three weeks of not buying anything!) but then I got the email for the last three days of Borders being open so I HAD to go.  And I went crazy!  But I only spent about $30, and got loads of books.  So totally worth it!
Sorry about my little dude making noises.  He’s ‘drilling’ the chair.  I was kind of ignoring it, but it’s a bit annoying.
Blade of Fire (The Icemark Chronicles) by Stuart Hill
Sati by Christopher Pike
Passing Strange (Generation Dead #3) by Daniel Waters
Stork by Wendy Delsol
The Book of Spells (a Private prequel) by Kate Brian
The Curse of the Wendigo (The Monstrumologist #2) by Rick Yancey
The Fifth of March by Ann Rinaldi
Knight of Darkness (Lords of Avalon #2) by Kinley MacGregor
The Spirit Rebellion (The Legend of Eli Monpress #2) by Rachel Aaron
The Spirit Eater (The Legend of Eli Monpress #3) by Rachel Aaron
Feast (Harvest of Dreams #1) by Merrie Destefano
Haunted by Your Touch by Jeaniene Frost, Shayla Black and Sharie Kohler
The Awakening (The Ghost Huntress #1) by Marley Gibson
Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore by Stella Duffy
Thanks goes to Penguin for the review book.  
What was in your mailbox?  Link me in the comments!
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  1. oh god! book heaven!! so many books!!! :/ if I spend $30 here it’ll be just in 3 books!! T_T
    BUT can you please tell me, when you read it, if the ghost huntress books are any good? they’re at my local bookstore…but I’m weary of buying them.

  2. You got some awesum stuff! New follower :)
    I LOVE LOVE the Private series by Kate Brian. I have that prequel too but havent read it yet. My TBR list is sooo long 😛
    I wish I could just read and read until I am caught up because a lot of gr8 books are coming out.

    Come say HI when u get a chance :)

    Books and Beyond

  3. Wow! You got some pretty nice books at Borders considering that it was the last 3 days. I didn’t find much when I went yesterday, =( Ah well. =P I have enough already!!! Enjoy. =)

  4. I read the book of spells by kate brian and it was a pretty good book. The ghost huntress series is a great series to get into. And you’re Icemark Chronicles looks awesome! Hey Candace, I have both one and two of the Generation Dead series if you want to borrow the one you don’t have. Great IMM post!

    Livin’ Life Through Books

  5. I’m joining you on your book buying ban!! I cannot spend more money on books. But I had a good time grabbing tons of books at Borders and I bet you did too. It’s nearly impossible to pass up really good book deals, so I understand you grabbing a bunch. Great books too!

    *I literally laughed out loud when you showed the Theodora cover and attempted to censor the bum with your finger.

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