YA Author Extravaganza signing recap (Part 1)

Hi guys!  So many of you know that I went up to Seattle for a book signing last weekend.  This here is my recap, part one.  I have lots of pictures and videos so as I’m uploading the videos I figured I’d start with the regular pictures and tell you about the signing.  Part 2 will be video of the whole thing!  Well, the parts where they are talking and answering questions.

The authors featured were:
Eileen Cook

Mandy Hubbard (aka Amanda Grace):

Lisa Schroeder:

Cat Patrick:

Suzanne Young:

Kimberly Derting:

I got to the signing early and ran into Suzanne Young and Sarah, a blogger from Seattle who blogs at Sarah’s Random Musings.  I hung out with her and we grabbed the front row seats right smack dab in the middle!  The best seats in the house!  
The authors arrived and I went up and introduced myself to each one I didn’t know yet and said hello to those I did know.  I hate when I don’t introduce myself right away (you know, when your able) because then I feel awkward doing it later.  They all knew I was going, so I just told them who I was and they remembered me!  And they were all super nice.  
I already knew Lisa, Suzanne and Kimberly.  I’ve seen them at signings many many times.

Here are some pictures of them before it started:
From left to right:
Eileen Cook, Mandy Hubbard, Lisa Schroeder
And the other side of the table:
Lisa Schroeder (side of her head), Cat Patrick, Suzanne Young (Suzanne is probably going to be mad about this picture, but hey, she’s far enough away that her expression doesn’t matter 😉 and Kimberly Derting (signing some CD’s they gave away, and no- I didn’t get one :( 

The pictures of Kimberly turned out blurry.  I was clicking pictures while video taping so I wasn’t able to pay close attention.  So sorry! 

After the introductions and questions they signed books and while they did that I found Holly Cupala and gave her a huge hug because I LOVED Tell Me a Secret!  

She gave me a cool magnet and then introduced me to a bunch more authors!  
Those authors were:
Liz Gallagher


Heather Davis

and Stasia Ward Kehoe whose book Audition comes out in October (it sounds SO good!)

I hope I didn’t miss any authors here that I met… I think that was all of them.  
I chatted with Liz quite awhile and then later I chatted with Holly and Stasia for quite awhile.  And I got Stasia’s first autograph!  She was really excited to give it (it was the first time she was asked, so of COURSE it’s a big deal!).  Here’s a picture of us together with my bag she signed.

And here’s Holly and I (the lighting makes my head all shiny, ugh). But it’s Holly!  Squee!

It was an amazing time and I was so glad I got to go.  Definitely a weekend I won’t soon forget!

Stay tuned for the video that will go up in the next couple days (it’s taking FOREVER to load!).  And I’ll do a swag giveaway then as well.
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  1. Ooo, exciting!!! I’ve never been to an author signing before! You are so lucky to have been able to meet all those authors 😀

    Hope you had an AWESOME time (which I’m sure you did)!

  2. Geez! You met so many fantastic authors. I would be overwhelmed. I adore Holly Cupala so that is so cool that you got to give her a hug. Sounds like you had a great time. =)

  3. Jealous! I’m considering moving across the country to Seattle, if only to go to awesome signings like this one.

    It looks and sounds like you had a blast and it’s awesome that you were able to meet and chat with so many authors.

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