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Last week I went to a signing for Suzanne Young and her book A Need So Beautiful.  I read the book ages ago, and even bought my copy last month, but I hauled it in to be signed along with a whole bag of books for other people who also wanted a signed copy.

I had to bring my kids and that wasn’t anything new, but yet a major downer.  I was planning to get video of the event, and did get a tiny bit, but I had to keep shushing my kids who decided to freak out for water right in the middle.

It was a lot of fun and Suzanne did an awesome job chatting with the audience.  She was her usual very funny self!  And she picked out a good part to read that gave everyone an idea of the book but without any spoilers.

She answered some questions but it’s been a full week since the event now and I had a hard time paying attention because of the kids so I can’t even remember what the questions were!  For those who don’t already know A Want So Wicked is the next book and comes out next year.  The cover should be released soon (for everyone to see). 

There was a good turnout.  I know all the chairs were full and I think a few were even standing.  And there were pretty balloons, and Suzanne brought chocolate (I’m pretty sure my kids ate half of it…) and it was all a lot of fun.  Lisa Schroeder was there and signed The Day Before for me (and I had a huge stack of other peoples for her to sign as well 😉 and Colleen Houck was there.  I hadn’t met her before so that was my first time.  And Inara Scott was there as well.  I brought her my copy of The Near Witch to borrow since I knew she was dying for it.  I think there were other authors that I’m not thinking of too…

I chatted with the authors and I met some local bloggers like Vy at Vy’s Blog,  and Jennifer at Little Shelf.  There were some others there but I didn’t really get to chat with them.  And I got a card for another blogger but then promptly lost it.  Seriously, I am a mess with my kids.  I can’t focus on anything!  Luckily I did chat quite awhile with Lisa, Inara and Colleen while waiting for the line to go down.  The kids played semi nicely when they didn’t have to be completely quiet.

Overall it was a great time but I’m looking forward to the end of the month when I’m going to a signing in the Seattle area for 6 different young adult authors.  Suzanne and Lisa are among them!

Here’s a short snippet of a video.  I apologize that it cuts out abruptly.  My baby was yelling for water.

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  1. I went as well, my friend and I got lost, I hate the book store it was at we can never find the dang thing. It’s also like half an hour away from my city. LOL
    By the time we got there, there were only like 5 people left so sad! I went because it was a local author for me and I love that.

  2. Moirae,
    I live in Vancouver, so it’s 45 minute drive for me, but I try to make it to most all the local author signings.
    If there were like 5 people left then I was probably there! I think I was the last person in line. Or maybe one other person went after me.
    Sorry you got lost and were late!

  3. It was lovely to meet you at the signing! I can’t believe I didn’t know your blog existed, you have a ton of followers!

    I will join the heard of followers :)


  4. Suzanne sounds like such a sweetie! I’m happy you were able to make it to the signing, even if you had to bring the kiddos along. I still need to read A Need So Beautiful, but I will soon. I promise! I’m such a slacker sometimes though. I swear, if it’s not a book for review, then it will sit on my shelf for MONTHS and I wish they didn’t because I buy and buy and buy, but can never read them.

    Anyway, glad you had fun and could chat with some of the authors you’ve gotten to know! And even though the video is short, it sure makes the bookstore look cute :)

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