Once Upon a Readathon Challenge- Book Recommendation

Okay, so Ashley at Books From Bleh to Basically Amazing has a challenge for the Readathon where you recommend books to her.  Now this is easy cause I LOVE giving recommendations, and I love getting them.  

The first part is to recommend ANY book.  So I’m actually doing this keeping Ashley and her taste of books in mind.  But this is one of my most favorite books ever and is one that I haven’t seen around much.  It’s Household Gods by Judith Tarr and Harry Turtledove.  This is an adult book.
Household GodsHousehold Gods is about a modern woman who travels back in time to second century Rome.  But she doesn’t travel back the conventional way, no- she’s transported straight into someone elses body.  So she has to become that person without everyone thinking she’s crazy.  It’s been years since I read the book but it’s stuck with me quite vividly.  Many things I can still picture clearly in my head.  I loved that we were in a modern womans head but in a second century Rome setting.  We were discovering things as she did.  And I know I was just as horrified as her with things.  This book is one I can recommend over and over over but it still seems like hardly anyone has read it!  You MUST!  It has so many amazing things and you really discover the horrible things they had to live through back them and appreciate what we have now, but we also realize how other things were much more simple.   People who enjoy historical fiction (like I know Ashley does!) and time travel should love this book.  I don’t recall lengthy explanations or wordy descriptions, but it is one of the books I remember the most clearly in my head even years later.  I think it’s time for a reread!

Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of NatureSecond part of the challenge is to talk about your favorite book of the readathon.  There’s still several hours left to read but I’m fairly certain I won’t get another book completed so I think it’s safe to say that Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature by Robin Brande is hands down the best one I read during the Readathon.  It was funny, serious and got me riled.  I loved the characters, I loved how much they grew and opened up their mind to new things.  Mostly Mena, though.  I was appalled that her church actually threw her out when anyone with any morals should have known she did the right thing.  Now in order to find out what she did to get thrown out you have to read the book and I kept those pages turning wondering about it.  It had the sweetest romance ever!  Casey was a total geek and I LOVED how he was so determined to get her to watch Lord of the Rings. Anyway, this book ended up being just great and I totally recommend it!  You’ll giggle, you’ll get furious and itch to punch someone, you’ll daydream about the cute boy, and you’ll say awwww, cause there are adorable puppies!

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