In My Mailbox (68)

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren and is where we share the books we got through the week.  It was another busy week for me as books I ordered with gift cards weeks ago finally came!

For Review:
ebook- Tris and Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison (my ereader broke so I’m not sure how I’m going to read this now…)
The Siren’s Cry by Jennifer Anne Kogler
Possess by Gretchen Mcneil
Fins Are Forever by Tera Lynn Childs

From Paperbackswap:

Some of it with a birthday gift card from Lori at Pure Imagination (Thank you Lori!)
Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John
Hacking Harvard by Robin Wasserman
Ten Miles Past Normal by Frances O’Roark Dowell
Take Me There by Susane Colasanti
When It Happens by Susane Colasanti
Tangled by Carolyn Mackler

Thanks goes to HarperTeen, NetGalley, Lori and Briana at The Book Pixie.  Thank you guys!

What was in your mailbox?
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  1. You have a great bunch of books there! My favorites that you have are the Disreputable History and Take Me There. They were both marvelous. Happy reading!

  2. Oooh! Five Flavors of Dumb was REALLY good and I absolutely LOVED Frankie Landau-Banks!! Seriously one of my favorites! SO funny and Frankie has got to be one of my favorite characters of ALL TIME! Can’t wait to see what you think of them!

  3. Jealous of Tris & Izzie and Possess! lol. So awesome about getting those books signed. I loved Seth Baumgarnter’s Love Manifesto and hope you do too! So glad to see you got your books from me! Enjoy everything girl! 😀


  4. Wow, look at all those books! I’m with you about lighter reads though. I’ve been reading a lot of heavier books lately and all I want is lighter, happier books. It’s summertime and I want to smile, not feel depressed, when I close a book.

    I hope you’re loving Seth Baumgartner though!! I may just reread that since I loved it so much the first time around. Or maybe I’ll read a Susane Colasanti book, since I’ve never read one either, but I own a few.

    Sorry to hear about your Kobo too. That sucks! I have a Nook and love it, so if you’re looking for a new ereader, I’d say a Nook is the way to go. And they have that new one with the touch screen that’s pretty much the same price and has the same battery life as a Kindle.

    One more thing: YAY for more book shelf space! Even if it is a flower cart, it looks good :)

  5. Great Haul Candace!! That should keep you busy for awhile! I read So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti. I was expecting it to be for an older YA reader but it’s definitely a young YA book. I don’t know about the books you have. I read it awhile ago and still haven’t written my review. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing now. My husband gave me time off from unpacking to catch up on reviews.


  6. I noticed the books you got from Paperback Swap and I checked it out and Looooove that site! Thank you very much for mentioning it in your post, I just joined and used you as a ref :) Oh and I already ordered 2 great books thanks :)

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