I’m going on a mini vacation! To a book signing!

Tomorrow morning (Saturday) I’m taking off with my two kids and heading north to Seattle.  We’re going to spend the weekend with my aunt that lives up there and do all kinds of fun things like go to a water park, a farm (that has rides!) and to a book signing on Sunday!  This is the year for mini vacations because it looks like we aren’t going to take any big vacations (we’re too broke for a real one). So I figure I’ll take what I can get!  Seattle is only about 3 hours (or a bit less) away but my aunt lives out in the boonies so that makes it  bit further.  We’re going to settle for doing things outside the city this time because last time we visited we spent a lot of time downtown (aquarium, waterfront, etc).  And as always my aunt came up with all sorts of fun things to do.  She actually lives in the upstairs of a barn in the country.  It’s a brand new (well, it was a couple years ago 😉 apartment and is really nice, but it’s cool cause horses are stabled below.  And there’s beautiful woods all around.  She’s sort of the caretaker for the place because the owners leave for the summer.  

Anyway, the signing on Sunday- the real news!  It’s at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.  
The authors signing are my local authors- Lisa Schroeder and Suzanne Young and some authors further north; Kimberly Derting, Cat Patrick, Mandy Hubbard and Eileen Cook.  I haven’t met Cat, Mandy or Eileen and Mandy is the only one whose books I haven’t read!  I also heard that some other local authors will be at the signing so fingers crossed I get to meet them as well!  I’ll have my bag along so hopefully everyone can sign it.  Also my aunt said she’ll watch the kids so that would mean I could actually listen to them!  Woo hoo!  Of course if my baby isn’t up for that then it’s possible I’ll have to keep him with me.  
Anyway, I’m super excited and it should be loads of fun!  All my regular posts will be scheduled ahead of time so you won’t know I’m not here, other then all my tweets squeeing about stuff.  And I’ll be doing my comment love on Monday or Tuesday.
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and if you’re going, be sure to look me up!
I’ll be carrying this bag:

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  1. Sounds like fun Candace!! Haven’t met those authors, would love to meet Kimberly since I’ve only read her books from that list!

    Have a blast!

  2. You are so lucky!!! I’m dying to read Ripple and I would LOVE to meet Cat Patrick to get my copy of Forgotten signed. But alas, I have no money and can’t get to Seattle.
    But I got to meet Suzanne at the Portland signing, post lots of pictures and have fun!!!

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