Book Buying Ban, and my ereader broke!

So… things have been tight around here lately.  No more overtime for my hubby, I haven’t been working hardly at all and we got health and dental insurance.  So we have to adjust our money situation a bit.  First thing to go is the book buying.  I have books coming out my ears, so it really only makes sense.  

The exceptions- 
In order for it to be successful I have to have exceptions because I know better then to expect myself to buy NO books.  
I go to lots of book signings.  So I’m going to allow myself to buy books at them.  However, they must be books for the authors signing and I must keep it limited.  For example, I’m going to a signing the end of July with like six authors.  Several of them I have books for already but one or two I don’t.  So I’ll buy one or two books at the signing.   I will also try to limit the signings I go to.  It not only costs money to buy the books, but the gas to get there is a bit spendy.
Another exception along the same lines is that when my friends go to signings I can buy books.  But once again, I have to limit it.  I have to be careful with this one, it’s so easy to go crazy when an author you love is having a signing and a friend is going.  I tend to want all their books!  

Also, I am allowed to use the 40% off coupons.  I get these from Borders once in awhile (once a month?) and this can be used to get the books I HAVE to have.  Like from series that I’m caught up with and dying for the next one.  

I will have to keep myself out of the book sections, away from clearance racks and as far from bookstores as possible.  I should also get rid of my amazon app on my phone… Maybe I’ll spend more time at the library.  I just love books so much that I want to be around them all the time!  When I get me time I tend to go to bookstores.  So… hello library!

My ereader broke!
Okay, the next business at hand.  My kobo broke!  I’m in a conundrum about this.  I didn’t love reading on it. I much prefer a real book.  My review books on it tend to be pushed aside unless they were ones I was DYING to read.  But now that I don’t have it I feel lost!  All of a sudden there are all these books on NetGalley and Galley Grab that I’m DYING to read and I can’t (like The Iron Knight, Vanish and Tris and Izzie)!  I tell myself that this is my chance to play catch up.  To read the books I have, to get through my TBR piles.  But I still feel a little sad.  
So I’m planning ways to save the money to get a new one (ereader- not sure what kind).  Being on a book buying ban will help.  When I’m good I’ll hide money away for it.  $10 here and there will eventually add up. 

I thought maybe telling the world I’m going on a book buying ban will help me stick to it (it did before) and talking about not having an ereader anymore will make me feel a bit better.   If I do buy a new one what kind do you suggest?  I was leaning toward a Nook.  They have a touchscreen now and I know a few people who love theirs.  However LOTS have kindles and love them.  Plus I love the gelskins you can get for them.  I might be more likely to read on it if it has a pretty gelskin.  BUT- I just use it for review books and you can’t get galley grab books on it and I know for awhile netgalley didn’t have a kindle button.  Yeah, I’m definitely leaning toward the Nook.  But can I put Galley Grab books on it?  Is there a different ereader I should consider?  Maybe I’ll stop by Borders and see if there’s a discount or something since my kobo broke… They have much more updated ones that I might like better then my old one.

I heard the news about Borders after I wrote this up.  I’m very sad about it.  That’s the closest bookstore to me.  Luckily there’s a Barnes & Noble not far from me.

I’ve decided a kindle definitely won’t work for me.  I use the ereader FOR review books and since you can’t even get Galley Grab books on it it’s kind of stupid to even think about going that route.  I’m thinking a Nook Color because the whole family can enjoy it and the kids can ‘read’ their books on trips.  I’m considering the ipad as well but the size is what worries me.  Would still be nice to have for other things, but reading on?  I’m not sure.  Also they are more expensive.  But I’m going to start saving and we’ll see.  

Because so many are asking about my library I’ll throw that in here too.  I have a fantastic library.  They’ve had every book I’ve wanted within the system (which is several libraries) as long as I request before hand it will be at the library I choose.  The waiting list for the ‘good’ books is generally long though :(  They do interlibrary loans for free but I’ve only had to do that once before.  They have most all books in their system already.  I’m not new to the library in any way.  It was the main source of my books until about a year ago.  
I actually have enough books to keep me busy for a year or more.  It’s just the new books that come out and the series I already own that I would like to keep owning that I want to buy.  
I also borrow from my blog friends and get some of the new releases, and even ARC’s, that way.  So getting books isn’t hard.  It’s just that I LOVE buying them, owning them, having them for ME!  
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  1. We do! We have a fantastic library (though the parking is a bit short on spots). It has a great kids section (VERY important) and a somewhat decent YA section. It has a great atmosphere though and that’s really what’s important if I’m going to go just to hang out and ‘be’ with the books.
    One of the teen librarians (she works in the teen section, she’s not a teen) is really awesome (and reads my blog, so that, of course, makes her even more awesome 😉 and I look forward to many more chats with her and the other awesome librarians there.

  2. Not all ebooks from Net galley books can go on a Kindle, but they can do on Nooks. I don’t know about galley gab for kindle

    Yeah for book bans, and understand why you put it out there for all to see.

  3. Galley Grab can’t go on kindle which is why I bit the bullet and got the nook.

    The Nook Color would be a great investment for you Candace! If you could save up to that point it has the kids books in vivid color and a lot of the children’s books “read to me” feature is full audio book version, not the computer automoton voice. It’s real people reading in vivid voices, very nice!

    All galley grab and netgalley books will go on the Nook Color as well!

    (I still love my kindle best for JUST ME reading, but for galleys and family Nook Color all the way)

    One downside of Nook Color is the backlight NEVER goes off and it gives me a headache, you can only dim it, unless someone else knows a way to change this!

  4. Good luck on the book ban — always a challenge for me. But I think your exceptions are more than reasonable. Can’t pass up a good discount!

    I agree about the ereader. I’m pretty much caught up with reviews of my physical books but so very far behind with both reading and reviewing on my Kindle! I just don’t enjoy the experience as much, even when it’s a book I really, really want to read. Strange.

    Good luck!

  5. The new Nook and new Kobo are practically identical. I did a ton of research on them, trying to decide which one to get. Maybe hit up your local B&N and Borders and compare in person? The ereader people are really friendly! (And, in my Borders, the guy was totally not getting paid commission, as he didn’t push the $300 Sony on me.)
    A little note: If you want internet, currently the Nook has a buggy connection. (They might have fixed it.)

  6. Oh Candace! Good luck with the book buying ban! I couldn’t handle it.

    If you don’t mind a used ereader, you can get some on ebay that are in good condition. I got my sony pocket (works well enough for me) for $50 instead of $150 or however much they are now.

  7. Normally libraries will even ship the book from one of the other libraries in the county to the one you live close to if you put a hold on the book. I do this a lot lately ever since I started my book buying ban.

    Good luck!

  8. Hey Candace! I’m sure you’ve probably heard by now but your book buying ban may have just gotten easier! Sadly Borders has decided to close the remainder of their stores. I’m devestated as I had just gotten back on the Borders bandwagon a year or so ago and now LOVE them!!

    As far as ereaders go, I have a WiFi Nook (the one that has the touchscreen at the bottom) and I enjoy it greatly. I like being able to turn the page with a swipe of my finger across the touchscreen and not having to click a button. :) I also like that the Nook reads more formats than the Kindle and I can change my own battery in my Nook if it needs replaced versus sending the Kindle in to Amazon for a simple battery repair. Ereaders are as personal as the reading experience though so you’ll have to find what works for you! :)

    With Borders closing they may have their Kobo’s deeply discounted but there may not be any technical support later on down the road. May be something to look into.

    Libraries are a great place to be surronded by books without having to fork out any extra money. I love mine and am finding myself using it more, especially for authors I’m unsure about.

    I wish you success in your book buying ban!

  9. I would definitely go with the Nook! I absolutely love mine. You can read Galley Grab and NetGalley titles very easily and you can also get eBooks from your library with the Nook. Those take up so much of my time, I barely have time to read anything that costs $$. Although I would splurge for a signing or for a fave book that I wanted to keep on my shelves permanently.

  10. I’m a library girl, without a doubt. What with me being a teen book blogger, it’s sort of difficult for me to spend all my allowance on books (though that would be nice). So think of it like I’m pretty much always on a book buying ban. Except on holidays and birthdays. 😉 Yeah, it’s a lucky thing that my library is so well-stocked, otherwise I’d probably die of boredom.

    And I have to say Kindle, mainly because I own a Kindle. I don’t have a Nook or Kobo or any other ereader, and I don’t really know much about them. But well, NetGalley books can go on Kindle (though I’m pretty sure that costs money >_<), and I don’t know about Galley Grab. (No one invited me! *mopes*) But I do like how Kindle has its own wi-fi, and I also sort of like how it’s just black and white text. Too much color is overwhelming … it just makes me think that Nook and all the others are iPad wannabes. :/

    And like Stephanie said, it really is a pity that all of the Borders stores closed now. I’m devastated!

  11. Here is something I do when I want to save for a big purchase from a certain place. When I was going to buy my kindle, whenever I’d get that extra $20 or so bucks to put towards it, I’d put that money in an Amazon gift card form. That way, I wouldn’t be tempted to spend the cash. You just have to make sure there are no expiration dates or anything. It’ll add up quick.

    I love NetGalley, but I’m not getting Galley Grab. I got an invite and logged in, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. I’ll have to look into, I guess.

    I haven’t bought from Boarders in a long time, but it still makes me sad that they’re closing.

  12. Hi Candace,
    I would definitely choose a nook. I have the 1st edition nook and the nookcolor. I you can save up enough say go with the nookcolor. If not the new one that just came out sounds really good also and its cheaper. Nooks all around are awesome and I totally love mine. And plus you get color with it and touch screens. Im very knowledgeable about Nooks. If you have any questions about them don’t hesitate to email me at thebookshelfreview[at]gmail[dot]com or find me at my blog. =]

    Hope you choose the nook. =]

  13. Good luck with your ban! I’ve been on a pretty strict ban for a few years myself, and the library is definitely the way forward. Most summers, if I don’t have 20 books out at a time, I’m just not trying hard enough lol. Also, check and see if they have an inter-library loan program (for free – not quite worth it if you have to pay for it =( ) I get a majority of the really good stuff on interlibrary loan, and then I’m not wandering through the shelves for hours and ending up with way too many – I walk in to the counter, pick up what I wanted and walk straight back out.

    Anyway, good luck with that and let us know how it goes!

  14. Candace – Honestly, I have a Nook, a Kindle, and an iPad and I’d suggest an iPad. Not because of the ‘extras’ but because you can read the books from everyone! I mean I no longer have to wonder if BN is going to have the same sale as Amazon – I just grab the Amazon book – and vise-versa. You can get a pretty nice refurbished wifi one for what you’ll spend on the touchscreen nook – and with the savings you’ll have in books it’s absolutely worth the $$.
    My second choice, though, would be my Nook.
    I’ve heard that Borders may be closing as soon as this week!

  15. I should really be on a book buying ban, my job isn’t the best, but you have to have the books to start a book blog so I’m in a conundrum lol

    As for eReaders, I have saved my money and am buying a Kindle this week. I did a poll on my blog for tablets+app, nook, or kindle and the results were overwhelmingly Kindle. I even had a write in for Sony but I looked at it at Best Buy and wasn’t a fan. I also thought the nook was a little too heavy.

  16. I was strolling around Goodreads when someone offered a solution to the Galley Grab & Kindle issue. Since it works, I’ve decided to stick with my Kindle, as that was my main complaint about it.

    Although everyone has been raging about the new touch-screen Nook. Maybe go to a store and try out both?

  17. I know how you feel about a book buying ban and having to cinch the belt a bit tighter. Hang in there! Sounds like you have a great plan already though.

  18. Nook would be better for you! I love my Kindle and I don’t really mind that I can’t get the GG books. It saves me from getting swamped!
    That stinks about Borders :( It’s great that you have a good library, though. I definitely don’t!

    Good luck!

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