MFT Guest: Interview with Terri Garey

Today I have Terri Garey on the blog for My Favorite Things! 

It’s great to have you as a guest on Candace’s Book Blog,Terri!  You write about some of my favorite things.  Ghosts are fascinating to me.  Maybe that’s because I believe in them.  And I’m a HUGE fan of vintage clothing and I can spend hours upon hours in those shops.  So how did you come up with Nicki Styx and her story?   Was it a small idea that developed as you wrote, or more of a complete story in your head?
I’ve always been drawn to ghost stories, even as a child. The idea for Nicki Styx and DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY was really based on the concept of “be careful what you wish for” because a lot of people (like me), might be drawn to the darker side of things but don’t really want to actually experience it for themselves.  (For example, I LOVE ghost stories, but I don’t want to SEE an actual ghost!)  As far as the vintage clothing stores, I spent a lot of time frequenting antique shops with my mother when she was alive, and was always fascinated thoughts of who might’ve owned some of the items who ended up those stores – what their lives had been like, what their stories were.  I guess it left me with anappreciation of the past that I wanted Nicki to have, too. Theidea for the setting really gelled while I was visiting my sister in Atlanta, and she took me to this funky, artistic business district/neighborhood known as Little Five Points.  It’s an area full of modern-day free expression, in a classic Southern-style setting, a very bohemian blend of old and new.  It was the perfect place to put a Southern goth girl who sees dead people.
Did you know it would be a series when you started writing it?
Honestly, no.  It wasn’t until I actually sold the book to Avon that my editor suggested that there was enough material there to turn it into two books.  DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY was followed by A MATCH MADE IN HELL.  Nicki’s story still wasn’t finished, so Avon asked for two more, and I wrote YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I HAUNT and SILENT NIGHT, HAUNTED NIGHT.

What has been your biggest obstacle to overcome when writing a series?
I really had to think about this question, and I can’t say there WAS an obstacle.  I loved writing these books – I loved the main cast of characters, and I loved creating new ones as I went along.  I could continue writing more Nicki Styx stories for years to come, I think.

I have been realizing more and more that I pick up the books with unique and quirky titles.  Ones that get you saying, what the heck?!  And yours definitely do that!  So how did you decide on your book titles?
Thank you!  I’m probably the opposite of most writers because I usually have my title first, then write the book after.  I was lucky enough with DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY and YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I HAUNT to keep my initial choice of titles and not have to change them, but unfortunately sometimes a publishing house has different ideas. (For instance, A MATCH MADE IN HELL was originally called WHERE THE GHOULSARE, but that title didn’t  make the final cut.)  For SILENT NIGHT, HAUNTED NIGHT, it was released during the Christmas season, and I was asked to come up with a Christmasy title.  Avon asked for some suggestions, and that was the one we went with.

What are some books or authors that you love and find yourself always recommending to others?
I’m a big fan of Anne Rice’s older stuff, but for modern-day vampires I always recommend Jeaniene Frost. For lush historicals, it’s Anna Campbell, and you just can’t go wrong with a classic Georgette Heyer. For contemporary romance, it’s Susan Elizabeth Phillips, for epic fantasy it’s PatrickRothfuss. I read widely across all genres, and if I read something worth recommending, I let people know!

Do you believe in ghosts?  Feel free to share any stories with us 😉
I absolutely believe in ghosts.  When my husband and I were first married, we rented a house in an older part of town.  Myteenage stepdaughter came to me one morning with a wild story about how the bathroom door opened by itself one night, and how she’d seen a man standing in the hallway.  She was so convinced of what she’d seen that I called the realtor and asked her what she knew about the history of the house.  To my surprise, she informed me that someone had been murdered in the house, but she was sketchy on the details.  I immediately went next door to the neighbors, who had lived there for many years, and found out that it had not just been the scene of a murder, but a rather salacious murder/suicide.  A jilted lover (woman) killed her boyfriend, and then herself. (Eeee, still gives me chills.)  I went to the public library and found the actual newspaper clippings and made copies, which I still have.  What REALLY creeped me out is when I read for myself  that the man’s body was found in the hallway right outside the bathroom door, which is exactly where my stepdaughter had seen him!
Long story short, we moved within the month!  

Do you have a favorite Vintage store you shop at?
Sadly, no.  Quality vintage clothing stores are not very popular in my area, but I’ve been known to find some great bargains on the Internet!  I had a little fun creating a “virtual visit” to the world of Nicki Styx’s vintage store, Handbags and Gladrags, on my website, where I linked to a few of my favorite vintage “haunts”!  Take a peek at .

If you could be a paranormal creature what would you pick?
I’d have to go with a fairy or pixie on this one, because I love nature.  I could never be a vampire or a werewolf, simply because blood is icky, and being a ghost would be far too sad.

And last one here, what can we plan on seeing from you in the future?  I see you have a new series coming out.  Can you tell us a bit about it as well?
I do have a new series coming out, and one I’m very excited about! It’s a spin-off of the Nicki Styx series, much darker and more erotic, featuring the recurring character of Sammy (Satan) Divine.  In it, the world’s most diabolical bad boy takes on the job for which he was originally created… that of a guardian angel. Once divine, now cast down, forever blamed for the seduction of Eve and the destruction of Paradise, the angel once known as Samael has his own version of mankind’s fall from grace, believing temptation goes both ways. For centuries he’s made it his business to lurk the shadows, wreaking havoc in the lives of humans.
Having always been fascinated by legends and stories surrounding Satan’s Biblical fall from grace, I’m excited to be able to tell it from a whole new perspective, from the side of the arrogant fallen angel whose lust for the flesh led him to defy his creator. In The Devil’s Bargain series, I’ll get to delve more deeply into Sammy’s world: Where does he go when he’s not tempting or tormenting Nicki Styx? Who (and what) are the creatures that surround him in his kingdom of darkness? 

Even more intriguing, how do they feel when their Dark Prince is the one being tempted? 

I hope you’ll enjoy reading more about Sammy and a host of other interesting characters when the first book in this new series, DEVIL WITHOUT A CAUSE, was released  May 31,2011!  A DEVIL NAMED DESIRE will follow in February 2012.
Thanks so much for joining us for the Favorite Things Event!  I hope that we’ve sparked some interest and you’ll have some new fans!
Thanks so much for having me! You and your readers can find out more about my books by visiting my website at, where I’ve posted excerpts and videos.

Thanks so much to Terri for coming on!  I have to say that I really enjoyed that interview and she seems like such an awesome person!

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  1. What an amazing interview! The one about the actual ghost story scared the crap out of me. Just thought about Insidious (even though it wasn’t about the house), but still. Don’t blame you one bit, I would have left immediately afterward as well. Love your favorite authors, always glad to meet a fellow Frost fan. I recommend the Night Huntress series to lots of people too. I can’t believe you actually think of a name for your book and then write it, I could barely come up with a title for anything :( Thanks so much for this great interview and giveaway.

    Oh by the way, the link to the vintage handbags gave me an error. Got a working link here, part of the address was missing :(

    Thanks again guys :)

    drharleyquinn87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Love this interview, Terri has long been one of my favorite authors, I’m so glad you finally picked them up :)

    I don’t have my copy anymore, so enter me for this one please!

    dukesangel002 AT yahoo DOT com

  3. You have to love Terri Garrey – she will always give you a chuckle and a great story. Thank you for sharing this giveaway opportunity.


  4. Dead Girls Are Easy looks great, but so does Devil Without A Cause…of course that could be the abs talking.

    aliciacald at gmail dot com

  5. Totally awesome! I just bought her first book since I read your review and it totally convinced me to finally give the series a try!


  6. I haven’t had a chance to read her books, but the titles and covers are really interesting!
    I would definitely move if a ghost haunted my house. I feel bad for her stepdaughter, must be really weird.

    lindadao2060 at yahoo dot com

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