MFT Guest: Dear Paranormal Romance by Linda at Most Important Letter

Dear Paranormal Romance,

     Er, hi.
     Have you ever had that nervous feeling where you walk up to a role model of yours — a singer, an author, the president — and you’re suddenly not sure of what you’re going to say?
Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)     No?
     Oh, well, that’s the feeling I’m getting right now.
     Paranormal romance, you have been my best friend since fifth grade when I first cracked open Twilight. (Yeah, I’m that young.) There were two things I didn’t know at that time: (1) that I would think that Twilight turned out to be a paranormal disaster, and (2) that Twilight would start my long friendship with you, Paranormal Romance.
     PNR, you’ve also become a huge part of YA novels. I could list a hundred books — no, a thousand — in which you dominate and whip the other genres into shape.
     PNR, you have also been one of the most unpredictable genres I have ever read. I don’t know what to expect of you. In one book, you’re exactly what I ask for — action-packed, kickass, and unique, like in the Vampire Academy and the Mortal Instruments series; but then more often, you’re wimpy, clichéd — and I just want to throw something at you for being so fickle.
City of Bones (Mortal Instruments)     Sometimes I don’t know what to think of you, PNR. At times, you’re my best friend, but then I get so frustrated at you! You suggest the hottest guys to me (ahem, even though they’re not necessarily human), but then you completely mess up the heroine, who, by the way, just has to be kickass.
      Stop it, Paranormal Romance. You’re better than that.

Your “starstruck” friend,

P.S. I know that you’re pretty competitive, so maybe you’ll start getting better once you realize that Dystopia is nipping at your toes. Just a thought, you know.

Most Important Letter
Most Important Letter

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  1. Haha, I love this guest post. PNR can be soooo good, but then other times it can be soooo cliched. That still hasn’t deterred me from reading it though, but I agree that dystopia is pretty fierce competition right now. Great post!

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