Book Review: Aurelia by Anne Osterlund

Title: Aurelia 
Author: Anne Osterlund
Details: Paperback, 288 pgs.
Published: April 2008 by Puffin
isbn: 0142405795 (ISBN13: 9780142405796)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Source: Purchased


An impressive debut, equal parts commercial appeal and literary prowess.Princess Aurelia is next in line to rule the kingdom of Tyralt, but she would rather be one of the common folk, free to learn and roam and . . . not marry the next tyrannical prince that comes courting. Naturally, the king wants Aurelia to marry for political power. Aurelia wants to marry for love. And someone in the kingdom wants her dead.
Assigned to investigate and protect Aurelia is Robert, the son of the king’s former royal spy and one of Aurelia’s oldest friends. As Aurelia and Robert slowly uncover clues as to who is threatening her, their friendship turns to romance. With everything possible on the line—her life, her kingdom, her heart—Aurelia is forced to take matters into her own hands, no matter the cost.

This was a fantastic historical fantasy that was light on the fantasy.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, if there would be magic, etc.  But no, the only thing fantasy was the world was made up.   But  the story did not disappoint!  It didn’t need magic!  

Aurelia is a headstrong and brave princess who can take care of herself.  She has a good head on her shoulders and cares about her subjects in the kingdom more then her father, the King does.  She tries her best to be a good Princess, but she’s not very Princess’y.  She’s impatient and would rather be out and doing something rather then sitting around talking about it.   She’s been hurt in the past and is very careful with her heart and so is caught off guard by her attraction to Robert.

Robert is wonderful character.  He’s determined to figure out who is out to get Aurelia.  You can tell he really cares about her and I love that he makes sure she knows it.  There’s not jumping into eachothers arms here, but I’m hoping in the next one *maybe* :)

This book wasn’t exactly easy to predict.  There were some things I saw coming, like some of the bad guys.  But they only worked for the bad person who I didn’t predict.  I really don’t want to say more because that will make it too easy for you to figure it out, but things are not all what they seem.

What made me mad (but in a good way cause feeling emotions from books is good!) is what happens at the end.  Not the very end.  But when they figure out who did it, who was responsible for trying to kill Aurelia. What happened, or rather, didn’t happen, was infuriating!  I’m hoping that all that is figured out in future books.

This book was clean.  No cursing, no sex and not really even any violence.  I would say it’s appropriate for the younger readers as well as the older (I know I loved it and I’m an adult!).

I can’t wait to pick up the next book, Exile!

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  1. This is the first I’m hearing of this book. But I love historical fictions, so I will be adding it to my goodreads ASAP. Thanks for the review! I’m always on the lookout for good historical fictions. I feel like so many times they are not nearly as good as the seem to be, so I’m glad you enjoyed this one.

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