My Favorite Things Guest- Bonnie Dee Interview

Today for My Favorite Things we have Bonnie Dee on for an interview.   Her book Like Clockwork is an awesome Steampunk  that “Contains murder, mayhem, espionage, inventions, romance and steam.” *Taken from the description on her Website

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your book, Like Clockwork?

As a kid, I was the designated ghost story teller at slumber parties and wrote stories for my own amusement. I majored in English in college and, like most English majors, imagined writing a book, but at the time, I didn’t have the follow through to put daydream into action. I started writing some fan fiction in 2000 and by 2005 I was ready to write something of my own, which I’ve been doing ever since.

Like Clockwork is my first attempt at steampunk. I love historicals so the blend of history with outlandish inventions is an intriguing concept. The story is about the introduction of clockwork employees (ie. robots) into Victorian society and how that impacts the workers, plus it has a serial killer for added drama.

What are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome when writing?

I’m much better at characterization than plotting. I see the broad idea of a story but when it gets down to actually steering my characters, I still struggle withgetting them from point A to B. Dialogue and character interaction is fun. Inventing a suitably dramatic climax and dark moment is simply hard work.

Did you have to do any type of research for your novel?

I researched the London Underground railway system. I needed to know if there could be abandoned tunnels where the dispossessed in my story could live. Turns out the Underground has been around a lot longer than I expected and that there have been abandoned branches over the years. The idea was possible.

Did you have any say when it came to your book cover?

At Carina, as at all my e-publishers, the author fills out a form and can put in any requests or suggestions for what she’d like to see on the cover. You’re putting your work in safe hands, because the art team at Carina always creates fabulous covers.

What’s your favorite book turned TV/movie adaption?

Off the top of my head, and I’m only saying this because I just saw Kristen Chenowith in Glee, which reminded me of Wicked (in which she played Glinda),I’d say Wicked. I know it’s a stage musical not a show but you have to admit it is better than the book which I couldn’t plow through and abandoned halfway. And it’s on topic because the aesthetic of the Wicked stage set is all clockwork cogs and wheels. Very steampunk in sensibility.

What made you decide to write Steampunk?

Captive BrideI’d been reading about it, without yet having read any and I listened to a steampunk panel at the Romantic Times Convention in 2010. There are wide parameters of what’s included under the steampunk umbrella these days. Possibilities are limitless and I knew I had to give it a try. But I chose not to include any paranormalelements in Like Clockwork. I felt it was enough to explore the idea of how new technology creates issues in a society. 

Names are very important to a story, but not always easy to come up with.  How did you come up with the names of the characters in your story?

Jungle HeatVictoria is my heroine’s name and it came to me simply because the story is set in Victorian times. I gave her the last name “Waters” because the two sounded good together–Victoria Waters. The hero is a street guy, who’s been a thief among other things and he only has a single name–Dash, as in “dash ‘n’ grab”. I have to admit that in general I often just flip through the phone book and pick first and last names for characters.

If you could meet any author, dead or alive, who would you most want to meet?

Stephen King among living authors because he was so important to me during my formative years. Now I don’t read all his works any more but I still greatly admire the way he fleshes out even minor charactersto create acomplex tapestry. He may be about to kill off a person in the next paragraph but he gives you a thumbnail sketch of what that person is about so it means something.

What is your favorite thing to do other then writing?

Glee: The Complete First SeasonDeadwood: The Complete First SeasonWatching TV. I get totally immersed in a series, usually after it’s been on a while or has already been cancelled,which is great because then you can watch several seasons’ worth all in a big gulp. Some of my favorites are the HBO and Showtime period dramas like Deadwood, Rome, Carnivale, The Tudors. But I lovedramas in general–Friday NightLights, Justified, Sons of Anarchy (FX can be counted on for some raw, gritty stuff). But I can as easily get sucked into the lighter, fluffier worlds of shows like Greek or, most recently, Glee. Yes, I’ve finally given Glee a try and gobbled up the first season’s episodes in less than a week. It’s cheesy, silly, sometimes hilarious and sometimes touching.

I like Glee too!  I also like the period dramas but most aren’t children appropriate so I rarely ever get to watch them :(

If you could have a super power what would pick?

Teleportation, if that can be considered a super power. I hate driving to get somewhere, despite what people say about the journey being half the fun. I’d rather just get where I’m going and enjoy it. This way I could see relatives who live far away more often. Plus, I’m about to lose one of my daughters to the wilds of L.A. clear across the country and I’d love to be able to pop in on her for a visit any time.

I agree, Teleportation could be very useful!  My family lives far away and I would love to just pop in and visit them.  

What can we see from you in the future?  Is there anything you can tell us about?

Everything I’m working on at the moment is co-authored. Summer Devon and I are finishing another m/m historical and a het contemporary. I’ve started a new collaboration with another author, a young adult series about teen witches. I also have a solo steampunk novel but it’s been stalled at the climax for some time. I need to return to it, push through the barrier and wrap it up. Maybe this is the month for that.

That’s a lot of projects at one time!  I wish you luck!

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Thanks for stopping by Bonnie!

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  1. I have enjoyed your characters and I agree they are your strong point. I’m with you, too, on the TV series thing. I prefer to watch finished series so I know I’m not going to get stuck waiting… or worse, dropped (i.e. Firefly and Kyle XY).

    mammaklehm at gmail dot com

  2. Another great interview hon. I love the covers, they are just stunning. I am so with Bonnie Dee, when it comes to writing, I know my characters and how they are like, but plotting is a killer. I can’t tell you the amount of books I read where you love the characters, but the plot is…meh and vice versa.

    It is good you know where your strengths lie and that way you can improve on other things. I am still figuring myself out LOL!

    Love your tv choices too. So with Alecia, I too watch shows that were cancelled (some were cancelled while watching). Will never forgive Fox for taking away Firefly and I loved Kyle XY. Cancelled on a big reveal, double blow :(

    Ok big comment over. Thank you guys for the great post :)

    Extra entry:
    Already posted in giveaway here:

  3. Thanks for commenting. Speaking of plotting woes…I’m at stuck at the climax of my latest steampunk story. I keep doing other things and going back, hoping the block will pass but nope, still stuck. And I’m 72K into it so there’s no way I’m abandoning it now. Something will come to me. It always does. Just have to relax and not get bound up over it.
    And speaking of shows cancelled in the middle of a cliffhanger…Did anyone watch The Riches with Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver? Great show, left hanging for perpetuity.

  4. Oh No! Plotting woes! I tend to drop the story when that happens and that would maybe be why I’m not published? I hope you make it through it Bonnie!
    I never watched The Riches, but that is never cool when a show is dropped before a conclusion is found.
    We did watch Kyle XY here but started watching it on netflix without realizing that there wasn’t a real ending :(

  5. all these steampunk books sound so awesome (and not just cuz i’m writing one myself! :P). everyone has such different take on the genre.

    already entered giveaway on mainpost, Appletons pg and Marie Hartes pg!

    info @ caitlinmccoll . ca

  6. I totally agree about the Plotting vs. Characterization!

    I love my characters interacting with each other and listening to who they are as people, but coming up with an original plot, that is interesting, fun, and exciting is really hard for me!

    I’m entering for the 5 book contest as well!

    hense1kk AT cmich DOT edu

  7. First I gotta say that I love the cover for “Like Clockwork”. Second, I was kinda iffy about Glee too until I started watching it and then I couldn’t get enough.

    extra entry for giveaway


  8. The premise sounds really interesting for this! Reading and tv/movies are my fav things to do also :). Game of Thrones and Supernatural are my top watches for now (Vamp Diaries, True Blood up there as well).

    extra entry to win

    pams00 @

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