My Favorite Things Event Schedule- Now it’s the list of winners!

The Giveaways have ended (except for The Pledge by Kimberly Derting, that ends July 10th).  I will post the winners here after each giveaway as they are selected.
I’ve cleaned up the post so now it just list the giveaways and winners from MY blog.

May 23rd on Candace’s Book Blog
Jon S. Lewis Interview and Giveaway of The Relic Hunters US only Winner-#27 shadow_kohler- Contacted

Southwest Sky Jewelry Steampunk Inspired Mini Book Charms Giveaway International Winner- #43 Petaldew- Contacted- replied

May 24th on Candace’s Book Blog
Giveaway of Carina Press Steampunk Books– Like Clockwork, The Mysterious Lady Law, Journeymans Ride, The Alchemy of Desire, Steam and Sorcery Winner- #42 Julie- Contacted- Replied

May 25th on Candace’s Book Blog
Christine Bell Guest post with Giveaway of The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale, mug, romance trading cards and magnet. Winner- #29 Fadedrainbows- Contacted- Replied

May 27th on Candace’s Book Blog
Why I love Steampunk and Corset’s and Clockwork Giveaway Winner- #41 Lilah- Contacted- replied
M.K. Hobson Interview and Giveaway of The Hidden Goddess and a hand made item of Steampunk goodness! Winner #2 Susiebookworm- Contacted- replied

Paranormal/ Urban Fantasy/ Fantasy/ Horror/ Sci Fi
May 30th on Candace’s Book Blog
Blog Tour: Josephine Angelini Interview and Giveaway of Starcrossed Kindle 3 Gel Skin and piece of letter to enter to win a Kindle 3 prize package. This Giveaway has ended. Winner of Gel Skin- Angela

May 31st on Candace’s Book Blog
Aimee Carter Interview and Giveaway of The Goddess Test Winner #12 Maidenveil- Contacted- Replied
Lisa Shearin Interview and Giveaway of the Raine Benares books and swag Winner- #54 Meredith- contacted- replied

June 1st on Candace’s Book Blog
A.S. King Character interview with characters from The Dust of 100 Dogs, secret scene reveal (what happened after,  )  and Giveaway of The Dust of 100 Dogs Winner- #21- Krystal- contacted- replied

June 2nd on Candace’s Book Blog
Kim Harrington Interview and Giveaway of Clarity (INT) Winner – #82 EVA SB- Contacted- Replied
Eilis O’Neal Interview and Giveaway The False Princess Winner- #17 Lieder Madchen- Contacted- Replied

June 3rd on Candace’s Book Blog
Lee Nichols Interview and Giveaway of Betrayal Winner- #50 Janae- Contacted- Replied
Laura Sullivan Interview and Giveaway of Under the Green Hill Winner- #7 Orchid- Contacted- Replied

June 6th on Candace’s Book Blog
Kelly Creagh Interview and Giveaway of Nevermore and Swag (INT) Winner- #49 Miss Lauren- Contacted- Replied
Lori Brighton Guest post with Giveaway of several of her books (INT)
Prize Pack 1 Winners
#5 wishesforme (Felicia)- Contacted- Replied
#33 Alex- Contacted- replied
Prize Pack 2 Winners- replied
#8 Offbeat Vagabond- contacted- replied
#21 Alicia- Contacted- replied
Southwest Sky Jewelry Horror Mini Book Charms Giveaway Winner- #34 Clary- Contacted- replied

June 7th on Candace’s Book Blog
Karen Chance Interview and Giveaway of Chicks Kick Butt and Hunt the Moon
Winner of Chicks Kick Butt #16 ThroughtheHaze- Contacted- Replied
Winner of Hunt the Moon #38 Shadow_Kohler- Contacted- Replied

June 8th on Candace’s Book Blog
Aimee from Coffee Table Reviews talks about PNR + a giveaway (INT) Winner- #108 Spav- Contacted- Replied
Guest Post with Becca Ritchie and Giveaway of Wynter Chelsea: The Legacy Winner- #13 Marjie Pride- contacted- Replied

June 9th on Candace’s Book Blog
Erin Bow Guest Post and Giveaway of Plain Kate Winner- #30 Katrina- Contacted- replied
Anne Osterlund Interview and Giveaway of Aurelia Winner- #11 Miss Lauren- Contacted- Replied

June 10th on Candace’s Book Blog
Forgotten Review and giveaway of Forgotten and digital photo keychain Winner- #21 Lieder Madchen- Contacted- Replied
Terri Garey Interview and Giveaway of Dead Girls are Easy Winner- #4 wanda f- contacted- replied
Felicity Heaton Guest Post and Giveaway of Ascension and other goodies (INT) Winner- #19 Pam S. Contacted- Replied

June 13th on Candace’s Book Blog
Lilly Cain Guest Post and Giveaway of The Naked Truth Winner- #20 Na- Contacted- Replied
Katie Alender Guest Post and Giveaway of Bad Girls Don’t Die and From Bad to Cursed Winner- #57 Donnas- Contacted- replied

June 14th on Candace’s Book Blog
Cara Lynn Shultz Guest Post and Giveaway of Spellbound + an ipod (giveaway info) Winner- #57 Mare/Tommy Girl- Contacted- Replied
Laurie London and Erin Kellison Guest Post and Giveaway of 3 of their books and romance trading cards.
Winner- #14 Offbeat Vagabond- Contacted- Replied

June 15th on Candace’s Book Blog
Myra McEntire Interview and Giveaway of Hourglass Winner- #22 Idris- Contacted- Replied
Giveaway of Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs Winner #22 samantha35- Contacted- Replied

June 16th on Candace’s Book Blog
Suzanne Young Interview and Giveaway of A Need So Beautiful Winner- #56 Dani @Refracted Light- Contacted- Replied
Lisa Schroeder Interview and Giveaway of Chasing Brooklyn Winner- #33 Melissameanderings- contacted- Replied
Giveaway: Winterborne by Augusta Blythe (ebook) Open INT Winner- #28- Maria- Contacted

June 17th on Candace’s Book Blog
Tessa Adams Guest Post and Giveaway of Dark Embers Winner- #21 Christine- Contacted- Replied
Cindy Pon Interview and Giveaway of Silver Phoenix and swag! Winner- #8 Robin K- Contacted- Replied

Historical Fiction
June 20th on Candace’s Book Blog
Jennifer Donnelly Interview and Giveaway of Revolution *signed* Winner- #12 Book Loving Mommy- Contacted- replied
Ruta Sepetys Interview and Giveaway of Between Shades of Gray Winner- #29 Holly- contacted- replied

June 21st on Candace’s Book Blog
Alyxandra Harvey Interview and Giveaway of Haunting Violet (3 winners!)
Winners- #58 Small Review- contacted- Replied
#4 Kat- Contacted- Replied
#7 Tiffany- Contacted- Replied
Carrie Lofty book excerpt and Giveaway of two books (INT)  Winner- #4 Melissa (Books and Things)- Contacted- Replied

June 22nd on Candace’s Book Blog
Karen Erickson Guest Post and Giveaway of Lessons in Indiscretion (INT) Winner- #15 Stacie- Contacted- Replied
Leah Braemel Interview and Giveaway of Tangled Past (INT) Winner- #4 Jamie Manning- Contacted- Replied
Southwest Sky Jewelry Historical Fiction Mini Book Charm Giveaway Winner- #13 Meredith- contacted- Replied

June 23rd on Candace’s Book Blog
Lisa Bergren Guest post and Giveaway of Cascade Winner- #33 Cialina- Contacted- Replied

June 24th on Candace’s Book Blog
Kate Pearce Guest Post and Giveaway of Kiss of the Rose, Blood of the Rose and perfume (INT) Winner- #5 Siobhan- Contacted- Replied
Pirates Giveaway-
Winner- #43 Maureen- Contacted
Winner- #34 Cass – contacted

Dystopia/ Post apocalyptic
June 27th on Candace’s Book Blog
Jo Treggiari Interview and Giveaway of Ashes Ashes Winner #20 Asenath- Contacted- Replied

June 28th on Candace’s Book Blog
Kieryn Nicolas Guest Post and Giveaway of Flawless Ruins Winner- #30 Michelle D- contacted- replied

June 29th on Candace’s Book Blog
It’s my Birthday!
Diane Dooley Guest Post and Giveaway of Blue Galaxy (INT) Winner- #6 Stella- Contacted- Replied
Southwest Sky Jewelry Dystopian Book Inspired Jewelry Giveaway Winner- #37 Linda (By the Book)- Contacted- replied
Birthday Giveaway 3 books to 3 winners (INT)
Winner- #147 parakiss- Contacted- replied
Winner- #17 Preet- Contacted- replied
Winner- #160 fadedrainbows- contacted and gift sent

June 30th on Candace’s Book Blog
Maria Zannini Guest Post and Giveaway of Apocalypse Rising (INT) Winner- #14 Stella- Contacted- Replied
Ellen Connor Guest Post and Giveaway of NIGHTFALL (2 winners!- INT)
Winner- #23 Katie- Contacted- Replied
Winner- #2 Na- Contacted- Replied

July 1st on Candace’s Book Blog
Kimberly Derting Interview and Giveaway of The Pledge *signed* and swag (Yes!  Really!) Winner- #250 Aydrea- Contacted- Replied
Steven Arntson Interview and Giveaway of The Wikkeling Winner #3 Nikki- Contacted- Replied

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