Book Tour: Interview with Josephine Angelini, author of Starcrossed and a Giveaway of awesomeness!

Today I have the pleasure of having Josephine Angelini on as part of her blog tour for Starcrossed.  It just so happens that it fits with the My Favorite Things event as well.  I LOVED Starcrossed and you’ll have to be sure to check out my review.
Today we get to learn a bit about Josie through an interview and at the end there will be a giveaway as well as the info you’ll need to enter to win the big giveaway for the Kindle 3.
But lets get to it!

It’s great to have you on for your blog tour and for the Favorite Things Event.  I’m so glad the timing was so perfect!

Me too!  

When writing Starcrossed what was your biggest obstacle to overcome?

The biggest obstacle was finding a way to make Helen and Lucas sympathetic.  I had to do a lot of creative heavy lifting to set up a situation where two likable characters could start a war by falling in love.  

That’s a good point, but you did a great job so I’d say you succeeded smashingly!

Which of the characters is your favorite other then Helen and Lucas?

I love Claire, which isn’t surprising because she’s a mixture of several women who have been my closest girlfriends at different periods in my life.

Claire is a very likable character 😉 And that’s very cool!


The cover is gorgeous, did you have much input in it?

I had a lot of input, but I can’t take credit for how well it turned out.  The art department at Harper Teen went all out, and my editor Laura Arnold paid attention to every detail.  I’m so happy with the outcome!

In my opinion you certainly hit the cover jackpot.  This cover is freaking GORGEOUS!  So gorgeous in fact that I happened to have it in my purse when I stopped by a bookstore and ended up showing it to one of the salespeople I ‘know’.  I think I may have a few people super excited for it who hadn’t heard of it yet ;)

Was there anything in particular that inspired some or all of Starcrossed?

I’m going to have to give Homer props right about now!  The Iliad is the inspiration and the template.  I just tried not to mess up that classic work too much.  

*Blushes* I don’t remember The Iliad though I think I read at least a condensed version in school.  

Which character, from any book, do you have the biggest crush on?

Cyrano de Bergerac is my ultimate crush.  I read Rostand’s play when I was fifteen and I’ve never gotten over him.  TLF.  

Hmmm… no clue who that is… *runs off to look him up*

What is your favorite place in the world?

At the moment I’m going to say my kitchen table.  I like to write here (I’m sitting at it right now).  I’m comfortable.  There are some flowers, my coffee, and a cat sleeping just behind my computer.  It’s all good. 

There’s nothing like the comfort of home.

If you could travel anyplace where would you choose to go?

I’m itching to go to Greece.  Wonder why, right?  

I’m right there with you!  I’ve been itching to go since I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  Since then I’ve researched it a bit.  One day…

What are some of your favorite things to do outside of writing?

I’m a good eater.  I can’t cook, but I like to go out to dinner with friends or family and gab the night away.  I also love to look at art.  I can’t draw or paint to save my life, but I really admire anyone that can.  Music is another big part of my life, although I can’t sing or play an instrument.  I love exercise, but I’m really clumsy so I don’t play any sports. Let me put it this way, I enjoy lots of things, but I don’t have many skills outside of writing.  I’m sort of a one trick pony.

I gotta say, that makes me feel a bit better.  I’m not really good at anything though I like a lot of things.  At least you can write fantastically!

If you were to pick actors for a movie of Starcrossed who do you picture playing Helen and Lucas (and any of the characters if you have an idea of who you’d pick)?

I have no idea!  Any suggestions?

I don’t.  Yet… But I would like to hear some from the readers!

About Josephine Angelini: (website) 

Josie was born in a tiny town in Massachusetts called Ashland. When she meets people from Massachusetts and tells them ‘what part’ she hails from, she usually gets one of two answers. The first is: “Ashland. Isn’t that in Oregon?” And the second is: “Did you just say Ass-land?”
Her next stop was about as different from her hometown as it gets without leaving the country. As soon as Josie was legal, she packed a bag and moved to New York City to attend NYU. Somehow, she managed to squeeze in a little higher learning between bartending shifts and graduated with a BFA.
Massively in debt with college loans, she then moved to Los Angeles for reasons that are still a little blurry. Something about the weather was mentioned, and a vague idea to write poetry and find herself. She found that she is a terrible poet, but she never gave up on the writing bit.
Josie still lives in Los Angeles with her husband and now writes YA fiction.

The Giveaway info:

You could win aKindle 3with a specially designed Starcrossed skinand including a letter from Josie to the winner.Ummm… WOW! 

Isn’t that freaking beautiful?!  I’m IN LOVE with this cover!  And if I had a Kindle 3 I’d be all about getting my hands on this gel skin!  

  • In order to enter to win a Kindle3 WiFi, including a copy of Starcrossed, a personal letter from Josie to the winner and covered in a GelaSkin of Starcrossed’s cover art, you must collect the pink highlighted words from Lucas’s love letter to Helen that are provide each day at the individual tour stops.  The daily words can be joined together in sequential order to create the winning secret message.  Once you’ve constructed the winning secret message, you will need to enter that message on Starcrossed’s tour home page (
  • No purchase, affiliation, status as follower to a certain blog or any other association is required to enter.

This letter was exclusively written for this blog tour.
If you want to know what Lucas told Helen in the letter then you’ll need to stop by each tour stop.
Each day a new piece of the letter will be revealed and one or two words will be in pink.
It is these pink words you’ll have to collect to enter the grand prize giveaway at the end. 

Today’s bit of the letter is:

The full list of tour stops!

Monday May, 16th – Bewitched Bookworms/ Tour Kick-off!
Tuesday, May 17th – Becky, Stories & Sweets
Wednesday, May 18th – Elie, Ellz Reads/ Starcrossed Skin giveaway
Thursday, May 19th – Heidi, YA Bibliophile / Starcrossed Skin giveaway
Friday, May 20th – See Scoot Read / Character Interview with Helen’s BFF Claire
Monday May, 23th – Missie, The Unread Reader / “When I’m not Writing”
Tuesday, May 24th – Savanna, Books with Bite /Starcrossed Skin giveaway and 2 Starcrossed copies
Wednesday, May 25th – Natalie, The Mindful Musings / Character Interview with Helen
Thursday, May 26th – Heather, Buried in Books /Starcrossed Skin giveaway & Interview with Josie
Friday, May 27th – Nely, All about {n} / “Josie’s Bookcase”
Monday May, 30th – Candace, Candace’s Book Blog / Starcrossed Skin giveaway & Interview with Josie
Tuesday, May 31st (Starcrossed Book Birthday!) – Kristi, The Story Siren / Vlog post by Josie
Wednesday, June 1st – Small Review /Starcrossed Skin giveaway
Thursday, June 2nd – Jenny, Supernatural Snark / Starcrossed Skin giveaway & Character Interview with Lucas
Friday, June 3rd – Cynthia – A Book About Nothing /Starcrossed Skin giveaway
Tuesday, June 7th: Announcement of the big prize winner on Josie’s Blog!

To Enter to Win the Kindle 3 Prize Package:

At the end of the Tour can follow this Link to the official Blog tour page to enter Lucas’ sentence to be eligible to enter thebig Kindle 3 WiFi giveaway!

To Enter to win the Starcrossed gel skin for Kindle 3, here, on my blog: This giveaway has ended! 

This is open to US addresses only and ends June 4th at 12 pm EST. 

Leave a comment with contact info!  That’s it!

Also feel free to let us know who you think would play Lucas and Helen if you were to cast for the movie.

Thanks to the gals at Kismet book touring for putting this tour together.  Also a huge thanks to Josie for her generosity! 

Thanks for subscribing!


  1. Lovely interview! I would love to visit Greece also. It seems like a beautiful country and it has so much history.


  2. Josie is the swetest persoon ever! I love this interview, great questions. I love that Josie’s crush is Cyrano de Bergerac, not the first choice for a 15 year old girl *giggles*. And my fav place is my home too!

    Great to have you on the Tour!

  3. I’m part of the tour so I can’t enter the contest. I am so bad, I don’t know any of the young actors or actresses these days. I really don’t know any to play Helen or Lucas. I know you can change hair color but I try to picture the actress with the right hair color.

    Just wanted to say great interview!
    You always ask such interesting questions Candace! And great answers Josie! One more day!!


  4. Great interview hon and great giveaway, wow! Couldn’t agree more with you guys, the cover to this book is just beautiful. It is nice that she had some input. I know some authors don’t don’t. I can’t wait to get this book, so excited! Thanks so much guys.

    drharleyquinn87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Great interview, Candace! Starcrossed is one of my most loved reads of the year. Thanks for the chance to win Starcrossed awesomeness.

    BookNoise at gmail dot com

  6. Not entering the giveaway since I already have a NOOK, but great interview! I love Josie’s bio too. Ass-land, haha.

    Also, it’s nice to not be the only untalented person out there. I like tons of things, but lack skill in everything. At least you can write, Josie!

  7. Great interview! I’m dying to go to Greece, too. I can’t wait to see the way the ruins fit into the newer buildings, I’ve heard it makes Athens look amazing. Thanks for being part of the tour :)

  8. How awesome is this tour! Thank you for participating. I have enjoyed reading the different posts and the book sounds great.


  9. I haven’t read this book yet, but all of the blog tour stops encouraged me to just purchase “Starcrossed” on my Kindle. I’d love to win the skin for it!

    sarahdc22 at gmail dot com

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