The Book Box!

I signed up for the Traveling Book Box a few months ago at Moonlight Book Reviews.  Erika had a lot of people excited about this box and I thought it sounded like a lot of fun too!  
She filled it up with books and sent it along to the first person who picks out which books they’d like and replaces them with new books before sending it along to the next person.  
This box of awesome arrived at my house this week!  I was pretty pumped to see what kind of yummy goodness was in it and was surprised how many books were ones I was really wanting!
I originally made a vlog but my internet is being REALLY slow so here’s some regular pics.
So here’s the box full of books and swag.  The tall stack is the pile of books I kept.
Here are the books (and some swag) I put in to replace the ones I took out.
I hope that people are excited about the books I put in.  I picked out books that I thought people would enjoy, but I tried to keep it a bit eclectic.  All the books I put in are YA or YA appropriate.
Sound fun?  She still has sign ups open so head over and check out the rules and sign up yourself!
Thanks Erika for putting together this box of awesome!
Thanks for subscribing!


  1. $8 for me! Actually a little less. It cost the person before $8.08 and it was like $7.49 for me cause the person I was shipping it to doesn’t live far (same state). Pretty cheap for a box of 16 books though!

  2. What an awesome idea! I’m not sure I would have enough of a book selection to give back if I took some out. I generally check books out at the library. An excuse to buy more? Possible. :) Enjoy all the books!

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