Tatiana Vila introduces us to herself and her book The Ylem

Tatiana Vila is on today to tell us about herself and her new book The Ylem (The Ylem Trilogy, Book 1).  She’s also giving away two copies of the ebook (whichever format you wish).  For now I’ll leave it to her!

 Before the written word became my whole life, I considered several other paths, like studying Film or Veterinary Medicine (I wanted to help as many puppies as I could). But, at the end, Hotel Management came up as the most reliable and practical option. Though I embarked to France and earned a Hotel Management degree from the Institut Vatel in Nimes, and though I got to travel a lot and met different cultures, I soon realized that being surrounded by mad, screaming Chefs all the time wasn’t for me (have you seen hell’s kitchen? Well, Chef Ramsey pales to the ones I’ve worked with). That’s when writing turned into something more than a hobby.

  But when things really took off was with my first Trilogy, The Ylem. It all began with a book Conference I attended two years ago. Masaru Emoto, the author of Messages from Water, was coming to town and I had to go see his latest discoveries. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mr. Emoto, he’s known for his claim that water’s structure can be affected by human thoughts and emotions. Amazing, huh? So, as I was listening to some experiments he’d done with Magnetic Resonance, an idea started forming in my mind, and that’s when the two magic words popped into my head. What if. In those few minutes, I created a character, Tristan. An hour later, I already had a story. A few hours later, I already had a Trilogy. And that same night, I started writing, with a big smile on my face.

  As a writer, I love the thrill and excitement of the YA world. Seing, feeling and experiencing everything for the first time–and better yet, throughout the everlasting pages of a compelling, heart-stirring story–there’s nothing better. You won’t get that clenching sensation inside your stomach any tighter than when reading about a first kiss. Your heart won’t go pitter and patter any more wild than when reading about a first love. And let’s not talk about those teen hormones! Tabasco sauce pales next to their spiciness. The Ylem is no exemption to this. You will find everything you love to see –romance, deception, mystery, fantasy–laced through its pages.
  As an obsessed YA book leech, I promise you a nice ride. Kalista and Tristan are waiting for you!
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  1. The book sounds great. I loved the chef Ramsey comment also, I used to watch that show, and if I had to deal with that on a daily basis…shudder. Let’s just say I’d be in jail. Thanks for the giveaway! Artesia at comcast dot net.

  2. This sounds utterly amazing, and seems like it has all the elements I ADORE in a story.


    merci beaucoup for the giveaway!


  3. Wow. I love the cover art and description for this book. I’m amazed. Wowed. Definitely enter me for the giveaway!!

    destinyfighter7 AT gmail DOT com

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