Reminder and update info on the Spring Blog Carnival

Hello everyone!  It is only 3 days until the Spring Blog Carnival begins!  Are you excited?  Or do you not have a clue what I’m talking about?  If not please check out the original post.

All the emails have been sent out to everyone who has signed up on the google form.  If you are in the linky but did not fill out the form then you have not received an email and will need to contact me at (candace_redinger(at)yahoo(dot)com) to get the linky code.  The rest of the information I’ll include here, in this post. 

At this time we have 209 blogs entered into the linky. Hopefully we’ll have even more entered in before the hop begins. Feel free to spread the word by tweeting and posting on your blog!

When the giveaway goes up please be sure that you have the link to your giveaway post on highly visible areas of your blog. At the top or top sidebar. In your giveaway post please include links to the hosts (Candace’s Book Blog http://www.candacesbookblog/, Reading Angel, Pure Imagination, and The Book Swarm and the Spring Blog Carnival Button as well.

Your giveaway must be book related!  You can give anything away, of any value, as long as it’s book related!  That’s the only rule for the giveaway.
We made some changes to the event when we found things to be confusing, so please check out my post here in case you signed up before those changes were made. This is very similar to a giveaway hop but we have switched things up by having daily challenges. All those who are hosting the challenges on their blogs have already signed up to do so and have received their instructions. Each day, except the last, there will be two challenges related to their booth.  You will be able to find these challenges and when they are scheduled to go up on each of our blogs (the hosts).  I also have the list up at the bottom of this post.

You’re going to have a lot of fun entering all of these booths and signing up for great prizes!

Now, what do you need to do?

Could you please head over and make sure that your blog is entered into the linky correctly?  If  your not in the linky and would like to be please fill out the google form as well as enter into the linky.  If you’re in the linky but have not received an email please email me (candace_redinger(at)yahoo(dot)com) for the linky code to include in your giveaway post.  Or if you have any questions feel free to email me with them.

Your giveaway needs to be scheduled to post as close to 12:01 AM EST on May 1st as possible. If you use a blog platform that doesn’t allow you to schedule posts in advance that’s ok. Just post as soon as you can that morning. We will be checking on the 1st and removing the sites from the linky that do not have giveaways posted.  It will not be first thing in the morning.  Your giveaway needs to end May 8th around midnight EST.  The challenge giveaways will each be open for one week from the day they go up. 

If you want to opt out of this, please let one of us know so that we can remove you, we understand that real life sometimes changes our plans! We want our linky to be as accurate as possible now so theres not so much to check come time for the giveaway.

Thank you all for participating in the Spring Blog Carnival! I hope we can make this event epic and perhaps make it a yearly event! Perhaps I’m jumping my guns on that one, we’ll see how it goes 😉
Challenge Booth Schedule

May 1st-
Reading Angel with the Haunted House
Reading Teen with the Fortune Tellers Booth

May 2nd-
Candace’s Book Blog (me!) with the Food Court
The Mod Podge Bookshelf with the House of Mirrors

May 3rd-
Bookswarm with the Roller Coaster
Actin’ Up With Books with the Karaoke Booth

May 4th-
Lori at Pure Imagination with the Kissing Booth
Lovely Lit with Once Upon a Time Booth

May 5th-
Awesomesauce Books with the Gaming Booth
Books R Us Medieval Booth

May 6th-
Extreme Reader Book Reviews with the Guessing Booth
Colloquium with the Cotton Candy Booth

May 7th-
The Minding Spot with the Teacups Booth
Miss Remmers Review with It’s a Bad World Booth

May 8th-
No Challenges

Thanks for subscribing!


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