Get Well Soon Wishes for my friend from The Eager Readers

My friend, who goes by Violet on her blog The Eager Readers, has had a debilitating condition that has made life difficult and has been a terrifying ordeal.
On April 12th she blogged about it.  I’ve grabbed just the first paragraph for you guys that kind of sums it up.

I have spent the past two weeks dealing with an unexpected health crisis involving a relentless splitting headache, debilitating vision problems, several visits to various specialists (including an opthamologist and a neurologist), an MRI, and a lumbar puncture.  Thankfully, all of my doctors have been working as quickly as possible to rule out something extremely serious like a brain tumor, vasculitis, or a blood clot in my head.  At this point, the swelling on my optic nerve and the elevated spinal fluid levels point to a pseudotumor cerebri (basically a build-up of cerebrospinal fluid that mimics a brain tumor and puts pressure on the optic nerve), and I started taking medication based on that diagnosis last week.  I have already seen some improvement (particularly in reducing the pain when I shift my eyes), which is great.  I have another visit with my opthamologist tomorrow morning to go over my MRI and lumbar puncture results, and she also plans to do a visual field test so that we can monitor my improvement as my condition *hopefully* continues to improve. 

You can find the rest of it HERE and she talks about the fear of losing her sight which any reader would be terrified of (well, anyone would).  
I got an update from her today and she’s no better and actually feels worse.  They thought she was having an allergic reaction to some medication so changed it but it didn’t help.  At this time she’s in horrible pain.  I’m not sure if she’s able to read at all right now, so I’m hoping she has some audio books to listen to.  I know that she did read City of Fallen Angels when it came out and it helped her keep her mind on other things. 
She is such a wonderful friend to me.  She’s the friend I go to book signings with, the one local’ish (she’s a couple hours away) friend I can always count on to show up at bookish events as well as someone to talk books with.  I hope you’ll all keep her in your thoughts and prayers and whatever you do to send vibes of wellness her way. 
Also if you have a book, or audio book in particular, that you think is perfect to read or listen to while going through a scary situation like this, please leave a comment what it is.  I know she has a HUGE pile of books to read, but if she’s getting audio books from the library knowing some are narrated really well, etc, may help. 

Kind of a blurry picture of Violet, myself and Suzanne Young (author of The Naughty List books and A Need So Beautiful {June 2011}) at a booksigning in March.
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  1. OMG – I hope everything turns out okay and they figure it out soon. I know the fear of losing your sight (lost mine for a short time and it was horrifying due to a car crash and eye injuries). I will pop over to her blog shortly, but please pass along my well wishes and prayers.

  2. Oh, Candace! Thank you very much for your sweet post! I so appreciate your frendship and your kind thoughts. :) I spent most of Wednesday at the doctor’s office having labwork and blood tests done, then yesterday my neurologist decided to admit me to the hospital. So I spent all of yesterday undergoing another series of tests – a head & neck MRI (with dye this time), another lumbar puncture, a pulmonary exam, & a ton of blood tests and other labwork. After analyzing all the results, she has started me on a whole new course of treatment & wants to keep me in the hospital for observation until my condition improves a bit & they can be sure that I’m not going to have an allergic reaction to the new medications (since my body has reacted poorly to both of the previous treatments that they’ve tried). Anyway, my doctors are optimistic that we are finally on the right track, and I am hoping to have a positive health update to share very soon. Thank you again for your thoughtful post and kind wishes! :)

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