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I just got back from going to my local Independent bookstore (Vintage Books) and it was awesome!  It’s been ages since I went because it’s not real close to my house.  Turns out it only takes 15 minutes!  So I guess I just have it in my head that it’s far when it’s really not.  Another thing is I have my kids and it’s a quiet bookstore.  It’s fairly small and I rarely ever see kids in there so every peep they make has me saying shhhhhhh!    To be honest, they probably don’t really care.  Maybe mild irritation, but selling the books is more important, I’m sure.  But it bothers me.  Today I got lucky and I only had my two year old cause my 6 year old was at school and he took a nap!  The whole time!  I strapped him in the stroller and commenced to search nearly every single shelf for the books I’ve been dying for.
Well, let me start at the beginning.  When I walked into the store the smell, the familiarity were like coming home.  I’ve been going to that bookstore for 7 or 8 years and it’s always been the same (for the most part), the same smells, the same furniture, the same employees, the same tall bookshelves… and it’s beautiful.  There’s something about used book smell, it’s just wonderful!
I took my time looking through the Young Adult section, Middle Grade Section, Children’s Section and then the paranormal/urban fantasy/horror section.  I walked through the fantasy/sci fi and the historical fiction before glancing through the vintage books.  I really could have spent all day there!
It reminded me that we really need to keep our Indie’s in mind every time we buy a book.  I know that it’s easier to order from amazon.  Trust me, my amazon app is one of the most used on my phone.  My amazon wish list is my most viewed list ever.  And I mean any list, grocery list included.  But Indie’s aren’t having an easy time of it in this horrible economy.  Some have been around for years (mine since 1975) and they aren’t always up to this century as far as websites and accessibility online goes.  My Indie is currently working on offering ebooks online, which I think is a great idea.  I think anything they do online will help business, store and online wise.  I know that if I can look and see if they have a book first then I’ll buy more from them.  I just hate driving across town only to find out they don’t have any of the books on my wish list. 
After talking to them it sounds like maybe I’ll do some reviews for their blog and whatnot.  I’m waiting for an email, but I’m up for anything!  I just want them to stay in business and I’m willing to do whatever I can to help them.  I kind of have a lot on my plate to be taking on anything else, but I’ve been dreaming of starting a young adult book club or something, so maybe someday…
Anyway, do you have a local Indie?  What’s your favorite thing there?
Oh, and you want to see the books I got?!  Well, here you go! *links to IndieBound*
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  1. I loved The Golden Compass, but I’ve yet to read the other books in the trilogy. And I’ve heard so many great things about Sherman Alexie’s YA book. Some of the courses at my university even include it on their reading list!

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