The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

Title: The Lonely Hearts Club
Author: Elizabeth Eulberg
Details: Paperback, 285 pgs.
Published: December 29th, 2009 (in hardback) by Point
isbn: 0545140315 (ISBN13: 9780545140317)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Source: Gifted

Love is all you need…or is it? Penny’s about to find out in this wonderful debut.
Penny is sick of boys and sick of dating. So she vows – no more. It’s a personal choice…and, of course, soon everyone wants to know about it. And a few other girls are inspired. A movement is born; The Lonely Hearts Club (named after the band from Sgt. Pepper). Penny is suddenly known for her nondating ways…which is too bad, because there’s this certain boy she can’t help but like…

My Thoughts:
This is one of those books that I saw everywhere and everyone seemed to love it.  Unfortunately I never managed to get my hands on it until now~ and boy, was I missing out!  This book was just as great as I’d heard!
Penny is an amazing character.  She has flaws, so she felt real.  But she has a heart of gold.  I just loved her!  And they way she got so many girls to bond together and really realize how much girls could have each others backs was awesome.  Of course there are still those petty girls that try to mess it up, and boys who pick on them, but they always had each others backs, even when things were changing.  I really loved that.
I loved that all of the characters were important.  Not just Penny, but her friends, Tracy and Diane, her parents, her sister, the list goes on.  They all had an important role no matter how short it was, they shaped the story quite a lot.  
I love the romance in the book and how they were friends and realized the importance of their friendship before they ever considered a relationship.  I think that was an important lesson to teenage girls.  Heck, the whole book is great for teenage girls.  Just to remind them that their life doesn’t have to evolve around boys.  And that your friends are the most important thing.
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Disclosure: I received this book as a gift from another blogger.  I was under no obligation to write a review and all opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. The entire last paragraph of your review is what makes me want to read this book! It sounds fabulous, and I’m glad that ALL of the characters were important. One of my biggest pet peeves is when minor characters are just left there to hang with no further development. It drives me crazy! Glad this isn’t the case with The Lonely Hearts Club!

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