Book Review: A Blue So Dark by Holly Schindler

Title: A Blue So Dark
Author: Holly Schindler
Details: Paperback, 288 pgs.
Published: May 1st, 2010 by Flux
isbn: 0738719269 (ISBN13: 9780738719269)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Source: Purchased

Fifteen-year-old Aura Ambrose has been hiding a secret. Her mother, a talented artist and art teacher, is slowly being consumed by schizophrenia, and Aura has been her sole caretaker ever since Aura’s dad left them. Convinced that “creative” equals crazy, Aura shuns her own artistic talent. But as her mother sinks deeper into the darkness of mental illness, the hunger for a creative outlet draws Aura toward the depths of her imagination. Just as desperation threatens to swallow her whole, Aura discovers that art, love, and family are profoundly linked—and together may offer an escape from her fears.

My Thoughts:
This book wasn’t an easy read.  Not that it was hard exactly, but it was very emotional.  The story really hit home for me as schizophrenia runs in my family.  So watching what Aura was going through with her mother was something I completely understood.  Although I wasn’t as close to the situation myself,  it still really affected me. 
I thought the characters and the story line seemed very realistic.  Aura has it in her head that her mothers artistic tendency’s fuel her schizophrenic episodes and is terrified of giving into her own artistic talent as she’s just sure she’s going to inherit the schizophrenia.  
Aura also feels she’s going to lose her mother’s love if she asks for help.  She’s had it drilled into her head not to go to her grandmother, and she has no one to turn to.  Her best friend has had a baby recently and has her own issues she’s going through.  She couldn’t deal with Aura’s as well and so Aura is left on her own to deal with her mother.  This particular episode is extreme and it’s so hard to watch as Aura struggles to deal with it.  To make decisions and really not know what the right one is.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who knows someone with schizophrenia, but even if you don’t it gives you a good look into the lives of people who do have to deal with it.  

Holly’s writing was fantastic and her descriptions of human emotion were amazing.  Writing those feelings had to be tough, but she did it perfectly.  I look forward to reading her newest book, Playing Hurt, soon. 

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  2. I have this one but sadly have not read it yet. Thanks for the great review, hopefully I will have time to read it soon since you made it sound so great.

  3. Wow, I had no clue that this book held such an emotionally charged story. The cover is gorgeous, but it seems like the story between the covers is even better. I’ve never read a story that focuses on something like schizophrenia, but I imagine that I’d enjoy. Thanks for the thoughtful review.

  4. You read some really interesting books. This one sounds intense. There’s a history of mental illness in my family too, so I think it would hit me hard also. But hopefully I’ll get it give it a go and learn something from it at some point.

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