Sometimes it’s too hard to just hold it in, you must share! Well, that’s this, I need to share.

This morning I got an email that I was approved to get an e-galley of The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder.  I was super excited about this, of course.  Lisa is a local author to me.  I’ve met her several times and I’ve read every book she has published and all of them were 5 star books.  Even her children’s book is a favorite in this house.  But it’s her verse novels that really get to me.  They are poetic, and beautiful and haunting, and what other words are there to describe them?  Perfect.  They are perfect, and they hit home for me.  When I was a teen I wrote ALL the time.  I wrote stories but mostly I wrote a lot of poetry.  Sometimes my poetry turned into stories and were pages and pages long.  But at that time verse novels weren’t heard of (at least I’d never heard of them) so I didn’t know that I may have had something there.  Something that could be something.    I wrote about my friend that committed suicide, I wrote about my friend that overdosed while pregnant, I wrote about every single thing in my life that made me feel.  Things that made me hurt, things that made me happy.  I wrote and I wrote and I wrote.  When I was 17 I moved away from home.  Long story short I ended up with a bad guy.  He tore up everything I wrote.  Not only physically, but mentally he tore me down.   My boxes and boxes of notebooks were destroyed.  He  ripped my heart out.  He destroyed me.  But I found myself.  It took years, but I found myself again.  However, I have lost that ability to write what is in my heart and soul.  His constant ridicule made me put up a safety wall so that I never felt that again.  Because to write you have to feel.  You have to feel the emotions the characters feel, go through what the characters go through.  Live through it with them.  And I have a wall up.  I’ve tried to knock that wall down and I can see pieces of it falling.  I can see hope in the future.  But for now what makes me feel, what gets through the chinks in that wall is the books I read.  And some books make me feel just as much as I felt before.  When I was a teenager.  And Lisa is the one who has knocked down the biggest portion of that wall.  With I Heart You, You Haunt Me I felt the first crack in the wall, I was starting to feel things again.  Far From You and Chasing Brooklyn widened that crack substantially but The Day Before just knocked a big bit of that wall completely down.  I feel inspired again.  I want to write about things that happened to me, I want to bring to others what Lisa has brought to me. 

This book was so good that I took notes.  I wrote down entire passages.  And when I finished the book I immediately started reading it again.  Lisa’s use of words is perfect.  Her ability to make the reader feel the story is uncanny.  I’ve read other verse novels and I enjoy them all but Lisa Schroeder is the one that seems to know exactly what to say.  Her words are poetry, her stories are perfect.  Her characters are relate-able, lovable and real.  They are me, they are the friends I lost, the friends I have, the boys I’ve loved.   
I just had to share this with you guys because, well, because The Day Before inspired me to.  Lisa Schroeder is a brilliant author and I can’t wait for everyone to have this book in their hands, but if you haven’t read her other books yet, get on it already!  
And to Lisa, thank you!  Thank you for writing books that make me feel.  Books that make me remember who I used to be.  Books that inspire me.  Thank you. It’s nice to feel more then just the love for my children, husband and family.  They are important, but I know I’ll make a better wife, mother, sister and daughter when I can feel some of those things I felt before.  Let in some of who I used to be.
The Day Before is set to release June 28th, 2011 (the day before my birthday!).

To find out more about Lisa Schroeder and her books check out her blog.

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  1. Beautiful post Candance. I’ve been wanting to read this one, but I do believe I’ll have to pre-order this one, instead of waiting to find it…


  2. Oh, you just made me cry!! Big fat crocodile tears are falling down my face right now :(

    You’re killing me with this book you know! I didn’t get to read this evening like I had hoped and now with the weekend I probably won’t be able to for at least a week :( AHHHH

  3. Aw Candace, what a beautiful post. You SHOULD write again. I know it’s hard, to let yourself be vulnerable, especially when you’ve been hurt before. But I say, don’t let him (the ex) win!!

    I struggle a lot with feelings of – why do we have to hurt so much in life? And obviously, that is a theme in my books. And it makes me sad when that pain shuts people down. Because I believe we should each live the big and full life we are intended to have. We have to figure out how to work through the pain and get to the other side. That’s what I write about. Because I want people to see it’s possible. I hope YOU see it’s possible!! :)


  4. Beautiful post! I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel in verse before, but thanks to your passionate feelings for Lisa’s work, I’ve added her to my must-read list!

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