Interview with Claudia Gray

Today I have Claudia Gray on the blog.  Her newest book in the Evernight series, Afterlife,  is coming out March 8th by HarperTeen.  If you haven’t read the Evernight series I suggest you jump on that right away! 
Claudia, it’s a pleasure having you here on my blog today!  I’m a big fan of your books and I love that they have a unique feel to me.  They are full of twists and turns and I find predicting the outcome completely impossible.  I’m anxious to see where you take things!  
When you started writing the series did you know where things would go?  Were the majority of the twists and turns in your head at the beginning, or did they come later as you continued to write?  
Thanks so much! I’m delighted that you enjoy the plot twists and turns.  I do plan most of this out in advance — I’m a big outliner. But while the biggest twists were mostly things I knew either before I began the series or soon after I began, there were a few things that popped up and surprised me along the way!  It’s fun to strike the balance between what I knew was going to happen and what I never dreamed would happen. 

When you started the series what was your inspiration?  Did something specific spark the idea?

I was trying to think of how I could write for young adults.  I grew up in a very small town and attended a very small school K-12, so in many ways I had an atypical high school experience.  This made me think that I couldn’t write for teens, because how did I know what their lives were really like?  Then I thought, well, what would be a school even more unusual than mine?  Evernight Academy sprang from that, and Bianca was born from my asking who would be the most interesting person to have studying there — the person who would be most conflicted by it. 

What was the most challenging part of writing this series?  

Striking the balance between the overall plot arc of the series and the need for each book to be a complete story that could stand on its own in some way.  

What is one book that you find yourself constantly recommending to people? (I know that’s hard, I’ll let you name a few, if you prefer.)

A few YA books I push on everyone: HOW I LIVE NOW by Meg Rosoff; GOOD GIRLS by Laura Ruby; STEALING HEAVEN by Elizabeth Scott; anything by Kelley Armstrong; and of course THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins, though by now most people have heard of those with no help from me! 

If you could be a paranormal creature, what would you pick?
I’d be a witch. All the power, all the glamour, and very few drawbacks now that burning at the stake is only a remote possibility.  Plus you get to wear a lot of black. Very flattering. 

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Invulnerability.  Without that one, all the other superpowers are more or less useless.  I don’t want to fly if I’m not going to be invulnerable to lightning strikes! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions! I can’t wait to read Afterlife and share my thoughts with everyone! 

To learn more about Claudia Gray or to look up her books you can find her on her:
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  1. Great interview! Claudia Gray is one of my favorite authors.

    I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Afterlife to review, so for anyone who’s read the rest of the Evernight series Afterlife doesn’t disappoint!

  2. Claudia Gray is an awesome author. I like the question she answered about the superpower, i’ve never heard of that answer before because people do say the common power like fly but invulnerablility was a unique answer :)

  3. Those are great interview questions. It was interesting to me to read about her having a different school experience and then deciding to write about an even more unique school experience. Thanks for the interview!

  4. Haha! =P I would never have thought of the power of invulnerability, though it would be the best super power! Even if you couldn’t fly, you would still survive the attempt! =P Awesome interview!



  6. I really like her “superpower” answer ♥ I love her books and I am hoping to win one for a girlfriend overseas who hasn’t been able to get them……sharing the love of a great book is the kindest way to show you care. LOVE YA Claudia ♥

  7. Thanks for the interesting interview! I like your answer to what paranormal creature you’d like to be….”all the power & glamour, and very few drawbacks now that burning at the stake is only a remote possibility”……funny! I think you’d be safe. lol

    BellaMarie @ tampabay .rr . com

  8. Yay for Amy Vincent!! aka Claudia Gray! Love love love her Evernight series. I think for having not attended a typical highschool , she actually made The Evernight Academy seem more mystifying in a way typical high schools fail to be, so it definitely worked out for the better :)

  9. Me and my friends have a pact that when we find a book series we love we would pass it on and this has definitely made it to the top ten fav.’s! I love how Claudia’s high school experience was because that is the way mine was so I understand her dilemma.

  10. Great interview! Thanks! I have the first 2 books of this series in my TBR, I’ve been waiting to dive into them. This series sounds so good!
    I would want to be a witch, too! Completely agree! :)

  11. Very unique questions! I love the question about what paranormal creature she would be… I think I would be a witch too. So many differnt things cane come with being a witch were as a vampire you just suck blood lol.

    Patricia @ Patricia’s Particularity

  12. Great interview! I love Claudia Gray’s book series, what with the forbidden romance between Lucas and Bianca. :)

    It’s interesting to know that a vampire author would want to be a witch! 😀

  13. wow that was nice i loved that she loves anything from the hunger games to others series by kelly armstrong the last book is sure to be something thanks for this opportunity really love this alot

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